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Re: Post-of-the-month results - December 2010

Bruce wrote:Well done to Kevin - QOTM has finally been rewarded :lol:

Aways felt that I'd stopp doin it
once I got reconized
I did that with the park flashin as well.
by kevinchess1
Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:16 pm
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1st ever live webcast! Monday 9pm

To kick start the year for imutual, I'm going to be hosting a live interactive webcast this Monday 10th January at 9pm!!

The idea is to have a fun and informative Q&A session that allows both current and prospective members to find out more about imutual, and put questions and comments directly to Da Management - i.e. me!

To encourage participation in this first ever webcast, we'll be offering 10 shares to everyone who joins the webcast and posts a question or comment! :) The webcast interface will be made available via this site on Monday evening - anyone can watch but you'll need to login if you want to 'chat'

More details to follow but put a note in your diary and make sure you don't miss out on this inaugural event for our company :thumbup:
by richard@imutual
Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:19 pm
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Exclusive: Directors' guarantee

With several cashback sites and their partner companies going into liquidation over the past year, the issue of trust now looms large. Specifically the danger that, if a company goes bust and you have awarded cashback which hasn't yet been paid to you, you stand to lose it :(

It is extremely unlikely that imutual will ever face such financial difficulties. But you can't be expected to take my word for that, so I wanted to provide some additional assurance.

Several months ago, I started a discussion about ring-fencing cashback but proper ringfencing costs money and would mean we would have to offer less than 100% cashback on our offers in order to fund it. Why? Because it is not sufficient to simply put unclaimed money in a separate account. Unless legal agreements have been drawn up, a company facing insolvency cannot set aside some of its funds for specific creditors (i.e. members); it must treat all creditors equally.

To overcome this (and as announced during Monday's webcast), I (and fellow director Mrs Y) have decided to take an unprecedented step; one which achieves the same 'ring-fencing' but at minimal cost. Normally a director of a company is not liable for its debts if it becomes insolvent (unless serious malpractice has taken place), but we the directors of imutual undertake the following:

In the event that imutual PLC became insolvent, we would personally guarantee payments to any member for cashback which had been validated (i.e. the merchant has either paid for the transaction or confirmed that the transaction is valid) but had not been paid out to the member

Please note this does not mean 'all cashback is guaranteed'. We still have to operate on the principle that we can only pay cashback when the merchant confirms that a transaction is valid.

But I hope you will agree that this is a significant undertaking that no other cashback company's directors have ever made. We're putting our heads (and home) on the block to demonstrate imutual's trustworthiness and our own confidence in the company.

I think this should help imutual to stand out from the crowd and give more people the confidence to join and give imutual a try :)
by richard@imutual
Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:47 am
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Earn extra shares for posting bargains!

(UPDATE 24/1/2012 - You can now use a form to post a deal for an imutual partner, and your promoter link will get added automatically)

As imutual is a member-owned community where we help each other to save money, it is only natural that we should recognise and reward those who contribute by posting great deals and offers. So I'm pleased to announce the following incentive:

If you post a deal* to our forums, then for everyone who clicks through your link and earns shares we will reward you with the same number of shares!

e.g. You post a link highlighting a great car insurance offer. It is from an imutual partner where members can earn £50 cashback and 500 shares for taking out a policy. 10 members click through your link and take out a policy, earning a total of 5000 shares. We add 5000 shares to your account! :thumbup:

In time, we might review the number of shares awarded but as we're only just launching this feature we think the shares calculation ought to be simple and generous ;)

* We define a 'deal' as a link to page to a current imutual partner site (i.e. one where members can earn cashback and shares). It should be highlighting a particular product, discount or special offer, and the link must be properly constructed so that we can tell it was yours - see below

In the future, we will provide you with forms and search facilities to make it easy to find and post bargains and voucher codes. For the time being, you'll need to follow these instructions.


- Find your "direct link" for a given merchant by looking at the "Go direct" link on your Recent merchants page

- Add &url=TARGETPAGE to the end of that direct link to create your 'offer link'


Let's say I want to create an offer link to the following product:

I make sure I've clicked on imutual's link recently, and then visit my Recent merchants page found in the "Home" menu

I see in the list and hover over the "Go Direct" link that appears on the right hand side. I can see that my direct link for is as follows:

Using the above instructions, I add &url= to this link followed by the page on I want to link to, to give a final offer link of:

A slightly involved process, I accept. But, in advance of us providing a more user-friendly facility, I know that many of you are more than capable of getting to grips with it :)

Hope that make sense. Feel free to ask any questions!
by richard@imutual
Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:58 pm
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Re: New: the mutual dividend

Like most people here, I imagine, I use Kelkoo (and other search engines) to research the likely cost of a product but then buy it by whatever means is cheapest, eg through iMutual if it's one of our merchants. No brainer.
by roger
Tue May 28, 2013 5:25 pm
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Been using imutual for a while but never said hello so 'hello'. Pretty well stopped using Quidco & TC.
by codger
Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:52 pm
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Re: Win an iPad with imutual!

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of our iPad competition, out of over 1,000 entries is..............

Louise Dodds from Blyth in Northumberland

Congratulations, Louise - the iPad is on its way to you :thumbup:

Thanks to everyone who took part in our 3rd birthday competition :)
by richard@imutual
Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:02 pm
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I'm a newbie!


I'm new around these parts so just saying howdy!

flyingTiger is my name and I look forward to using the site and forum in the future.

I have some great offers to post so will do that soon.

cheerio for now,

by flyingTiger
Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:44 pm
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imutual an award winner!

Last Thursday (23rd Jan), I'm delighted to announce that your company imutual picked up a "Commended" award in the Best Cashback Website category of the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2014 :thumbup: Out of 10 shortlisted finalists, ourselves, Quidco (winner) and Topcashback (highly commended) were rated the top sites in this category. For a full list of winners, see

To put this achievement in context, these are probably the most widely recognised Consumer Finance awards in the UK. The largest banks and insurers compete for recognition in categories such as Best current account, best mortgage provider and best credit card provider. The judging is 50%-weighted on the responses they get from a large scale survey of consumers, and this year they canvassed nearly 100,000 people! :eek:

In the cashback site category, the top two placings are inevitably a tussle between quidco and tcb (large, established companies with 300x more members than us!). But in a crowded industry, for imutual to claim the "Commended" award at this stage in our company's development is a huge achievement. To hear our name being announced alongside the likes of HSBC, Barclays and Nationwide was somewhat surreal :crazy: I think this cements our position as the main challenger to the "big two" and the more people who join and use imutual, the more of a competitive force we can become - to keep the incumbents on their toes! :twisted:

Our success is undoubtedly thanks to the many of you who completed their survey and said nice things about imutual, so a huge thank you to you. Maybe next year, we can dare to hope to go one better :? Whatever happens, this award is a significant milestone for imutual and hopefully we can use this as a stepping stone towards greater recognition amongst cashback site users :)
by richard@imutual
Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:22 am
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Re: Investment club - why and how

macfamily wrote:Any update on the progress of the club?

garindan wrote:Just to keep you updated.... We are developing some rules at the moment. More on this hopefully by the end of next week :thumbup:
by William Joseph1
Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:14 pm
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Re: Investment club - why and how

garindan wrote:Anyhow - rest assured we are on it. It's just Rich is still celebrating iMutual's recent award....

No doubt fending off calls from 'I'm a big brother celebrity in the jungle from Britans got talent' J suspect
by kevinchess1
Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:38 am
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