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Re: Will you get double cashback for our 2 millionth transaction?

Don't know the figures
but surely more than half the transaction are Dailys

Are and booking buddies consider Dailys?

any thing you can do daily is a daily click as i see it (tho i suppose not really true since i could buy something of next every day ect lol)

i think only the ones in "daily clicks" page are counts as daily clicks,

and yes im sure daily clicks make up atless 60% of every cashback site,
by chrisking66
Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:37 pm
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Re: Will you get double cashback for our 2 millionth transaction?

expressman33 wrote:Why not award say £5 as well if it is a daily click

agree, i think if the 2 millionth is a daily click (well i get taking the next real transaction to double),

i would be nice to give the real 2 millionth something maybe not cash but extra shares or something just as a token
by chrisking66
Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:31 am
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Re: Transferwise: Fast & cheap money transfers

for anyone thats interested, i've just done a small test transfer to test the tracking (well small for me and my history with transferwise)

first how they work, you put in a transfer request for gbp to eu get a quote you can choice to just send x amount (in witch case the receiver just get that days exchange rate) or for the receiver to get a fixed amount if you rather or say you paying a bill and it must be X in witch case you deposit a bit more due the exchange rate shifts (so transferwise make sure theres enought to cover the amount the receiver must get) and other the transfer has been complete they will refund the extra, then deposit via bank or debit card* to they uk office (* up to 2K) they will apron receiving your money match it with other user who wants gbp for eu's who deposited they eur's to they eu office (witch takes 2-3 working days at the most and is normally a lot quicker), they will match with more than one users if needed if someone from the eur only wants £200 and you sent £300 it cant all be matched by just that person ect than it will tell you that say 80% of your transfer has been exchanged and they will keep looking to match, than once fully match since your money is now the eurs someone else deposited in they eu account witch you traded user to user your pounds for, they will send it off to the eu bank you requested it to go to and since the euros are sent from the eu they are normally received within 4 working hours of being sent, witch in turn helps the person that got your pounds witch you to get rewarded for every 10 or so your money helps

you can sent money to family, down payments on hoildays homes, pay your workers if you have any out in the EU, paying collage fees if learning aborad witch would be free to transfer, buying online items from EU sites witch take bank transfers witch are normally cheaper than the uk for the same items a good ect of this would be silver or gold bullion dealers (tho true some sites witch take bank transfers are dodgy so make sure they a real site first eg on trust pilot and have good reviews and a lot of them) the list of uses is endless the above are just a few

since the tracking is horrible at tcb i had 8 claims with transfer wise via tcb for the past few months, (witch i did close 75% of them due the they stealth in changing the t&c from new orders to new customer order some time in april, anyways not the point) *well maybe one if some on in the know could confirm if the terms for cashback are new orders or new customer orders, tho with the page text im thinking its just new orders *

i do a lot of transfers via these guys (£10000+ last month) the point is i just want to let everyone know that i'm currently see how the tracking works, and also that transferwise is in my opinion the fastest (i've had transfers fully complete in 1 working day before and not the paid to complete version (you can pay to convert right away instead of waiting to match didnt explain that above tho its about £20 pounds on 1k like that so i wouldnt), tho if you want more reveiws from me about them you can find some on tcb reviewing page) and the cheapest place to send pounds to the EU or visa vice fees are about 0.05% of the total sent over £300 and under and up to £300 are a flat rate of £1, also the more you use them you get rewarded with free transfers along the way, i will keep using them even if they dont track and they is never any cashback for the service but as always cashback is a bonus hence the testing tracking,

and lastly if any one wants a ref link feel free to pm me, witch entitles you to a totally free transfer of up to 3K (unless of course thats against the rules here, tho i doubt that since i see links in the signature box all the time)

i will edit this later to update on tracking

and yes i know i write poorly and theres a lot to read :lol:

edit * from 6am (still waiting to track tho since can take 7 days to do so thats not a shock, update on the transfer side deposit is confirmed and awaiting matching, very good transferwise working sunday and in the early hours of monday morning)
by chrisking66
Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:48 pm
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amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

for anyone that doesnt want to read thought in all in short

i did the £40 for £50 on slots only like most people did back in may (witch i cant prove that it was on slots but i can the amount to within a £10 range, but it would be dumb to play a slot only cashback not on slots wouldnt it?, so thats proved but common sence)

witch i had a claim in for up until today, when it got closed with this reason "Player has not wagered the right amount", fine if it was the case (would of been better for them if they said it had tracked with someone else ect or just [****] off you won some money they for we wont pay this, cos telling me im a lier pisses me off so they get a fight now

any ways i logged in to GP right away and checked my history witch has of coruse been deleted witch i thought for a min or 2 and checked my reward points witch you get to playing x amount than i check they terms on the reward points and sore you get 1 for every £10, and i have 4, so i think tcb and GP cant count or how i cant
by chrisking66
Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:05 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

so by opening one i agreed that i met the amount witch i did and that its a gen claim and a bunch of other stuff, so they response should of been to GP show us his gaming history before we call him a lier by listing your given reason, (that would be good customer service and saving they staff my abusiveness over it, just personally hate being called a lier dunno why just bugs me)

Looking at what you posted elsewhere, they don't appear to have accused you of anything. They were given a reason by the casino and have transparently communicated that to you ("The reason that we have received to support this decision states… "). I really don't understand why you think the cashback site staff deserve such abuse - surely better to keep them on your side and politely seek to have them fight your case, rather than getting all confrontational?

true i most likely could of handled it better,

and altho most people dont understand this, by the act of opening a claim i agreed that the case was gen, so when given the reason of not wagering the right amount, given and the claims staff not asking GP why before posting it (like someone that was on your side claiming something on your behalf should of done) on the claim and closing it, indirectly they did say that i a) liered on the claim and B i opened a claim when it wasnt a gen claim (just how i veiw it)

altho yes its true directly they didnt accuse me of anything


update tcb have now resent the claim to GP asking for my account play history, to see where to £40 i deposits was spent on slots or something else to see if i meet the reqs, so looks hopeful just 2-3 months more down the line

"Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch, and we are very sorry that you feel this way.

As I can see you played through the £40.00 on something with them, it does appear that this resolution provided is incorrect.

Therefore what I will now continue to do is contact the merchants network (whom we work with this merchant via) to appeal against this resolution and request that this claim is reviewed once again in light of this information.

Please do bear with us a short while, as we await further information from the network.

Again we are sorry about this outcome, and hope that we are able to come to a more positive resolution.

Kind Regards
TopCashback Support"

edit* (the below has nothing to do with this claim just past history on why i am maybe harsh with tcb staff)

also note im less kind then i should be to tcb staff for the handling of a past account they closed with 200+ in it (payable balance not due) (if anyone wants to read that is) from that topic im "nope" *witch the end out come was having the questioning "nope" account deleted and my old isp blocked from they forums*

^ so for that and other reasons would be my lack of kindness to they staff ^

tho on the upside i have 2 accounts that are admins at tcb (well not that i can use them any more, just proves they dont delete them but keep them and do steal cashback as i said in this topic since they claim domate accounts are deleted, if so why the following) /

witch i never chased after the closing of "nope" since altho techilly i got that cashback within the T@Cs i was using the T@Cs very very loosely to mean i could do that transaction again and again and a few 1000s more times, since it was all from one merchant, tho the merchant did confirm and pay them all to tcb so it was tcb witch the problem with it not the merchant or they would of just declined them at the time before even paying tcb, more so since i was already paid about £300 via doing this before witch no one has ever asked for back so therefor i must of meet the T@Cs *witch is what i told the the specialist that stopped replying to my emails after that (the one talked about in the topic log asking why the account was closed)*

(and tcb still to date have this merchant with the same loosely based T@Cs tho needless to say i wont say what merchant it is,)
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:09 am
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

That's very aggressive, if you ask me.

I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of your requests for assistance with that claim.

maybe true, tho also true that when you use the claim process on they site (like most) you agree that everything is true and fact,

so by opening one i agreed that i met the amount witch i did and that its a gen claim and a bunch of other stuff, so they response should of been to GP show us his gaming history before we call him a lier by listing your given reason, (that would be good customer service and saving they staff my abusiveness over it, just personally hate being called a lier dunno why just bugs me)

as for seeing it a lot i've seen gaming site flat out reject the claims alot *tho all in all personally its worth it* (since most are £10 to £40 or so its worth the punt) or say that it didnt track or tracked with someone else, witch if that had been the case i would of just let it go,

but thats the first time i've seen that reason returned that it was the wrong amount, witch as i see it is TCBs claim staff job to check that is true when told that before telling it to me (aint the claims guys mean to at less check it would of been 2 mins to ask GP for a record of the gaming history *tho the front end deleted it im sure they have logs backed up somewhere*), since doing so is calling me a lier as i see it witch just annoys me

and richard i will tidy up the langaue in the first post since true family site edit see you already did (sorry about that)
by chrisking66
Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:41 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

I like to say i have some sympathy for you, I've had several gaming sites cashback rejected
Thing is they are looking for regular customers
Not cashback hunters
As RY posts 'Lot osf issus with getting the money from these sites'
You can complain to TCB but I doubt they will pay :thumbdown:
See This thread :(

its not that it was rejected but the reason why and as i see it telling me im lieing on the claim (witch when opened i clicked the boxes this is a gen claim ect) i put in with the amount of the merchants page,

as i to have had lots of rejected gaming sites before, for reason like didnt track or tracked some where else ect

and true i know they are after return customers not just hit and runs

if they would of said that we simplely dont want one off hit and runners solely for cashback i wouldnt of minded less or complained about it, my issues lies with the reason "Player has not wagered the right amount" and tcb claim staff for not saying to GP will show us his gaming history so we can make sure he didnt wager the right amount (since by they claim terms witch i and everyone that opens a claim agrees to i would of commented fraud if the claim i opened was not gen,) ,

also i cant veiw the shareholder only topics (tho not sure why when i am filled in the share req and have more than one post) so i cant see the link tho can guess what is says that cashback is not a sure thing and that sites dont like hit and runners,

again its the reason not the rejecting it that got to me


tho its not important to me if i can see your secret group, i can now view shareholder topics *purely updating for richards benefit* (is nice to see that little problems are fixed asap on here, even tho personally it didnt bother me when i couldnt view them)
by chrisking66
Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:26 pm
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Re: Free £10 if you act quickly

this will most likely be up for a while, since most everyone has already done moneyvista before this offer, so cant do it again

tho for those trying to get friends of family to join and use your ref link, this is a good selling point to pitch to them
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:25 am
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Re: pole about claim

based on the tiny bit of feedback this has received i've decided to keep the claim open (tho with the rules of if the claim if it gets denied then i wont depute it, due to since it was not done with in the rules of click via CB just before buying, tho if they pay its always a bonus)

as for the odd tracking, i think thats down to my files back up every week to my nas and maybe got copyed over before cleaned and i recently (tho cant remeber if it was before or after the order) had to restore those images (so maybe the cookie came back to live from that)

either way this can be closed or deleted, or whatever it is we do around here
by chrisking66
Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:11 am
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

lol @ tcb customer service \/, (without giving a reason, log in use go to oops, log in has failed. please try again *details are saved so know all are right, even if they ware not saved going to forgot password, gives me oops that email address is not recognised. witch i think i know my email address* even if i dont know my email address, i opened both pages at the same time since i have a recent email from them and checked the email address letter by letter)

just deleted this account with over £150 cashback in

also noted they deleted my mums account (witch i setup for her and use for her few small online dealings as shes computer clueless at 65) tho only had £10 in it so less important, (update for only this account restored now, fun about 2 mins after posting this, witch i didnt bring up anyways else, welcome to the forums TCB staff fun reading?)

also noted blocked from making a new acocunt to try to work it out on they forums, when trying i get this

There was a problem
Sorry, An error has occurred.
Error code:4517903

If this error persists then please feel free to contact us with the above error code.

i think they cs really really want bad press, and going to see how many blogs and sites i can get to run about tcbs CS

as to kinda keep on topic tho lol

the gp issues of belivleing / acusing memers GP before asking they members for proof of spend amount

this quote from a memer of tcb staff agree with they poliys

"Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you have had this issue with your cashback. This is something that we are aware of and appears to have been declined incorrectly. This has affected multiple members and we hope to bring this to a positive resolution for you soon. I can see from your claims thread that you have already been made aware that this is being looked into and if you could please allow a little time then we should have more information for you.

I hope this helps,
Jack "

wonder if they also deleted / stolen multiple members accounts, that would be how they get they turn off i guess lol

edit (another user that can proof spend)


tho needless to say i coursed TCB to link the account they removed before for using one merchant over and over again with this current account with posting about it here since i had that current account since the start of the year, (guess tcb still read here lol dont your staff have better stuff to do then do that),

tho even tho i did use one merchant again and again to make TCB pay out £200 before they stopped it the merchant page was 1) so looses worded in was within the rules (still is i wont post they name tho i should cos of the wrongly deleting of 3 account now 2 me and 1 family) and 2) its not up to tcb to decide if they should pay or delete the account when its in the t & c's more so when that merchant paid every transactions i did with them to tcb (or atless confrimed them since that account was deleted before some when to payible) if the merchant ok paying them then its not up to your staff TCB)

over the next week if you dont sort this out TCB, i will send everything to a newspaper (screenshoted not my wrigting on the matter since i know if i sent in my wrights they would lol yes english sucks lol) witch they may or may not run with (thats up to them just like it was up to the merchant the pay "blackice0127" not tcb to judge and delete as i explained your t&cs and the merchants pages was so loose wrote that it inplyed i could do it again and again, and defoly not to judge and delete "abcdefghijklmnopq" as that account never used any single merchant more than once beside transferwise and i closed out all but one of my 8 claims for them after i sore you changed the rules to new order from just any order, maybe some i was entitled to since i only had your staffs word to confirm the rule change to TWs page was changed on the 19th of april, and well your staff dont seem to honset i have to say

to the tcb stuff reading this you have until next thusday to restore "abcdefghijklmnopq" or to have me send all the pictures from both accounts to who i choice to showing inc but not limited to both email names with tcb emails inside open past payments and both forgot password screens with your message "email account not regconised" *who has and not regconised email received tcb payments before, oh ya right your wrongly banned them, the rules outline on the merchant "blackice0127" used the confirmed transactions from "blackice0127" account to show the merchant did to pay them by going to confirmed, so that tcb just refused to pay them by closing the account, you decide among yourselfs

as i have said to your before the 200+ from blackice0127 you can give to chrity or whatever *based on the sole fact that since the merchant paid it all and it was in your t&cs it was morally wrong nothing more than that, im sure i could make you pay it tho with legal help*, but i want the other account back with the all the cashback in it witch is everything inculing the GP claim that you acused me of lieing on, having since agreed with it happening to others your wrong,

one week your choice

and sorry to imutual for putting all this on your forums, but tcb with not letting my put it on they forums gave me little choice, since i cant make a new account, and yes i could do this via phone but unless i record it (witch i cant, leck of EQ) records of saying it are impossible to prove, tho i did call and got hung up on twice after being up "abc..." as my account in question tho with they customer service i wasnt thinking that i would get more

lastly with i will try not to edit this agaqin after this

it is not the money i care about really (well ofc i do some what but not really since in the last few days i made £700+ on ebay) its more the principal of tcb wrongly deleting any account they feel like, even with "blackice0127" that i will to let go, and "abc..." just cos they can tied that account to "blackice0127" tho either acocunt did nothing wrong

but once a cashback site has been paid by a merchant all they have to do is to pay the customer, nothing more nothing less, if the merchant has issues with the tracsaction then they can declined it (i have also emailed this merchant before and asked that about all the transaction "blackice0127" did with them and they said we paid so whats your problem with them *in more words*, (not like they still didnt profit of of others)
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:48 am
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

said i wouldnt update i lied lol

adding info

from tcb tho got to go after this (real life stuff)

Hi there,

Thanks for your contact.

It has been noticed that you have signed up again having previously been terminated from using our service for merchant abuse.

Kind Regards,

my reply

yes but the merchart deisded the pay before, and as i explained back then and you ignored on your loosely based tcs i did nothing wrong, the merchants agree that in paying yourselfs,

but ya, its not your place to decide if it was abuse the merchants wouod of picked it up and rejected the pay out not paid tcb

and why are another cashback sites fourms of interest to you (as this was ware you learn that i signed up agian)
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:40 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

I suspect they will take one look at your ramblings and have no idea how to respond...neither will anyone else :?

lol i like you, always will to point out my english sucks (tho i will and have said this myself again and again that im dislizic, i dont mind that you do, mind you just find it funny), i will re type the key points with bulletpoints later, and more info (mainly the merchant i "abused" tho with in page terms, just why should i protect tcb from more "abuse" when the page term still loosely say you can do this merchant as much as you want
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:29 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

should probly start listing all tcbs issues (need mods the same mod advising members to abuse tescos 12£ off £60 (first time shop / and as i posted in the topic risk legal action, tho unlikely) to give they broken claim system praise witch i highly doubt is true anyways since just eat ware no longer on any cashback since as of june last year (and yes hes got screenshots but that just proves its a claim not whats its for),

there are a few more stolen accounts over the weekend, but its to late to bother listing / linking to them all

as i have an early start (in RL) tomorrow
by chrisking66
Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:13 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

also for any tcb staff reading this hurry up and run and delete this your hippos

a mod of your promoting abuse (on fourms) of tescos via reusing with family details on new accounts / new card details for the £12 off £60, (when that code does state first time use customers, witch i dont think means 30 orders to the same address) true tescos dont care just like match didnt they still profit, what is it there now £50 for 3 months x 60000, so what do match care (did they remove the offer nope) well tescos nope

now im all up for abusing tescos, points for "personal use ink" brought off ebay ect, witch tescos dont care about anyways since they just sell them for £3-£4 to real recycles and give the customers £1 in points each, or pressing 3 own bags when you only have 1, or a heavy veg as a lighter one,

but my point is you cant decide what i did witch was not abuse as listed in your terms abuse (you even agreed this) yet at the same time promote abuse on your fourms, well ok you can your hippos, (like most people)

the key fact are

1) match paid your if they had a problem they wouldnt of (and in paying you it should of been past on, nothing more your a middle man, like you did with the first few 00's) *tho as said i dont really care about this account since im willing to see it in the gray area)
2) after you let my second account build up (gen) cashback you have no right deleting it (if you didnt want it there you should of deleted it a few weeks after it joined not 8 months, letting it build up cashback first is just stealing money, not removing an account of an already deleted member, *this account did nothing wrong tho, if it had been deleted when empty as a rejoining banned users fine, but it wasnt*

also not bother removing the tescos post on your fourms i already got screenshots anyways


and if just using one merchant heavyly is seen as abuse, what next going to close my brothers account, since he uses euro star sometimes up to 4 times a week, with a min of once each week for cashback, maybe thats abuse, (tho i think your already doing this since i have seen about 10 closing this week, for silly reasons)
by chrisking66
Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:28 pm
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Re: Should we promote Pay Day loan companies?

voted to keep them

since as some have said just cos they morally wrong with they fees and interest rates, you only get those high late fees and have to pay those high intensest rates if you dont pay what you own in time,

and altho morally wrong so are bookmakers and anyone who offers credit (or entices people to spend / gamble money) to people they know cant afford to pay it back (lose it),

and also as said if removing them for the morals of it offering credit than where the line where it stops, i could even get in unfair debt with SCS (sofas) or next if i wanted to they both offer credit with high interest for failing to do what i agreed to do in paying them (not quite so high as pay day loans but still higher than a bank / credit union)


as for being in the news its like most silly stuff thats in the news anymore, it must of been a slow news day, just like all the complaining about big business in the news for legal tax loop holes, yes its morally wrong no its not illegal


as for imutual getitng a bad name cos of it i highly doubt it since most cashbackers know what they doing and its there choose to do them or not, just cos you see an ad for something doesnt mean you have to do it (same with supermarkets hiding cigs and stuff like that behide the counters) *not going in to that tho since off topic),

the only reason any merchant should be removed from a cashback site (unless ofc they request to be) is if they have a very bad payment / claim history


edit for the hiding ads point (or the "if people see something they have to do it" logic) since i have some time and im bored and might help some really savvy people (tho not really worth in since you would have to stop hailfax rewards for a month or so and all other bank rewards, and in doing so miss paying billing ect witch if interest fee OD and no late fees wouldnt matter much, tho not something i personally like to do)

it could also be said than having solve debt business'es on here thats it promoting people to get in debt so they can be rewarded with cash back for it, take the below

to get £25 from solve my debt all you would have to do is have more than £5000 in debts wouldnt debts count as the interest free overdraws that most banks offer for 90 days or the same with credit cards that offer 18 months of no payments,

so just run up a debt, (tho im sure solve my debt wouldnt pay your cashback if you still had money in the banks since then your wouldnt be in debt if you can afford to pay them off *im current in debt for a few k but my credit cards due next week when i will pay it off techiliy tho thats debt currently right lol, tho wont be soon since i always pay when the statement comes) why you would have to stop the benefits for a while of hailfax ect, so

1) run up a debt
2) take all your money out stick under your bed
3) get £25 from solve my debt
4) wait to they put your £25 than pay off the debt and start using your accounts again

as said not really worth it but just bored and putting up the most silly reason i can think off (for the "just cos you see an ad for something doesnt mean you have to do it" reasoning , that by having out of debt sites are we not promoting people to get in debt to earn £25, true i dont think so maybe if they ware paying £200 than it might be worth it / promoting it,

most adult people have enough sence to decide whats good for them selfs based on they own minds not just do something cos its in ads or on the tv or someone else did it or told them about it,

(thats my point with the whole last bit, that i wouldnt see getting in the debt *even if interest free* to get cashback as something thats a good idea to be done just cos i spoke about it)

by chrisking66
Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:57 pm
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Re: amusement with tcb / golden palace claim (for anyone that cares)

ok anyways full retype

1) awhile ago *year closed account we'll get back to it) i "abused" a merchant on tcb according to them, this merchant was match witch currently (tho im sure they will edit it as soon as they read this) the t&c state "This applies to new subscriptions only, not renewals. To qualify for FREE registration cashback the offer applies to new customers only residing in the UK."... witch can loosely mean everytime you sign up you must be a new member and within the UK, new member being new email address (i said loosely) tho match did always pay / confirm (if match sore it as "abuse" they would of rejected them, its not tcb place to deside after something has gone to payible / confrimed) ending account close with £200+ in it and customer support ignoring anymore emails about it, tcb even paid about £300 proior to closing said account, no one asked for it back therefor i did nothing legaling wrong, morally maybe but anyways on to 2)

2) i had an issues with my current acocunt them taking Golden palaces words for reject say i didnt spend the min witch i proven i did on they fourms via GP account reward points, i have 4 you get 1 for each £10 spend 4 x 10 = £40, and being belivling GP without asking me can you prove this started this topic since i dont like being a called a lier (i dont mind you sucking my english sucks tho it does)

3) some people on here said i was a bit harsh with TCB so i posted about how they closed my old account with its username to and why im being maybe harsh to them, (witch is the ownly place i posted it) a few days after that my current account was closed

4) i asked why my current account with £150+ confirmed in it (no match or other second time used merchants in it) was closed to, and got the responce you replyed to (cba to c&P)

5) i have looked all thu tcb t and c and i see no reason why just cos i opened a new account after so called "abuse" and used it solely for gen tranactions it was closed *more so since that didnt have an issue with it from opening late last year until now), me so when the so called "abuse" was loose with in the t&c and allowed by the merchant

only bothered to retype this cos it amuses you, and for tcb staff reading

either way atless they looking in to everyones GP that was denined with the same lie reason of users didnt spend the wager amount, so atless i did some use,

in surramy down £200+ to TCB since they think they can deside to delete an account witch tho loose within the T&c, was within them and where the merchant already paid them a large %age of the cashback with the rest on confirm,

and they also think they can delete an account that was fully with in every t&c, based on only this topic tieing it to the other account (there is no more prove since i have changed isp since, and bad spelling is not prove sincce and lot of people do so), well it has £150+ in confirmed in it, and the case for GP that they acused me of lieing it by talking GPs side without asking me to prove the spend first, when there is nothing in the t&c about having opened a second account after TCB wrongly closed the first,

and since TCB (sure your still reading from time to time), since you claim not to steal members cashback (could post a forum link wont, bother whats the point really you *TCB* know you said that to me before and im sure any users that care about it here can google*) when the transaction are payable witch are now all confirmed i would expate payment to be made to me from "abcdefghijklmnopq",

link for amusement (and to help anyone if they googling it from tcb fourm address), and to make sure TCB delete this new account before i have to pay the £5 a month new forced fee

well post here incase there delete in since some is funny

"i wont bother posting more info TCB know where it is, and other interested users can find it around the internet your self a clue its on another (better in my opinion cashback site)

also whats you policy on stealing money from deleted accounts since you claim you dont,

i know from past you ofc keep it, i meant more do you just have the bank give it all to you in one pounds put them all in a pot and play find the gold at the end of the rainbow, or do you just throw it up in the air and have yourselfs a golden shower, or maybe it just magically dispersers or the wee irish man comes and steals it all back or takes it in exchanges for some lucky charms "

also are TCB telling me i can have any account i name here deleted on TCB if so YAY power, thinking "ok who on TCB dont i like / what are some of the admins user names :lol: " just basing that im the other users on my say so alone is not much prove, (not that im deniding that i am just saying its a joke when abc was untouched for 7 months until i put the other user name on here, witch says your staff read this forum to much instead of checking new users details since i used the same withdraw account and ip to sign up) or was it just i can make other accounts i just cant tell people about it, either way TCB CS are a joke


more so always a more so with me by TCB idea of "abuse" under tho do not all of the cashbackers and bank switches for bonus also "abuse" everything with hit and run or just switch banks with the bare minuals (or loosely using the T&C) to get the bonus, ect did i "abused" nationwide by getting £65 and never using my account with them) moral yes in t&c no (witch was confirmed a few days ago, tho never once had i used that account, only setup a few DD's)

and well i dont really need the money from either account *staff here can see that its only 10% of my spend from transferwise in the last 2 days so its not a great deal to me, tho TCB staff know that to from my claims there more so since those at those claims it was only about 1%) , tho of course i would still like it *sorry i dont have enough money yet that i will give it away free and with out a fight for it, after all i do still do the daily cashbacks for 2p's so must'nt had enough money for give it out free :lol: *, i do find how tcb handles things laughtible tho

and if you do STEAL *tho you claim you dont* my cashback from abc... you can donate it to steps (a child walking deft chrity, for children born with CDH and DDH) due to them helping my daughter a few years ago when she was born with DDH *and will have tho improve all her life*),

tho i will still let a news site have all the screenshots i have and if they decide to run with it it is up to them *than you wont be the uk number 1 cashback site anymore not that you are around here any ways tho you do like these fourms*, (just like it was up to match to reject my so called "abused" *next thusday since i do what i say i do and dont lie like you acuse me of with Golden palaces help*

well will try not to post here again about this since i doubt theys any changing tcb mind altho they wrong, (but they didnt need my help to know that)


adding another link,

any other sites i have issues with and asks questions i get replys, tcb answer is deleting accounts and trying to block me from forums,

been bumping / helpfully replying to most of they topics over there and adding my dig at the bottom of those replys, and still ever one is unanswered (that customer service for you)

(question about why auto enrolled to pay and how its that 100% free if people dont know how to down grade
by chrisking66
Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:46 pm
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"there are no topics or posts in this forum"

i get this message a lot (even when i know there are posts in that area), any idea why?

or should i just quite take my daily cashback and not question my forum rights (tho i guess its better than hukd policy of i have no rights and just have to put up with the resorts i get from poor english skills)
by chrisking66
Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:13 pm
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LG k4 like new (perfect) £19.99 @ O2

LG k4 like new (perfect) £19.99 @ O2 (like new (perfect being customer returns in mint condition and with charger ect tho 70% of the time without the original box)

back in stock or price lowered

cex cash value £28 voucher £40 (for grade B items without original boxes but in good or better condition)

if it a good phone or not i dont know nor do i care

by chrisking66
Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:37 am
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Re: LG k4 like new (perfect) £19.99 @ O2

no you dont if you go down to close to the bottom "classic pay as you go" and choose use your own credit on sim

than you dont have to top up, it just showing you what you would get for the £10 top up if you topped the sim o2 will send with it up but you dont have to


tho the way o2 list they phones it does make it look like you do have to tho, but you dont have to top up, ( could add a SS of my invoice email IF needed i dont think it will be / is tho)
by chrisking66
Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:48 am
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Re: Non-tracking purchases

cant read the rest of the topic (fourm rights or lack of them)

all clicks / sales. will track if you clear cookies

tho normally all clicks will track anyways (i've been here for over 4 years *tho forced out of sight* and have never had an issue with a untracked clicked

tho i have seen ghosting tracks, a sale getting giving to both IM and TCB, like me recent O2 sale 6 shares here and .44p there,

but never and untracked sale, would say i could say more with more info, but with the fourms im but forced in to, i could never see more to say more
by chrisking66
Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:16 am
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@ EE Mobile

@ EE Mobile

cheap pyg mobiles to throw away, £1.79 total after cashback

mobiwire pictor and alcatel 1016g (both are basic, the pictor has a SD slot and a camera tho but as a unheard of name the alcatel has a better return without having either sd or camera)

the higher cashback is ofc via another cashback site not the 3 letter one and wont put it in my post, as i doubt that would be liked, (tho only really a £3.90 higher so maybe go thu imutual anyways, i wouldnt but i like money to much lol) *would have to if i hunt things like this down but than again a £26.20 return on a £10.79 spend really aint nothing to cough at is it less so when you add a times by factor*

the top up can even be used on pay by mobile gambling sites and with some extra effort be withdrawn right away (having to meet the min withdraw amount, and finding either a gamlbing site that lets your top up from more than 1 sim and ordering more phones as cashback is paid per order not per phone, tho you will have to find a fee free mobile gambler your self's as im still looking for one)

making the phone better than free, either for personal use or ebay / cex food,

5 days to ends well ofc ends sooner if EE up to price, the 5 days is on the cashback side of it ending tho



and just for the amusement of it made a new account to put this on HUKD got banned again and the post removed, those guys really dont A) like me B) know a good deal when they see it, less than 10 mins total work if going cex, gets a 150% or there about return on the alcatel *true cashback can fail cex lower prices ee might even cancel orders due to volume **needless to say i did and received a few before i even shared it** * but the other such chance posts say there, oh well F them, i'm happy to get my dailys here
by chrisking66
Tue May 30, 2017 10:10 am
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Re: beating inflation

i currently have the

3% from TSB on £1500 (£45 a year)
3% from tescos on 2 sets of £3000 (£182 a year)
£3 a month from halifax (£36 a year)

when i can fully fund it will open a nationwide for the 5% on 2500 (£127), IF its still around when i could fully fund it, *when the m&s ends*

until then doing the m&s saver 3 months in to it to get the 3% on £250 pay pcm with really aint worth anything is it *current accounts are much better than pay monthly savers* (£41 a year, tho as it tops up they card i guess i could count that in then its worth a bit more)

and the dailys here .55p when everything tracks more like .40p really tho (£146 a year)
and qmee *another survey site, tho pays more for the effort vs swagbucks, i found anyways YMMV* at about £10 a week for 3 weeks now, so if stays that if not will see over time (£520 a year) *so the best thing im doing for easy extra money, aint even with banks, imutual bets all but 6K in tescos that not everyone can get both accounts now, and qmee is set to beat all if i stays are the avg i have been getting*

and ofc besides those things, buy to cex phones, when EE and CPW are silly enough to do ones for £10.99 / 100% return, for cashback £5 or better on offer + phone at cex about £5-£8 each, more depending on who the credit is for as its combi-able *only 02, and way to much live chat but oh well* all to one sim then pay by mobile gambling well not really as betting a set amount on zero red and black in roulette again gambling is it lol *for a return of £38.60 of £50.40 on a £40 or 4 x £10 sims*
by chrisking66
Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:09 pm
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Re: I am wearing a tag

smart phones over rated, i have never used old, never will

i do all the dailys i want find blue stacks,

tho i decided long ago im better off alone

thats all smartphones are good for rigth the opsite sex

i aint even used my non smartphone in 13 months, yet i still pay for it, tho ture i only pay effiavtely .75p for 500 mins unlimit text cos im smart but ya , tho aint used any of them
by chrisking66
Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:23 am
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Re: TravelSupermarket

it always tracks for me, tho always get rejected to abotu 10 hours later,

they ware they want to be on google, time to find another easy money daily click

and ya i have ISSUES and PROBLEMS (tho no one cares about those, if anything im warnned for them, oh now warn me, i have to pay the uk govment 2.2k or fight them and your going to warn me for bad words) too so the post fits
by chrisking66
Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:40 am
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