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Post of the month competition!

We are pleased to announce details of our Post of the month competition, which will reward the posters of the best forum posts, as voted by imutual members, with bonus shares. Here's how it will work.....

The competition will be based on posts made during the calendar month (e.g. between 1 and 31 October). It makes use of the new "Thanks system" we have implemented on the forum, and also takes account of the number of shares held by those who have 'thanked' a post.

Those members who submit the best three posts* will be awarded with bonus shares as follows:

1st prize - 100 shares
2nd prize - 25 shares
3rd prize - 10 shares

* Note: only one prize per member per month. e.g. if the same person has the top two posts, the runner-up prize will go to the next best post made by a different member

The winners will be based on thanks received via the "Thank a post" button. In the event of a tie, we will use the number of awarded shares* held by each "thanker" to decide the winner (*max 10000 shares per person will count towards this)

I hope you like the proposed format and we will, of course, take your comments into account and consider any improvements for future months :thumbup:

The winners of each month's competition will be announced early the following month. Staff are not eligible to win, but their 'thanks' will be taken into account

UPDATE FEB 2014 . Certain 'regular format' posts, such as quizzes and competitions, are excluded from the main Post-of-the-month' awards. They may be recognised by a special award of up to 100 shares, instead of potm. For details, see here
by richard@imutual
Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:50 am
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