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by richard@imutual
Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:29 am
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Investment club - why and how

Ok, I've promised to get the idea of an investment club kickstarted again in the new year so let me begin by recapping on why I think this is a good idea for imutual and how I would prefer it to work....

My primary objective is to help attract and retain imutual members by offering a unique payment option i.e. the ability to drip feed your cashback earnings into equity-type investments. By doing so, you have the potential to generate better returns than you would be just putting in a bank or savings account. Of course, there is no guarantee of that and such investments inevitably involve an element of risk. The old adage says "Don't invest what you can't afford to lose" but that's precisely why cashback, which most people tend to treat as a bonus, is an ideal source of funds for investing.

Additional benefits would be:

- To learn more about investing and investment clubs
- To have enjoyable discussions and decision-making with fellow members

The club would be a separate legal entity from imutual PLC, run along similar lines to other UK investment clubs. This means that once your cashback has been paid into the club, imutual PLC has no further responsibility and your funds are under the control of the club in accordance with its rules and members' decisions. On the plus side, that also means your money is safe in the highly unlikely event that imutual PLC runs into financial difficulties.

Given that there is already a "share ownership" element to imutual, it seems reasonable to assume that our members (both current and prospective) would have a greater appetite for an investment club than your average citizen. I know that many of you have already expressed an interest in this when it was first outlined, but I want to be clear that I'm only interested in devoting time and resources to the idea if it works to the overall benefit of imutual. Hopefully all of you will also share that sentiment, so here's how I'd want it to work:

- There is no limit on the total number of members (other than that imposed by law)
- Anyone can join, provided that they create an imutual account and make modest initial and ongoing contributions (see here
- Decisions are made on a one-member one-vote basis regardless of how much each member has invested
- The rules should be set so as to minimise the burden of administration e.g. "meetings" to be held online, each member responsible for providing personal ID directly to the bank/stockbroker.
- It's impractical for such a club to be able to make quick decisions, so the investment strategy should tend to favour medium term "trends" rather than ad hoc "share tips". This is up for discussion of course, but Index trackers and ETFs might be more appropriate than individual stocks
- I'd like to see "member reputations" developed as a key part of the decision-making system i.e. over time, each member can establish a statistical "rating" based on their historical votes and recommendations.
- We should accept that some members will be a lot less active in club discussions than others, and the Club Rules should allow for this to the greatest extent possible (subject to the regulations surrounding investment clubs) - provided that they meet the minimum contributions.
- If a member becomes "inactive" (e.g. not voting/posting/paying in within a given period) or otherwise breaks the club rules, the treasurer will be entitled to close their account and return their funds (minus any admin costs stated in the club rules)
- Members will use the imutual forum to discuss club business and, as far as possible, these will be held on an open forum (in order to help promote both the club and imutual itself)
- I am happy to take one of the three officer roles initially (chairman, secretary, treasurer) but other volunteers will be needed and I don't guarantee to continue in one of these roles indefinitely.

Once up and running, there's nothing to stop more clubs being created - perhaps to cater for those with more adventurous approaches to investing. But I'd prefer our main club to be fairly cautious, easy to administer and to aim for a modest "better than a building society" return.

Hope this doesn't come across too much as me making demands, but I just want to make sure that if we all put in the effort required to get such a club off the ground, it gives the hoped-for boost to imutual with creating an administrative burden. If we run it in the way outlined above, we could really create something huge - the first UK investment club with thousands of active members (the law now allows more than 20). And that would generate some great publicity ;)

Let me know what you think! :)
by richard@imutual
Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:20 pm
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Re: Investment club - why and how

Great, thanks for all the offers of interest and help :)

May I suggest that, if only for the purpose of getting things off the ground, the three initial officers should be myself, Garindan and Alec3270. This is purely because we live fairly close to each other so it will make all the initial form filling + admin easier :?

We can then hold "elections" once the club is formed and additional members have been added :)
by richard@imutual
Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:12 pm
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Re: Where is this at?

This has lapsed again, I assume?

Hi. It hasn't lapsed, there is work going on in the background, albeit slowly :oops:

I realise it's taken a very long time since the idea was first mooted - largely my fault. But it was important that we got the initial set up right so that once it's up and running, it all runs smoothly.

We're in the process of getting the formation documents signed by the three initial officers, then we'll set-up the bank account and finally the share trading account.
by richard@imutual
Tue May 20, 2014 11:14 am
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Re: Where is this at?

A quick update for you all to show we have made some progress - the Cashback Investment Club now exists. We have the official club formation documents signed by the officials despite Royal Mail trying to foil us!

Apologies this has taken a while but this is a positive and now we can finally move forward with the bank and share trading account thereafter.

I hope to provide a further update once we have filled out more forms.

by garindan
Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:52 pm
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£13.50 cashback @ Money Dashboard!

From today until 17th July you can earn £13.50 cashback + 135 shares @ Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free service that provides you with one login to all your current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. Clear and simple graphs tell you what you need to know without making you work hard to understand.

This is a great offer exclusive to imutual members. :)
by richard@imutual
Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:31 am
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Re: So, who's in?

My applications in and i have also got my share centre details
by hiswitzend
Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:58 am
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Introducing our Cashback Guarantee

One of the biggest criticisms of cashback sites - for instance, in press articles - is that you are cautioned not to consider the cashback as being guaranteed. Even if you do everything correctly :shock: The largest two cashback sites have the following in their Terms and Conditions:

We're afraid that cashback and cashback payment periods cannot be guaranteed due to the number of parties and hand-offs involved in the process

In all circumstances payout of Cashback is at our sole discretion and further we may refuse to make payout of Cashback to you for any reason including but not limited to non-payout or late payout by the Merchant.

We don't think that's acceptable. :evil:

The imutual concept was created precisely to counter the concern that cashback offers might prove unreliable. We already offer the following measures to reassure members:
- A reputation for reliable cashback offers, backed up with published stats against each merchant
- An excellent track record of dealing with the small number of claims for untracked cashback, with regular performance stats published in our forum
- The option to "appeal" directly to members in the unlikely event of a claim being rejected
- Directors cashback guarantee to protect confirmed cashback in the highly unlikely event of the company hitting financial difficulties
- A unique member-owned structure, so you can hold directors to account

But in addition to all of the above, we've now introduced an explicit Cashback Guarantee .

If you follow all the offer conditions but your cashback fails to track properly, and your claim gets rejected, we'll pay you anyway.

This applies to over 90% of our offers - the main exceptions being the "Free cashback" deals where claims aren't applicable anyway.

We've updated our T&Cs to reflect this new "guarantee". For more details, see here

We want to help as many people earn free cashback (and shares!) as we can, and we hope this will give you added confidence to share the imutual secret with everyone you know! :)
by richard@imutual
Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:55 pm
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Investment #2 and #3 purchases successfully made!

Great news everyone - we are properly "on the board" now as the purchase of our investments #2 and #3 were concluded this AM. Details of these purchases can be found below:

Investment #2

United Utilities Group Plc Ord 5p (UU.)
Quantity: 60
Price: 942.7000
Cost: £565.62
Commission: £5.25
Stamp: £2.83
Total cost: £573.70

Investment #3

Sainsbury (J) Plc Ord 28 4/7p (SBRY)
Quantity: 200
Price: 274.6200
Cost: £549.24
Commission: £5.25
Stamp: £2.75
Total cost: £557.24

So we now have our first two blocks, and will be thinking about our third block in the coming few months! Excellent work everyone for the research and success of the two polls just concluded. Let's hope we now make some money!

Out of interest, the share prices for the two we didn't vote for at the time of purchase were:

TSCO 244.00
GSK 1543.00

Would be interesting to track the ongoing share price on these two as well as our own, as there was sufficient interest in all four during both the run up to and on conclusion of the polls. :thumbup:
by garindan
Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:25 am
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Good Bye

Thought I would drop everyone a message to say that it really was a pleasure to be part of the CIC - As some know there are various reasons for my parting.

Big thank you to everyone for allowing me to have a seamless transfer out of the CIC and wish each and everyone one of you a brilliant future with the club.

Next club secretary - At this stage I am not sure when a poll will start for the new secretary but if possible, I would also like a vote. No problem if I cant.

Anyway, have to dash - Again thank you everyone and all the best in the future

Dave :thumbup:
by davidlmorgan85
Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:43 pm
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Re: Building a list of shares we want to watch

James Halstead [JHD]

Buy: 425.75p [435.25p]
Year High: 530.00p
Year Low: 310.25p
Dividend Yield: 2.59%

Ricardo [RCDO]

Buy: 825.00p [815.00p]
Year High: 967.50p
Year Low: 739.00p
Dividend Yield: 2.01%

Standard Chartered [STAB]

Buy: 107.50p [103.00p]
Year High: 125.25p
Year Low: 68.00p
Dividend Yield: n/a

Aberdeen Asset Management [ADN]

Buy: 307.30p [306.80p]
Year High: 509.50p
Year Low: 208.50p
Dividend Yield: 7.40%

Ashmore Group [ASHM]

Buy: 298.50p [299.70p]
Year High: 35.00p
Year Low: 193.50p
Dividend Yield: 5.73%

Carillion [CLLN]

Buy: 298.50p [286.60p]
Year High: 363.90p
Year Low: 243.80p
Dividend Yield: 6.27%

Anglo American [AAL]

Buy: 732.80p [678.00p]
Year High: 1,194.00p
Year Low: 215.55p
Dividend Yield: 3.08%

HSBC Holdings [HSBA]

Buy: 466.40p [450.45p]
Year High: 658.90p
Year Low: 413.95p
Dividend Yield: 7.90%

Telecom Plus [TEP]

Buy: 895.50p [827.00p]
Year High: 1,215.00p
Year Low: 740.50p
Dividend Yield: 4.85%

What would underdog buy today?
Today, without a doubt I would buy Aberdeen Asset Management [ADN], trading at half of year high, a strong 7.5% dividend and the potential to be bought out by the larger players makes ADN the spiciest pick of the bunch.

My second choice, I would buy HSBC Holdings [HSBA], trading at two-thirds of year high, a strong 8% dividend and the potential for sustained growth once the global economy has recovered makes HSBA a good long-term proposition.

Source: Data from Hargreaves Lansdown,

Note: Figures in brackets are last weeks price.
by AAAlphaThunder
Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:27 pm
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Re: Member poll: Purchase HSBC Holdings or not?

Not quite enough votes for 'yes' to buy the shares today before the market closed. Of course 9 might vote no tonight or some of you might change your mind...

Either way - if there is more support shown tonight I will log on tomorrow morning when the markets open to look at making a purchase if that's the correct course of action.
by garindan
Wed May 04, 2016 4:04 pm
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Re: Member poll: ITV reinvestment decision

So the votes are now in. This is the situation:

We will not reinvest in ITV right now (essentially 9 votes against and 8 for at the current price).

Over the coming days:
If the price should go back down again we will look to reinvest should it reach the minimum of 35% less than the price we originally paid (12 votes for and 5 against). This decision will enable us to act quickly and decisively should the scenario occur.

I think this is a great example for how our future voting can work to set out a good buying plan for shares. I'd like us to do this for more shares in the future when we have cash at hand, so we buy at the right time :thumbup:
by garindan
Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:43 am
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Re: Shall we push for enough funds to make two more purchases?


Times like the present probably mean we should be making the best effort to pool funds and invest when the opportunity arises. As such I would ask you all to consider popping any surplus cashback you don't need for other things into the Club so we can take advantage of things. We can sit back then for a while and rebuild our individual cashback funds.

As I mentioned - we have ~£800 in cash already at our disposal, promises for some more to be invested and we need around £1100 to make two effective purchases. If we were able to do this we'd then have over £4k invested as a Club, which is really quite an achievement I think :thumbup:

I have invested every penny made via imutual directly into the imutual Cashback Investment Club since the inception of the CIC.

Unfortunately, of late, I am having a poor run at tracking and awarding. Hopefully the wind will change soon.

Once I have funds available I will invest for sure.
by AAAlphaThunder
Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:20 pm
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Welcome to Derbiean!

Today we welcome Derbiean to the Club as our 18th member! I hope your joining brings us luck and prosperity!

If you are reading this and would like more information about joining please look here and send me a PM if you have any questions :thumbup:
by garindan
Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:28 pm
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Welcome to Peacemaker!


I'm delighted to announce we have a new member - welcome to Peacemaker! That extends our current membership to 19 imutual members.

If anyone else is reading this and would be interested in becoming a member of the Cashback Investment Club please feel free to send me a pm and take a look at this post .

Here's looking for member no.20 :thumbup:
by garindan
Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:50 pm
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Re: Welcome to Peacemaker!

Thank you for your welcome!
by Peacemaker
Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:21 am
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Re: Member poll: GSK vs UU. reinvestment

Purchase was made this AM - details to follow.
by garindan
Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:02 am
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