Share club valuation @ 15 Apr 2018

Re: Share club valuation @ 15 Apr 2018

Postby Beachboy » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:39 pm

kevinchess1 wrote:Richard has posted 2 polls and about a third of the members could not be arsed to vote
No sign of the promised proposal from our chairman
And I don’t even know why I bother anymore
All V depressing :thumbdown:

Whilst I agree that it is disappointing that some CIC members didn't vote (or didn't feel inclined to suggest why they didn't feel able to vote) in Richard's polls I do not share your version of events or in my opinion your overly negative attitude towards the CIC. Garindan did outline a fairly detailed suggestion for the club which included a mix of risky and shares etc, which whether anyone agrees with or not resembled a proposal or at the very least a very strong basis for one. For the record my position was clear, I liked the proposal and said as much in the thread and was prepared to back it. However Richards requested that his poll run its course before any counter recommendations, discussions in this area etc were taken forward. Therefore I have respected this request and am/have been awaiting the conclusion of that poll and Richard's comments before commenting further. I don't know but I imagine other CIC members may be doing the same. I am aware Richard has been on holiday and has a day job (probably the same as most of us) so understand why there has been a bit of time lag and am fine with that. Therefore it would be incorrect to take any lack of posting on my part as a lack of interest but merely waiting for Richard to conclude and comment on his poll as requested.

Yes we would like the shares to be performing better but if you strip out Carillion, which was a disaster, our portfolio over the lifetime of the CIC is practically level. That might not be anything to shout about but then again we have to acknowledge that none of us are professional investment managers, we are volunteers and also the CIC is also for wider interest such as investing in shares in a way we might as individuals, learning and developing investment skills.

I would really like to see some positively given towards the CIC because continual negativity is not going to help us move forward.

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Re: Share club valuation @ 15 Apr 2018

Postby parchedpeas » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:58 am

Beachboy wrote:
I would really like to see some positively given towards the CIC because continual negativity is not going to help us move forward.

This is my position as well. I looked at my 'holding' this morning: down £40 since I joined and I considered just cutting my losses and walking away because there is far too much negativity and it makes this forum a pretty bleak place to come.

We KNOW that we're down, we KNOW that there is still no decided way to progress but posting in here about how awful it all is doesn't help. When I joined I accepted there would be losses and, as mentioned, if you strip out CLLN, which should have been a national scandal when we look at how it was run in hindsight, then we're around level: not great, but certainly not enough to attract continual negativity (from the same people).

If you need your £10 a month, then obviously this is not for you, but for a few clicks a day, it's a "fun" way to have an oar in the stock market. The problem is, all the "fun" is being tainted at the moment by people snipping and sniping.

Let's get things moving, give it another go. I'm going to propose a purchase and sale for around May 1st in a new thread so, while we organise where we're at longer term, we've got something to engage people in the short term.

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Re: Share club valuation @ 15 Apr 2018

Postby richard@imutual » Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:08 pm

Beachboy wrote:am/have been awaiting the conclusion of that poll and Richard's comments before commenting further.

Dont wait for me. The polls are long-closed and I'm not sure I can add much more.

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Re: Share club valuation @ 15 Apr 2018

Postby garindan » Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:30 pm

Only just read all this. I did have to think a bit about the proposal and didn't want to produce it whilst Rich was away so a vote could be concluded before he returned :twisted:

It is looking increasingly like we have a way forward. I understand how you all feel - trying to accommodate varying views and so forth isn't really that easy. Sometimes you have to take stock, be pragmatic and see what can be done when all looks doom and gloom. Hopefully, if supported, we can take the new idea forward, agree what the parameters are going to be and get investing. It is certainly going to be exciting looking at some of the riskier companies, voting those purchases out and seeing what happens next :thumbup: I know I am going to learn something new out of it.
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