#A Quid #MSE Tip [Hire a UK Car for 24 Hours for £1] @ Europcar UK

NEW. £1 UK car hire for 24 hours - but what's the catch?

Europcar is offering £1 car hire in the UK for 24 hours - an eye-catching promo with a pretty much unbeatable price. The catch? It's one-way, and you need to drop the car off at a specific location - usually an airport.

Europcar says this is an ongoing offer, and it's doing this because it's expensive to return cars by truck to their starting point after a one-way rental. But while that means you can hire a car for just a quid, you won't have much choice over the details. For example, you can't choose which car you get, or even whether it's manual or automatic - you only find out when you pick it up.

Where can I rent from?
You can check available dates, pick-up locations and routes via Europcar's interactive map. When we checked, there was a surprisingly decent choice, with dozens of pick-up locations across England, Wales and Scotland (mainly in big cities).

Examples of routes we found include Norwich to Luton Airport, Carlisle to Manchester Airport and Glasgow Airport to London Stansted Airport.

What's included?
You'll have the car for 24 hours, and an 800km (550 miles) allowance - roughly the distance of a journey from London to Newcastle and back. You'll be charged the standard daily hire fee if you go over the time limit, and 20p per extra mile if you go over the mileage limit.

The fuel policy is 'full-to-full' (ie, you pick the car up with a full fuel tank, and return it the same way). If you don't return the car full, you'll be charged for any missing fuel (and if it's missing more than 7 litres, you may have to pay an additional £18 'refuelling surcharge'). See Europcar's refuelling guidance for more info.

The £1 fee doesn't include any extras, such as GPS or child seats. As you'd expect, you'll also be responsible for any tolls or fines you incur while driving. And the offer's only available to drivers over 21.

So... is this a good deal?
Paying £1 for a rental car is a cracking deal if you simply need to travel from A to B, providing you can find a car available for the right route. For example, we found a £1 rental from Penzance to Heathrow - the next cheapest rental we could find for that time and route was £124.

What's more, you may be able to take advantage of this offer even if you just need a car for a round trip, eg, if you're moving house or making a big purchase at Ikea. You can rent it close to home, use it, then simply drop it off at the specified destination and make your own way home on public transport.

While there's availability across England, Scotland and Wales, this deal could be particularly handy for those living in or around London who don't own a car, due to the number of nearby airports and availability of public transport. For example, when we checked, you could pay £1 to collect a car in Watford and drop it off at Heathrow Airport. Returning from Heathrow to Watford by tube costs less than £6 - so even factoring in the return journey this could be a decent deal if you need a car for 24 hours.

What about excess insurance?
As with most car hire policies, basic insurance is included in your £1 hire cost, but you'll still have to pay an initial amount (or 'excess') if you need to use it - this depends on the vehicle you're hiring, but can be in the £100s.

Europcar says you can purchase extra protection when you pick up the car (which can reduce your excess) but it's likely to be much cheaper to get a standalone excess insurance policy, which can cost as little as £2/day.

Source: MSE Money Tips

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