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International airline of the United Arab Emirates

Launched on 25th October 1985, Emirates is the international airline of the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai. Wholly owned by the Government of Dubai, the airline has had to develop and expand in order to stay ahead of the competition. Now comprising an award-winning fleet of more than 100 aircraft, Emirates is characterised by two key features, continuous explosive growth and a constant focus on top quality service.

The airline currently flies to 87 destinations in 59 countries around the world and the network is expanding constantly. Current peak destinations include;

* Australia (Perth, Sydney)
* New Zealand (Auckland)
* Far East (Bangkok)
* Africa (Mumbai, Johannesburg)
* India or China (Shanghai)

Out of the UK, Emirates flies from all the major airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester.


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