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Post by kevinchess1 » Tue Mar 26 2013 4:44pm

James McAvoy plays Simon, who getting a V nasty bump on the head forgets where he left a £25 million Van Gogh him and his crew nicked.
When they can’t torture the answer out of him they turn to Elizabeth, a Hypnotherapist for help, she agrees for a cut of the profits.
As she delves into Simon mind and then the minds of his crew in particular their leader Franck, she realises there’s a lot more going on than she first though but who is playing who?
As with all ‘Mind game’ movies you can never be really sure what’s real and what a memory/dream.
This film had=s the right balance of action and anticipation and keeps your wrong footed throughout I should say there is way too much sex and graphic violence for a ‘15’ certificate Ms Dawson is full frontal a couple of times the torture sequence is hard to watch and the talking corpse is mind blowing memorable
I loved it, Best film I’ve seen since Inception James McAvoy is perfect as Simon who hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. He’s also in another film just out ‘Welcome to the punch’ which is loads better than the ‘Sweeny Vincent Cassel as Franck, the bad guy or is he is great and a memorable performance from Rosario Dawson who was the best thing in ‘Unstoppable’ no mean feat in a Denzel Washington film
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