Brexit Bounces too

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Re: Brexit Bounces too

Post by Sarah » Fri Sep 20 2019 4:36am

I believe the Millers are independently wealthy but probably aren't the only contributors; the government of course are wasting our money trying to defend the indefensible.
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Re: Brexit Bounces too

Post by Chadwick » Fri Sep 20 2019 2:09pm

It's unfortunate that the only way to challenge wrongdoing at this level is via an expensive court case. It does put the law out of reach of most of us.
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Re: Brexit Bounces too

Post by blythburgh » Sat Sep 21 2019 10:01am

I can stilll remember a court case I read about. Will not bore you with the details but it was a story about Mr and Mrs Bloggs.

They sued The Sun.

Oh just little people who cannot afford to go to court so we will not run an apology and the true story.

Mr and Mrs Bloggs sold their house and moved into parents home which was too small for 2 more adults and children. But they managed it.

The Sun would not back down. Day before court hearing knowing the game was up settled out of court and printed apology.

On another occasion I read about another false story that the Press Complaints people ended up telling The Sun to print apology. DId so in small print and bottom of page. But in editorial they said what they had been forced to do and in large print "we still think "Joe Jones" is a liar and we stand by our story.

Other newspapers are little better. But like Mr and Mrs Bloggs you cannot afford to go to court these days. Seems often it is only the rich who can get legal aid. I can still remember the sons of Robert Maxwell getting in despite living in multi million pound houses. And vague memories of others in a similar postition getting legal aid.
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Re: Brexit Bounces too

Post by richard@imutual » Sun Sep 22 2019 3:13pm

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