I am going to do a Farage

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I am going to do a Farage

Post by blythburgh » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:20 am

Our Nige says he has been out 8 times in the last five days. Very early in the morning sometimes and never met anyone.

So I am also going to be disobedient and take the car out for a joyride. Not far but enough to keep the battery topped up. A friend lives in a town that is quite a distance from the hospitals so when she correctly assumed her husband had had a mild stroke she drove him to hospital herself. That way treatment started far sooner and no real ill affects.

If 'im indoors is taken ill I want to be able to drive him to the hospital myself.

Joyride? No really more a not stopping anywhere drive I am not going to enjoy in the usual way.
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