Picstop link inactive?

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Picstop link inactive?

Post by im177577 » Wed Apr 14 2021 3:50pm

Tried visiting Picstop, but keep getting a redirect which simply says "This link is inactive."

Same result on 3 browsers and 2 different computers.

Anyone else getting this problem?
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Re: Picstop link inactive?

Post by richard@imutual » Thu Apr 15 2021 7:08am

Should be ok now
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Re: Picstop link inactive?

Post by Beachboy » Thu Apr 15 2021 8:22am

Just for info - Bought by Many link not working at the moment either.

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Re: Picstop link inactive?

Post by kevinchess1 » Thu Apr 15 2021 9:42am

All of these have a ‘broken link ‘ icon
It looks like a slide with lipstick.
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