Should we promote Pay Day loan companies?

Should we promote Pay Day loan companies?

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Re: Should we promote Pay Day loan companies?

Post by Squire » Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:56 pm

I agree with Roger above.

Despite my due-diligence post about one payday loan merchant in particular and barge-poles not touching, etc., I voted yes to keep them for the very few that might need them and can avoid getting into trouble using them.

No promotion means no stuff like "enhanced rate of cashback if you do this by the end of the month", style of inducement.

Mention new ones in the New Merchants, not just ignore them entirely as otherwise those interested in milking the offers when they are good ones, have to keep searching for new such merchants more often than is desirable and with no guarantee of not missing a useful offer.

Same applies to the PIN number Mobile phone offers by implication, no danger of me doing any, but I would not want to stop someone that can use the offers wisely.

I mean, there may be someone that actually wants to spend £6.50 a week in a recurring payment for a lottery draw, you never know, they might even win one day.

Yeah right, I am being sarcastic not sardonic there...

So, whatever median road is taken for payday, adopt the same approach to the mobile phone dodgy offers.

There, could not resist sticking my oar in, not sure why. Oh yes, I was trying to be supportive of a fellow member and his views which seemed quite cogent and devoid of the air of smugness some posters give off when having a robust debate, or nit-picking slanging match as I tend to call it lately, I had better vanish again.
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