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Re: Feminine Lighter

Post by blythburgh » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:07 am

pabenny wrote:
William Joseph wrote:Given the cost, the anti social nature etc, I am surprised anyone wants to smoke nowadays. But some people seem intent to go to an early grave. I guess they have the right to choose that path if they so wish. As do people who want to encourage them buying gifts to facilitate the practice.
Yes, smokers do have the right to choose to smoke. But not when that harms other people around them.

As for gift-givers... would you buy alcohol for someone with a drink problem? Or fascist memorabilia for a racist?
I am guessing the lady will not or cannot give up smoking. We have a friend in Chile, her Mum had a rare lung disease and had to have oxygen for the last years of her life. Our friend now has emphysema but continues to smoke. One daughter also smokes, the other daughter and son have spent years begging her to stop smoking but to no avail.

Yes, others can suffer from 2nd hand smoke. The lady across the road died aged just 67 a few months back from lung cancer. She had never smoked in her life but her husband, children and grandchildren do. And to make matters worse for a number of years they ran a pub when smoking was legal in public places.

Her husband died of bladder cancer, a lesser known side affect of smoking.

And her neighbour also died of lung cancer but was a heavy smoker. And another near neighbour also died of bladder cancer aged 98. The joke there is he had to retire early due to poor health which had nothing to do with smoking.

Another near neighbour of ours is now in a home for the elderly due to alzheimers and she has smoked all her life but was over 90 when she moved into the home. No side affects for her.

I have never smoked and am thankful for that. 'im indoors gave up smoking in the mid 1980's but still wants a cigarette a times. He does not buy or cadge one but the desire is still there. Shows how strong a hold nicotine has over smokers and ex smokers alike.

And we should be praising underfog for wanting to give the lady something very special
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Re: Feminine Lighter

Post by AAAlphaThunder » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:44 am

blythburgh wrote:You obviously love the lady and want to show your love so why not a piece of jewellery for her? Or her favourite very expensive perfume. A spa day if she enjoys that sort of thing but if not sure do check she would feel comfortable with that sort of thing.

So many ways you can give this lovely lady something special without saying I am happy you smoke.
I'll try and find something else.
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