the ultimate cat or dog toy

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the ultimate cat or dog toy

Post by blythburgh » Thu Jul 20 2017 11:33am

I was in The Country Cat Shelter's one and only charity shop and passed on the plastic bag I had got when the milkman delivered our grocery order once a week. And I spotted the book "One Dog at a Time". I am reading through it and have got to Christmas Day in Afghanistan.

The medical orderly is in the Navy so allowed to grow a "full set" so he is dressed up as Santa Claus though with black beard. The men in the forward outpost are Marines and Gurkhas. I had to share with you this:

In the new ration packs was a can of lager for every man and the usual troop Christmas box from the military. So the tough marines and even tougher Gurkhas were lining up to sit on "Santa's" lap and get their presents.

Anyway the book led me to Pen's website:

And then to the shop there were I found the ultimate pet toy: The Good Girl laser ... girl-laser
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