HSBC to bring in single overdraft rate of 40%

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Re: HSBC to bring in single overdraft rate of 40%

Post by blythburgh » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:30 am

It sounds harsh but I believe this is instead of X amount per day and can even save some people money. I am lucky in that I have always chosen to spend within my limits. If I have not got the money in the bank to pay the credit card bill then I have never bought something I would like to have.

But sadly too many people end up with an overdraft due to paying for essentials. And all too often the overdraft charges push them over the edge into an overdraft month after month.

And I can only see the furlough scheme pushing far more into debt. Not decrying the system but when you are struggling to pay rent/mortgage, food etc every week losing 20% of your income pushes you over into debt.
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