negative interest rates

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Re: negative interest rates

Post by pabenny » Mon Mar 01 2021 9:24am

pabenny wrote:
Sat May 30 2020 10:53am
planteria wrote:
Fri May 29 2020 8:59am
i'd be prepared to bet that Gold is higher priced, in pounds, a year from now than it is today?
You're on.

The price quoted on is around GBP1400. I bet you one imutual share that it's less than that on 1 June 2021.
Update with three months remaining: This morning, gold is quoted by at GBP1,255.

That fall is almost entirely due to the strengthening of GBP against USD. The USD price is almost exactly the same today as it was on 1 June - although it has been considerably higher over the last nine months.
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Re: negative interest rates

Post by planteria » Mon Mar 01 2021 5:58pm

ah so you're winning so far. £150/oz in a whole quarter is doable though.
and you were wise to swerve my XBT 'double or quits'.. x5 from that point.

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Re: negative interest rates

Post by Sarah » Fri Mar 26 2021 1:06pm

Sarah wrote:
Wed Sep 16 2020 12:36am
New 1.2% easy access account with Skipton BS: ... onus-saver
Sadly cut to 0.65% from 17 March; the headline rate didn't last the whole introductory year! :(

It's nevertheless still a leading rate for an easy saver account.

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