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Re: Bitcoin

Post by Sarah » Thu Jun 16 2022 1:28pm

In a country that gambled on making bitcoin legal tender, their treasury is buying the dips...
The country's 2,300 bitcoins are now worth half what the government paid for them, but the finance minister has brushed off criticism, saying there is "extremely minimal fiscal risk".

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Re: Bitcoin

Post by planteria » Mon Jun 20 2022 8:54pm

Bukele's tweet was back on 9th May, and the price has dipped further since then..
but regardless, they're right to average down i suspect. and time will tell.

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Re: Bitcoin

Post by pabenny » Tue Jun 21 2022 6:12am

Chadwick wrote:
Wed Jun 15 2022 12:49pm
So Bitcoin is basically people swapping usable cash for something that doesn't really exist?
It still sounds like the emperor's new clothes to me.

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Re: Bitcoin

Post by macliam » Tue Jun 21 2022 9:15am

At least with magic beans you get a bean........
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