6% return via Tesco Christmas Saver

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Re: 6% return via Tesco Christmas Saver

Post by blythburgh » Mon Sep 21 2020 7:20am

jaytee wrote:
Sun Sep 20 2020 7:52pm
Hate to advertise the enemy, but TCB sell Top Gift Cards with cashback on purchase prices

Asda 2.5% cashback, Morrisons 2% cashback, Sainsburys 1% cashback.


Also bonuses when you claim your cashback.

Buy £100 of Morrisons Giftcards, get £2.00 cashback, claim your £2.00 cashback in Morrisons vouchers and get a 2.5% bonus, ie get a £2.05 Morrisons voucher.
Seems to be amongst the very, very few gift cards you can safely buy.
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Re: 6% return via Tesco Christmas Saver

Post by Sarah » Fri Nov 20 2020 11:22am

Iceland are doing double savings bonus 10% instead of the usual 5% from 16th-29th November 2020:
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