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PI Coin

Post by leeds » Mon Jan 18 2021 7:35pm

Anyone looking at an opportunity to get into the market with a new crypto for free while it's still available...

The Pi Network is a new Crypto coin system for mobile phones (normally this type of work uses advanced PC's or custom builds). Developed by Stanford PhDs and growing in popularity in it's Beta phases.

It's free to download the app from the App Store and start mining coins with an invitation from an existing user. The app only asks for contacts permissions if you want to invite friends to the Network and uses a low power and connection in the background to do the mining. All mining is doing is piecing together lines of script to make a block. This block verifies a transaction on the network and rewards a coin. It has nothing to do with your data or information, just using your phone processor to do some work on a network.

While this is free and still easy to mine for coins, take the opportunity and get some under your belt. This coin could be huge.... Of course it might not be, but it doesn't take any risk to find out and be rewarded if it does.

All you need to do is download the app and use the invitation code: scooby3134 to join and start mining Pi.


Please use my code to join

Do your own research to understand the step by step approach below.
https://changelly.com/blog/pi-network-p ... tep-guide/
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