DFDS Seaways: Sail now on!

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DFDS Seaways: Sail now on!

Post by michelle@imutual » Thu Nov 24 2011 2:15pm

DFDS Seaways


DFDS Seaways has been providing shipping services in the Scandinavian and North Sea region for over 130 years, and today carries 1.8 million passengers and 200,000 cars annually on routes offering service to six countries.

If you've travelled by sea to Scandinavia, Germany or Holland, it is likely you will have heard of DFDS Seaways. With seven passenger ships offering routes serving the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Holland, DFDS is the largest operator in the North Sea. DFDS offers travellers inclusive holidays, short breaks and ferry crossings. All bookable direct at great savings through the DFDS Seaways UK website.

See reward offer for DFDS Seaways

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Re: DFDS Seaways: Sail now on!

Post by kevinchess1 » Thu Nov 24 2011 3:03pm

Shold that be Sail now on :?:
Handy there bein a sale on
I'm lookin for a new sofa :?
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