QUESTION: Ambush interview or valid £75M Bonus question...?

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Re: QUESTION: Ambush interview or valid £75M Bonus question...?

Post by blythburgh » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:18 am

The media has made it clear time and time again that he got the pay bonus because of rules set in place a few years ago by the board and approved by shareholders. It is not his fault it was given the money and charity will benefit from a lot of the money.

The ones who should be held to account is not the man who got the money but the people who made the decision and then never reviewed it.

And Persimmon also does its bit for charity,often supporting by grant the smaller charity and group that finds it hard to get money.
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Re: QUESTION: Ambush interview or valid £75M Bonus question...?

Post by William Joseph1 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:22 am

pabenny wrote:Curiously we don't have similar outrage when a sportsman or entertainer is paid large sums. Nor an expectation that they will waive some of their remuneration or make large charitable donations. Some (Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd..) continue to bilk fans with high prices for tickets, repackaged product, etc.
Strangely enough, I do do feel outraged by this at all. He agreed a deal within his contract which is perfectly normal for a person of his status. (Whether that is right or wrong is another matter) The next year the government introduces an incentive for house building and Persimmon does exceptionally well. He pockets a fortune as a result. Fair enough! The morals around all this are completely separate and should that type of deal be allowed in the first place. So rather than looking at the individual, one should look at how these big businesses operate. Perhaps that should include Footballers and other sportsman as well. Morally how can it be right to have such extremes in society that the lower end have to go to Food Banks.
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