Local election canvassing has already begun

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Local election canvassing has already begun

Post by blythburgh » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:34 am

It used to be that Easter was the start of electioneering. But yesterday Labour were out in force, the lady asked if I had any problems in the local area and that the candidate for the May local elections was with the group.

I told her my pet peeve was the cars parking on the grass verges. It is happening in one place because it is quicker than driving round to the back of the small terrace. In another it is happening because the GP's surgery car park is too small so cars must park on the roadside or more often mostly on the grass verge with a bit on the road. Another place is outside a post box, the postie drives up in his van, parking more on the verge than the road. Here the rut the van has caused is so big another one next to it had to be started. Won't be long before there will be a third. This was happening further up London Road Pakefield by parents picking up children so the Council put some very small posts into the verges and solved the problem. Now cars are mostly parking in the side roads making the parents and children have a slightly longer walk to the car.

I did read the leaflet they left, a 100% General Election leaflet and can agree with most of it. But my overwhelming feeling was "great ideas but how the hell are they going to pay for all of this?" Bit like it is my intention to buy a Ferrari but I only have enough money for a Ford.
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Re: Local election canvassing has already begun

Post by Boro Boy » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:30 am

A local election but focusing on National Issues!?!

PS: On the financial issues: They wouldn't pay for it if they achieved power, we will (and our children, grandchildren etc.).
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