Kelkoo tracking

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Re: Kelkoo tracking

Post by planteria » Sat May 23, 2020 9:24 am

i'm still finding kelkoo to cap often.. though i try to click a new category/retailer each day
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Re: Kelkoo tracking

Post by blythburgh » Sat May 23, 2020 10:02 am

3 a week and 3 different places to access kelkoo from.

Richard wrote: The Kelkoo offer is back live but with some additional restrictions. Thought I would anticipate the questions by explaining...

Kelkoo rewards can only be earned by clicking through the banners which appear in one of three places:
- (when you use the search box top right)
- On category pages e.g.

The ongoing availability of this offer is dependent on us not sending large volumes of traffic which doesn't result in any sales for Kelkoo's advertisers. This is why the offer got pulled before (not just due to imutual, I should add)

As before, we are limiting rewards to one per day per member/IP address. Any tracked transactions in excess of these limits do not get added to your statement.

There is now an added restriction of "One reward per banner per week" for each member. In other words you can only earn one reward per week for clicking out to Kelkoo from a given imutual page i.e. once from the kelkoo page, once from the search results and once from each category. Any transactions in excess of these limits may initially appear on your statements as "pending" but will subsequently change to "capped"

To keep this offer going as long as possible for all members, please avoid "over-use" of the Kelkoo banners with no intention to purchase, and try to use them for purchases wherever possible (i.e. if no merchant cashback is available) :thumbup:

UPDATE: See anaylsis of your transactions using this report

Further explanation of the "per banner" restriction

You can only earn one reward per week from a given page on the imutual website. So if you do all your clickthrus from you will find that all but one of your transactions for a given week gets capped

But there are 50+ pages where the Kelkoo banner appears so by using a different one on each day of the week, you avoid getting capped. These pages are: (when you use the search box top right)
And the 50+ category pages available from the dropdown menu e.g.
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