New Sending / Receiving Money Rules [Confirmation of Payee]

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New Sending / Receiving Money Rules [Confirmation of Payee]

Post by AAAlphaThunder » Fri Jun 05 2020 3:13pm

Banks finally introduce ‘confirmation of payments’ – ie, to tell you if you’re paying the right person

When you make a bank transfer online or by phone, millions will soon be told if the name of the person you think you’re paying doesn’t match the actual name on the account in a fight against scammers, and to guard against customer errors. And while the roll-out is far from complete, you may see this on some transfers already, as we explain...
In most cases right now, if you make a payment, it usually doesn't matter if you put the name 'mickey mouse' in - it'll go to that sort code & account number. This means fraudsters are able to pose as someone else and trick you into sending them money. It is also easy to mistype account details and send money to the wrong place.

But banks are starting to introduce the long overdue 'Confirmation of Payee' system so you can check who it's really going to and stop the payment if necessary - so the onus is still on you to ensure you’re happy before completing the transfer.

Some banks have introduced this and some haven't, but it still requires both the sending and receiving bank to have the new system in place for you to get the real benefit of it.
The six major banking groups – Barclays, HSBC (incl First Direct), Lloyds (incl Halifax and Bank of Scotland), Nationwide, RBS (incl NatWest & Ulster) and Santander – technically have until 30 June to implement it for Faster Payments and Chaps payments under Payment and Services Regulator rules. However, the deadline may be moved if banks have a huge workload dealing with the financial fall-out of the coronavirus crisis.
Full Analysis: ... -of-payee/
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Re: New Sending / Receiving Money Rules [Confirmation of Payee]

Post by kevinchess1 » Fri Jun 05 2020 6:34pm

My banks have been doing ths for about a month now.
And/or saying if it's a 'Verified' account
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Re: New Sending / Receiving Money Rules [Confirmation of Payee]

Post by planteria » Sat Jun 06 2020 8:38am

yes i've been seeing it in place for some time..
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