Please read this

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Please read this

Post by blythburgh » Tue Dec 29 2020 10:42am

I felt this should be shared. It was posted on our local group which is once more in action doing shopping, get prescriptions etc for those who must shield. But sadly most areas do not have a group of organised volunteers to call on.
If you have a neighbour who is elderly or in poor health let them know you are available to help with shopping etc. And give them your name, address and phone number so they can contact you if needed.

Our helpline has just recieved a call from a 94yr old man who lives on his own, and has had no bread and milk for 2 days. In these difficult times, may I please ask if everyone could keep a special eye out for their elderly and vulnerable neighbours.
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Re: Please read this

Post by kevinchess1 » Tue Dec 29 2020 3:00pm

Yes well said bb :thumbup:
Should check on your neighbours, it's the right thing to do.
Go an 88 year old lady lives next door, on her own,
And do you know what :?: She hasn't been to check on me once :evil:

Lazy thing. hasn't taken her milk in for 3 days

Some people
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Re: Please read this

Post by AAAlphaThunder » Tue Dec 29 2020 5:59pm

Look out for everyone.
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