I Resign As [CIC Secretary]

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I Resign As [CIC Secretary]

Post by AAAlphaThunder » Fri Feb 12 2021 9:38am

Dear Fellow Members

It's been great trading, discussing and seeing some shares rollercoaster.

Following an agreement between me, my wife and my girlfriend, we feel it is in the best interests of our young kids for me, as their father, to spend more time with them. As a result of an analysis of my time, and a further analysis of time/benefit we have come to the conclusion that the position of imutual CIC Secretary is best filled by someone else.

Consequently, I resign as imutual Cashback Investment Club Secretary.

I wish my fellow members all the best.

In the short term I shall remain a member.

Kind Regards
[Secretary] imutual Cashback Investment Club

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Re: I Resign As [CIC Secretary]

Post by planteria » Fri Feb 12 2021 9:45am

your wife & girlfriend will be very pleased AAAT. all the best to all of you.
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Re: I Resign As [CIC Secretary]

Post by parchedpeas » Fri Feb 12 2021 3:52pm

Thanks for doing all you've done.

I feel the club has a big conversation to have in the near term.
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