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Re: On this day

Post by pieman » Tue May 11 2021 12:34pm

Also 40 years since the death of Bob Marley - aged only 36

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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Wed May 12 2021 11:13am

12th May 2021


International Nurses Day
May 12 is observed as International Nurses Day all around the world. This day holds great significance at a time when the nurses and the medical professionals are the frontline warriors who are tirelessly working day and night to combat the COVID-19 virus. This day is observed to commemorate nurses and to appreciate their hard work.

This day also marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale who was an English nurse, a social reformer and a statistician who founded the key pillars of modern nursing.

A selection of Birthdays

1812 Edward Lear, English landscape painter and poet (Complete Nonsense Book), born in London, England (d. 1888)
1820 Florence Nightingale, British nurse (revolutionized nursing during the Crimean War), born in Florence, Italy (d. 1910)
1845 Gabriel Fauré, French organist, composer (Requiem; Ballade), and educator (Paris Conservatoire, 1905-20), born in Pamiers, France (d. 1924)
1889 Otto Frank, German born father of Anne Frank who saw her diaries published, born in Frankfurt (d. 1980)
1903 Wilfrid Hyde-White, British actor (My Fair Lady, Peyton Place), born in Gloucestershire, England (d. 1991)
1907 Katharine Hepburn, American actress (Adam's Rib, On Golden Pond), born in Hartford, Connecticut (d. 2003)
1907 Leslie Charteris, Chinese English American detective writer (Simon Templar character in The Saint), born in Singapore (d. 1993)
1924 Tony Hancock, English comedian and actor (Hancock's Half Hour), born Birmingham, (d. 1968)
1928 Burt Bacharach, American Grammy and Academy Award winning composer ("I'll Never Fall in Love Again"; "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"; Promises, Promises"), born in Kansas City, Missouri
1928 Henry Cosby,American songwriter, musician and producer for Motown ("Tears of a Clown"; "For Once In My Life"), born in Detroit, Michigan (d. 2002)
1938 Millie Perkins, American actress (Diary of Anne Frank, Table for 5, Shooting), born in Passaic, New Jersey
1938 Susan Hampshire, English actress (Vanity Fair, Living Free), born in London, England
1942 Ian Dury, English rock musician (The Blockheads) and actor (Judge Dredd), born in Upminster, Essex (d. 2000)
1948 Steve Winwood, English singer, songwriter and musician (Spencer Davis Group - "Gimme Some Lovin'"; Traffic - "Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys"; solo - 'Higher Love"; "While You See A Chance"), born in Birmingham, England
1956 Homer Simpson, fictional character from the long running television show "The Simpsons", born in Springfield
1958 Christian Brando, son of Marlon who killed his sisters boyfriend, born in Los Angeles, (d. 2008)
1959 Ving Rhames [Irving Rameses Rhames], American actor (Mission Impossible), born in New York City
1961 Billy Duffy, British rock musician (The Cult), born in Manchester, England
1968 Catherine Tate, English actress and comedian (The Catherine Tate Show, Doctor Who), born in London, England
1980 Rishi Sunak, British politician (British Chancellor 2020-), born in Southampton, England
1981 Rami Malek, American actor (Bohemian Rhapsody), born in Los Angeles, California
1983 Domhnall Gleeson, Irish actor (Harry Potter films, The Revenant), born in Dublin, Ireland
1995 Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten, American actors (Everyone loves Raymond), born in Brownwood, Texas
2003 Madeleine McCann, English child who mysteriously disappeared on holiday in Spain in 2007, born in Leicester,

On this day in history

254 Stephan I succeeds Lucius I as Catholic Pope
919 Duke Henry of Saxony becomes King Henry I of Oostfrankischreich
1082 Battle at Mailberg: Vratislav II of Bohemia beats Leopold II of Austr
1215 English barons serve ultimatum on King John which eventually leads to the creation and signing of the Magna Carta
1328 Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and assembly of priests select Pietro Rainalducc as anti-Pope Nicolas V; consecrated in Rome by the Bishop of Venice
1459 Jodhpur, Sun City, founded by Rao Jodhpur in India
1525 Battle at Biblingen: Zwabische Union beats rebel Wurttemberg farmers
1534 German Duchy of Wurttemberg becomes Lutheran under Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg
1551 San Marcos University in Lima, Peru, opens (oldest continuously operating university in the Americas)
1588 Catholic League under duke Henri de Guise occupies Paris
1604 Spanish garrison of Aardenburg surrenders to Mauritius
1640 Uprising against Spanish king Philip IV
1689 England & Netherlands form League of Augsburg
1695 English King William III departs to Netherlands
1701 Drenthe adopts Gregorian calendar (yesterday is 4/29/1701)
1733 Maria Theresa crowned Queen of Bohemia in Prague
1776 Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, the French minister of Finance resigns
1777 1st ice cream advertisement (Philip Lenzi in the NY Gazette)
1780 American General Benjamin Lincoln surrenders Charleston to the British (Revolutionary War)
1784 Ratified copies of the Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War exchanged between US and Great Britain, in Paris
1789 Society of St Tammany is formed by Revolutionary War soldiers. It later becomes an infamous group of NYC political bosses
1789 William Wilberforce makes his first major speech on abolition in the UK House of Commons, reasoning the slave trade morally reprehensible and an issue of natural justice
1797 First Coalition: Napoleon I of France conquers Venice
1797 Nore Mutiny: British Royal Navy sailors mutiny on the Thames, England and blockade London
1821 The first major battle of the Greek War of Independence against the Turks occurs in Valtetsi
1832 Gaetano Donizetti's opera "L'elisir d'amore" premieres in Milan
1835 Charles Darwin visits the Panuncillo Copper Mine in North Chile
1862 Federal troops occupies Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1863 Battle of Raymond, Mississippi
1864 Battle of Drewry's Bluff, fought in Chesterfield County, Virginia (Peninsula Campaign), Confederate victory (US Civil War)
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania, fought near Courthouse, Virginia (Overland Campaign), inconclusive result (US Civil War)
1864 Battle of Todd's Tavern, cavalry battle fought near Todds Tavern, Virginia (Sheridan's Raid), inconclusive result (US Civil War)
1864 US Union colonel Emory Upton (24) promoted to brigadier general
1865 Last land action of Civil war at Palmito Ranch, Texas
1870 Manitoba becomes a province of Canada
1871 Segregated street cars integrated in Louisville, Kentucky
1873 Oscar II of Sweden-Norway is crowned King of Sweden
1881 Treaty of Bardo, Tunisia becomes a French protectorate
1885 Battle of Batoche: Louis Riel and the Metis defeated by Frederick Middleton, leads to collapse of Provincial Government of Saskatchewan and surrender of Riel
1888 Crouching start 1st used in track and field by Charles Sherrill of Yale
1890 First official County Cricket Championship match begins; Yorkshire beats Gloucestershire by 8 wickets at Bristol; James Cranston scores first century (101) in the competition
1891 Riot against tax increase in Paramaribo, Suriname
1894 Ludwig Englander's musical "Passing Show" premieres in NYC
1897 1800-1900 year old fossil of "girl of Yde" found in Drente, Netherlands
1897 Battle at Thessalie: Turkish army beats Greece
1898 Louisiana adopts new constitution with "grandfather clause" designed to eliminate black voters
1900 Boer attack under Sarel Eloff, about 70 killed
1900 Lord Roberts' British forces occupy Crown city during Boer War
1901 US President McKinley visits San Francisco
1902 140,000 miners of anthracite coal in Pennsylvania go out on a strike called by the United Mine Workers after the owners have refused to recognize the UMW, negotiate or submit to arbitration
1908 George Bernard Shaw's play "Getting Married" premieres in London
1908 Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B. Stubblefield
1911 American economic expert W. Morgan Schuster arrives by invitation to assume almost dictatorial power over Persia's finances; a move resented by Russia
1911 1st Inter-Empire Championships open in London
1913 English runner Harry Green runs world record marathon 2:38:16.2 in the Polytechnic Marathon in London, England
1916 James Connolly and Sean McDermott are executed following their involvement in the Easter Rising in Dublin
1919 The Transvaal British Indian Association calls a mass meeting to organise opposition to the proposed Asiatics (Land and Trading) Amendment Act; in the Act, Transvaal Indians are prohibited from owning shares in limited companies
1925 Uzbekistan & Kirgizistan become autonomous Soviet republics
1926 Airship Norge is the first vessel to fly over North Pole, lead by Roald Amundsen and piloted by Umberto Nobile
1926 Dmitri Shostakovich's 1st Symphony premieres in Leningrad
1926 General Józef Piłsudski returns to power in Poland after coup d'état against the Witos regime
1926 Hans Luther resigns for 2nd time as German Chancellor after no-confidence vote against his minority government
1926 British General Strike ends after 9 days, coal mine workers stay on strike
1928 Benito Mussolini announces moves to end women's suffrage in a speech to the Senate in Italy
1928 Second Opium Law introduced - international law to control drugs
1929 Pulitzer prize awarded to Julia Peterkin (Scarlet Sister Mary)
1930 Pulitzer prize awarded to Marc Connelly (Green Pastures)
1932 Body of kidnapped son of Aviator Charles Lindbergh is found in Hopewell, New Jersey
1934 "Cocktails For Two" by Jazz Musican Duke Ellington hits #1
1936 Ralph Vaughan Williams' opera "Poisoned Kiss" premieres in London
1937 Coronation of George VI of Great Britain (and his other realms and territories beyond the sea) at Westminster Abbey, London
1938 Arthur Honegger and Paul Claudel's oratorio "Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher" (Joan of Arc at the Stake) premieres in Basel, Switzerland
1938 Sandoz Labs begins manufacturing LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
1940 French marines occupy St Maarten
1940 German tanks conquer Moerdijk bridges, Netherlands
1940 Nazi blitzkrieg and conquest of France begins with the crossing of the Muese River
1941 Martin Bormann succeeds Rudolf Hess as Adolf Hitler's deputy
1941 British forces march into Alexandria, Egypt
1941 Konrad Zuse presents the Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automatic computer, in Berlin
1942 1,500 Jews gassed in Auschwitz
1942 David Ben-Gurion leaves Jewish state in Palestine
1942 Nazi U-boat sinks American cargo ship at mouth of Mississippi River
1942 Russia occupies Crackow, until Aug 23, 1943
1943 Axis forces in North Africa surrender
1943 British premier Winston Churchill arrives in USA
1943 German troops in Tunisia, North Africa, surrender
1944 900+ 8th US Air Force bombers attack Zwikau, Bohlen & Brux
1944 Crimea purged of Nazi troops
1944 German police arrest Dutch resistance member Gerrit van der Veen and later execute him
1948 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands abdicates due to ill health
1949 1st foreign woman ambassador received in USA (Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit of India)
1950 Darius Milhaud's opera "Bolivar" premieres in Paris
1951 1st H Bomb test, on Enewetak Atoll in the north Pacific
1952 Gaj Singh is crowned Maharaja of Jodhpur
1956 East Pakistan struck by cyclone and tidal waves
1958 "Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu" by Dicky Doo & The Don'ts hits #40
1958 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands
1958 US & Canada form North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)
1959 "Nervous Set" opens at Henry Miller's Theater NYC for 23 performances
1960 Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra television special; Elvis sings Sinatra's 1957 Cy Coleman hit "Witchcraft", and Frank performs Presley's 1956 classic "Love Me Tender"
1961 Russian Mikhail Botvinnik wins world chess championship for 3rd time
1962 Grevelingen dam closes in major project to protect the southwest of the Netherlands from flooding
1962 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1963 Bob Dylan walks out of "The Ed Sullivan Show" over a dispute about his song choice
1963 Race riot in Birmingham, Alabama
1964 Italian diplomat and politician Manlio Brosio chosen as secretary-general of NATO
1965 Israel & West Germany exchange letters beginning diplomatic relations
1967 1st quadraphonic concert by Pink Floyd at the Games for May concert in London
1967 20th Cannes Film Festival: "Blowup" directed by Michelangelo Antonioni wins the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1967 "Are You Experienced" album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience first released - one of the most influential debut albums ever
1968 "March of Poor" under Rev Abernathy reaches Washington, D.C.
1969 Pilot Ken Wallis achieves record speed for autogyros - 179 KPH
1970 Race riots in Augusta Georgia; 6 blacks killed (5 by cops)
1970 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1972 Paul McCartney & Wings release "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
1973 Dueling Tubas by Martin Mull hits #92
1975 US merchant ship Mayaguez seized by Cambodian forces
1976 20th European Cup: Bayern Munich beats Saint-Etienne 1-0 at Glasgow
1977 Emmy 4th Daytime Award presentation: "Ryan's Hope" and "Family Feud" win
1978 US Commerce Department says hurricane names will no longer be only female
1979 Tennis Legend Chris Evert's 125-match winning streak on clay comes to an end
1980 1st non-stop trans-North American balloon flight lands at Sainte-Félicité, Quebec. Maxie Anderson and son Kristian piloted the Kitty Hawk for five days.
1980 West Ham United wins the FA Cup, beating Arsenal 1-0 at Wembley Stadium; midfield playmaker Trevor Brooking scores winner with a rare header
1981 "Lena Horne: Lady, Music" opens at Nederlander NYC for 333 performances
1982 FC Barcelona of Spain win 22nd European Cup Winner's Cup against Standard Liège of Belgium 2-1
1982 Pulitzer prize awarded to John Updike (Rabbit is Rich)
1982 US Football League forms
1982 In Fatima Portugal, a Spanish Traditionalist priest who opposed Vatican II reforms and saw Pope John Paul II as a perpetrator of them, is stopped prior to his attempt to attack the Pope with a bayonet
1984 Discovery moves to Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center for mating of STS 41-D
1984 France performs nuclear test
1984 Joe Lucius scores his 13th hole-in-one on same hole
1984 South African prisoner Nelson Mandela sees his wife Winnie Mandela for the 1st time in 22 years
1984 White Horse by Laid Back hits #26
1984 World of Rivers world exposition opens in New Orleans
1985 Amy Eilberg is ordained in NY as 1st woman Conservative rabbi
1986 Fred Markham (US), unpaced & unaided by wind, is 1st to pedal 65 mph on a level course, Big Sand Flat, California
1988 "Carrie" opens at Virginia Theater NYC for 5 performances
1989 Retired British pilot Jack Mann is kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists
1991 A new cancer drug is announced which is only found in bark of a rare tree in the Pacific Northwest
1992 1st Belgian woman (Ingrid Baeyens) to ascend Mount Everest
1993 Parma of Italy win 33rd European Cup Winner's Cup against Royal Antwerp of Belgium 3-1 in London
1994 "Pulp Fiction", directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson premieres at the Cannes Film Festival (Palme d'Or 1994)
1995 Dow Jones for 5th straight day of the week sets a new record (4430.59)
1996 "Inherit the Wind" closes at Royale Theater NYC after 45 performances
1996 "Night of the Iguana" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 68 performances
1997 14 North Koreans defect to South Korea
1997 Russia & Chechnya sign peace deal after 400 years of conflict
1997 Australian Susie Maroney becomes first to swim from Cuba to Florida
1997 Tornado narrowly misses downtown Miami
1997 "It's Your Love" single released by Time McGraw and Faith Hill
1999 Sir David Steel becomes the first Presiding Officer (speaker) of the modern Scottish Parliament.
2001 46th Eurovision Song Contest: Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL for Estonia wins singing "Everybody" in Copenhagen
2001 English FA Cup Final, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (72,500): Liverpool beats Arsenal, 2-1 with Michael Owen scoring twice for the Reds
2002 Former US President Jimmy Carter arrives in Cuba for a five-day visit with Fidel Castro becoming first President of the United States, in or out of office, to visit the island since Castro's 1959 revolution.
2003 The Riyadh compound bombings, carried out by Al Qaeda, 26 killed
2003 Fifty-nine Democratic lawmakers bring the Texas Legislature to a standstill by going into hiding in a dispute over a Republican congressional redistricting plan
2006 A major rebellion occurs in São Paulo as members of criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital attack police officers and stations, eventually escalating to several prisons in Brazil leaving around 130 dead
2007 Riots in Karachi, Pakistan are started by the arrival at Karachi's airport of independently minded Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and go on to kill 48 people
2007 52nd Eurovision Song Contest: Marija Serifovic wins singing "Molitva" in Helsinki
2008 Wenchuan earthquake, measuring 7.8 in magnitude occurs in Sichuan, China, killing over 87,000, injuring 374,643 and leaving homeless between 4.8 million and 11 million people
2010 An Afriqiyah Airways Flight crashes and kills everyone but one person on board
2012 The discovery of a missing Mayan calendar piece disproves 2012 Armageddon
2013 Pope Francis canonizes the 813 martyrs of Otranto as Saints
2013 Paris Saint-Germain win the Ligue 1 French football title
2013 59th British Academy Television Awards: "The Revolution Will Be Televised" Best Comedy, "Last Tango in Halifax" Best Drama
2013 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: Tiger Woods wins his second PC, 2 strokes ahead of David Lingmerth, Jeff Maggert and Kevin Streelman
2014 Voters in Eastern Ukraine vote for self-rule in referendum
2016 Michel Temer, former vice-president, becomes Brazilian interim President after a vote to impeach Dilma Rousseff
2017 Brazil declares end to Zika national emergency as cases decrease
2017 Former One Direction singer Harry Styles releases his self-titled debut solo album
2018 63rd Eurovision song contest won by Netta from Israel in Lisbon, Portugal
2018 Insurgent group attacks the town of Muse, Myanmar, killing at least 19 people, Ta’ang National Liberation Army claim responsibility
2019 IPL Cricket Final, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad: Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run; Jasprit Bumrah 2/14 (4); Indians' 4th title
2019 Manchester City beats Brighton, 4-1 to claim back-to-back English Premier League titles with 98 points, 1 ahead of runners-up, Liverpool
2019 British TV Awards (Baftas): "Killing Eve" Jodie Comer and Benedict Cumberbatch win
2019 Gunman kill five people and a priest in a Catholic church in Dablo, Burkina Faso, before setting fire to and looting nearby buildings
2019 Cuba announced more rationing of products such as rice and beans due to US trade embargo and hoarding
2020 Russia's confirmed cases of COVID-19 reach 232,000, 2nd highest in the world, a day after President Vladimir Putin eased the country's lockdown
2020 Militants storm a hospital and a funeral in Kabul, Afghanistan, shooting an estimated 40 people dead including new mothers and their babies
2020 US coronavirus task force testifies to the Senate that the US "is not out of the woods yet" that the pandemic is not under control and risks surge in cases if reopens too soon
2020 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces a $260 million economic rescue package, worth 10% of GDP
2020 Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, draws up plans to test all 11 million residents after it records a new cluster of 6 cases

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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Thu May 13 2021 11:32am

13th May 2021

13 May (Thursday) - 16 May (Sunday) EID-UL-FITR/FEAST OF FAST BREAKING (1st Shawwal) Muslim
This is a time - once the fast of Ramadan has been completed - for making gifts to the poor. It is especially a time for new clothes, good food, and presents for children. Families get together and contact friends, especially those who live far away. The community assembles for Eid prayer and a sermon at its mosques. The traditional greeting is ‘Eid Mubarak’ – ‘a happy and blessed Eid’.

ASCENSION DAY (40th day after Easter) Christian (Western Churches)
This day commemorates the last earthly appearance of the Risen Christ, who, according to Christian belief, ascended into heaven in the presence of many witnesses.

Winston Churchill tells the House of Commons “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” in his first speech as prime minister.

A selection of birthdays

1828 Josephine Elizabeth Butler, social reformer (née Grey; 13 April 1828 – 30 December 1906) was an English feminist and social reformer in the Victorian era. She campaigned for women's suffrage, the right of women to better education, the end of coverture in British law, the abolition of child prostitution, and an end to human trafficking of young women and children into European prostitution.
1856 Peter Henry Emerson, 1st to promote photography as an independent art. Peter Henry Emerson (13 May 1856 – 12 May 1936) was a British writer and photographer. His photographs are early examples of promoting straight photography as an art form. He is known for taking photographs that displayed rural settings and for his disputes with the photographic establishment about the purpose and meaning of photography.
1866 Ottokar Eugen Novacek, composer (13 May 1866 – 3 February 1900) was an Austro-Hungarian violinist and composer of Czech descent. He is perhaps best known for his work Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion), written in 1895.
1882 Georges Braque, French cubist painter and sculptor (My bicycle) who helped develop Cubism with Pablo Picasso, born in Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise (d. 1963)
1889 Merie Earle [Ireland], American film and television character actress (The Waltons - "Maude Gormley"), born in Morrow, Ohio (d. 1984)
1907 Daphne du Maurier, English writer (Rebecca, Parasites)
1914 Joe Louis,American boxer(world heavyweight champion 1937-49),born Lafayette Alabama (d. 1981)
1926 Wallace Breem, British author (Eagle in the Snow), born in Kingston, England (d. 1990)
1937 Trevor Baylis, English inventor of the wind-up radio, born in Kilburn, London (d. 2018)
1939 Harvey Keitel, actor (Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs)
1941 Joe Brown, English musician (A Picture of You), born in Swarby, England
1944 Armistead Maupin, American author who wrote Tales of the City, a series of novels set in San Francisco.
1946 Tim Pigott-Smith, English actor (Jewel in Crown, King Charles III), born in Rugby (d. 2017)
1950 Danny Kirwan, British musician, singer and songwriter (Fleetwood Mac- "Albatross"), born in London, England (d. 2018)
1950 Stevie Wonder [Stevland Hardaway Morris], American singer-songwriter ("You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"; "Sir Duke"), born in Saginaw, Michigan
1951 Selina Scott, TV newscaster (West 57th)
1956 Richard Madeley, British TV presenter, journalist, columnist and novelist (Richard & Judy, The Wright Stuff), born in Romford, Essex
1957 Carrie Lam, Chinese politician, Chief Executive of Hong Kong (2017-), born in Hong Kong
1986 Robert Pattinson, English actor (Cedric Diggory-Harry Potter, Edward Cullen-Twilight), born London

On this day in History

535 St Agapitus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
609 Pope Boniface I turns Pantheon in Rome into a Catholic church
641 Eligius (Saint Eloy) becomes bishop of Doornik-Noyon
1106 Henry I of Limburg loses the duchy of Lower Lorraine to Godfrey of Louvain
1110 Crusaders march into Beirut causing a bloodbath
1364 Peter Coutherel banished from Leuven
1497 Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola
1559 Exhumed corpse of heretic David Jorisz burned in Basel
1568 Mary Queen of Scots is defeated at Battle of Langside
1588 King Henri III flees Paris
1607 English colonists led by John Smith make a second landing near James River in Virginia
1624 Admiral Hermites' fleet blockades Lima, Peru
1637 Cardinal Richelieu of France reputedly creates the table knife
1638 Construction of the Red Fort begins at Shahjahanabad, Mughal Empire (now Dehli, India)
1643 Battle of Grantham: English parliamentary armies beat royalists
1643 Heavy earthquake strikes Santiago Chile; kills 1/3 of population
1652 Ingen Ryuki invited to become the abbot of Sofokuji temple in Nagasaki
1654 Venetian fleet under Adm Adeler beats Turkish
1767 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's first opera "Apollo et Hyacinthus", written when he was 11 years old, premieres in Salzburg
1777 University library at Vienna opens
1779 War of Bavarian Succession ends
1787 Arthur Phillip sets sails with 11 ships of criminals to Botany Bay, Australia https://www.onthisday.com/articles/how- ... a-was-born
1830 Republic of Ecuador is founded, with Juan Jose Flores as president
1835 1st foreign embassy in Hawaii forms
1846 US declares war on Mexico, 2 months after fighting begins
1848 First performance of Finland's national anthem
1861 Queen Victoria announces Britain's position of neutrality
1861 The Great Comet of 1861 is discovered by John Tebbutt of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia
1864 -16] Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca Georgia
1865 Battle of Palmito Ranch, near Brownsville, Texas: final engagement of the American Civil War, Private John Jefferson Williams of B Company, 34th Regiment Indiana Infantry is last man killed
1874 Pope Pius IX encyclical "On Greek-Ruthenian rite"
1876 Amersfoort-Zutphen railway opens
1877 Caesar Franck's "Lesson Eolides" premieres
1878 Danvers State Lunatic Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts, opens—later serves as inspiration for Arkham Sanitorium in the work of H.P. Lovecraft, which in turn inspired Arkham Asylum of the D.C. Batman universe
1882 Toba indians kill 20 members of French expedition in Argentina
1884 Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) forms in New York
1888 Princess Isabel of Brazil signs "Lei Auréa" abolishing slavery
1890 Lord Salisbury offers Helgoland to Germany in exchange for Zanzibar, Uganda & Equatoria
1905 World heavyweight boxing champion James J. Jeffries retires undefeated after 7 title defences; returns in 1910 to be beaten by Jack Johnson
1906 Bezalel Art School opens in Jerusalem
1909 Christian National Labor Workers (CNV) party begins in Netherlands
1909 First Giro d'Italia takes place in Milan - Italian cyclist Luigi Ganna is the winner
1912 Royal Flying Corps forms in Great Britain
1913 1st four-engined aircraft built and flown (Igor Sikorsky, Russia)
1915 US Secretary of State Bryan sends a note to Germany demanding that Germany disavow the attacks on the Lusitania and make immediate reparations; however, the note is written only to 'pacify exited public opinion', according to Bryan
1916 1st observance of Indian (Native American) Day
1916 Lafayette Escadrille, an American air force unit under French command comprised of volunteers to fight for France, see first combat at the Battle of Verdun
1917 1st appearance of Mary to 3 shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal
1918 1st US airmail stamps issued (24 cents)
1923 Pulitzer prize awarded to Willa Carter for "One of Ours"
1927 "Black Friday" on Berlin Stock Exchange
1927 VVOG soccer team forms in Harderwijk
1931 Paul Doumer elected president of France
1934 Great dustbowl storm sweeps across US prairies
1936 Quiroga government takes office in Spain
1939 SS St Louis departs Hamburg with 937 Jewish fugitives
1940 British bomb factory at Breda, Netherlands
1940 Winston Churchill says "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat" in his first speech as Prime Minister to British House of Commons
1940 Dutch Queen Wilhelmina flees to England
1940 German breakthrough at Grebbelinie
1941 Martin Bormann is named head of Nazi Chancellery in Germany
1941 Trial against resistance fighter comte d'Estienne d'Orves begins. Henri Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves (3 June 1901 - 29 August 1941) was a French Navy officer, said to be the "first martyr of Free France", and one of the major heroes of the French Resistance.
1941 Willy Lewis' US jazz band performs in Switzerland
1942 Helicopter makes its 1st cross-country flight
1943 German & Italian forces in Africa surrender
1943 German occupiers attempt to confiscate all radios in the Netherlands
1945 US troops conquer Dakeshi Okinawa
1946 Sarwate & Banerjee add 249 for 10th wkt for Indians v Surrey
1946 US sentences 58 camp guards of Mauthausen concentration camp to death
1946 Winston Churchill welcomed in Rotterdam
1949 1st British-produced jet bomber, the Canberra, makes its 1st test flight
1950 Diner's Club issues its 1st credit cards
1950 First ever race of the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship is run at Silverstone, England and won by Giuseppe Farina of italy in an Alfa Romeo
1952 Jawaharlal Nehru becomes premier of India
1952 The Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India, holds its first sitting
1954 "Pajama Game" opens at St James Theater NYC for 1063 performances
1954 Labour Party wins British municipal elections
1954 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1954 Chinese Middle School students in Singapore take part in anti-National Service riots
1958 French settlers riot against French army in Algeria
1958 Jordan & Iraq form Arab Federation
1958 Pierre Pflimlin forms French government
1958 The motorcade carrying US Vice President Richard Nixon is attacked in Caracas, Venezuela; several of Nixon's staff are injured
1958 The trade mark Velcro is registered
1960 1st launch of Delta satellite launching vehicle; it failed
1962 LPGA Western Open Women's Golf, Montgomery CC: Mickey Wright wins on the 4th hole of a sudden-death playoff with Mary Lena Faulk
1965 Rolling Stones record "Satisfaction"
1965 Several Arab nations break ties with West Germany after it established diplomatic relations with Israel
1966 The Rolling Stones release "Paint it Black" in the UK
1966 US Federal education funding is denied to 12 school districts in the South because of violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
1967 Octagonal boxing ring is tested to avoid corner injuries
1968 1,000,000 French demonstrate against Charles de Gaulle & Georges Pompidou
1969 Race riots, later known as the May 13 Incident, take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1970 Beatles movie "Let it Be" premieres
1971 Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane seriously injured in a car accident
1972 115 die in nightclub atop 7-story Sennichi department store (Osaka Japan)
1972 Battle at Springmartin: following a loyalist car bombing of a Catholic-owned pub in the Ballymurphy area of Belfast, clashes erupt between PIRA, UVF and British Army
1973 "Cyrano" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 49 performances
1975 "Rodgers & Hart" opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 108 performances
1975 Hail stones as large as tennis balls hit Wernerville, Tennessee
1978 "Angel" closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 5 performances
1978 Musical "Runaways" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 199 performances, with Elizabeth Swados
1978 Henry Rono of Kenya sets record for 3,000 m steeplechase (8:05.4)
1978 Joie Chitwood drives a Chevette 5.6 miles on just 2 wheels
1979 "Utter Glory... Morrissey Hall" opens & closes at Mark Hellinger NYC
1979 Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and family sentenced to death in Tehran
1981 Dinamo Tbilisi wins 21st European Cup Winner's Cup against Carl Zeiss Jena of East Germany 2-1 in Düsseldorf
1981 Pope John Paul II is shot and critically wounded by Turkish gunman Mehemet Ali Agca in St Peter's Square, Vatican City
1982 Braniff Airlines files for bankruptcy
1982 Soyuz T-5 is launched-Berezovoi & Lebedev for 211 days in space
1984 "Oliver!" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 17 performances
1984 Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff''s last competitive match
1985 Philadelphia police attack a house held by group "Move", 11 killed
1987 Ajax of the Netherlands win 27th European Cup Winner's Cup against Lokomotive Leipzig 1-0 of East Germany in Athens
1989 Approx 2,000 students begin hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, China
1989 Trinidad & Tobago ties US 1-1, in 3rd round of 1990 world soccer cup
1990 "Change in the Heir" closes at Edison Theater NYC after 16 performances
1991 "Michael Jackson: Magic & Madness" goes on sale
1991 Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0
1992 3 astronauts simultaneous walked in space for the 1st time
1992 Li Hongzhi gave the first public lecture on Falun Gong in Changchun, People's Republic of China.
1993 6th annual business person run held in Wall Street
1993 Comedian and TV Host Arsenio Hall's 1,000th show retrospective seen in Netherlands
1993 CBS' soap opera "Knots Landing" ends 14 year-run with 334th show in Netherlands and US
1993 Methane gas explosion in Secunda coal mine South-Africa, kills 50
1995 6.5 earthquake hits Greece
1995 Team New Zealand beats Team Dennis Conner 5-0 to win the America's Cup for the first time
1995 40th Eurovision Song Contest: Secret Garden for Norway wins singing "Nocturne" in Dublin
Appears on tv show
1996 O.J. Simpson appears on British TV discussing his not guilty verdict
1996 Severe thunderstorms and a tornado in Bangladesh kill 600 people.
1998 Race riots break out in Jakarta, Indonesia, where shops owned by Indonesians of Chinese descent are looted and women raped
1998 India carries out two nuclear tests at Pokhran, in addition to the three conducted on May 11. The United States and Japan impose economic sanctions on India.
1998 Chelsea of England win 38th European Cup Winner's Cup against Stuttgart of Germany 1-0 in Stockholm
1999 Carlo Azeglio Ciampi is elected 10th President of Italy
2000 In Enschede, the Netherlands, a fireworks factory explodes, killing 22 people, wounding 950, and resulting in approximately €450 million in damage
2000 45th Eurovision Song Contest: Olsen Brothers for Denmark wins singing "Fly on the Wings of Love" in Stockholm
2001 Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing "House of Freedoms" coalition wins the Italian general election
2001 47th British Academy Television Awards: "Da Ali G Show" Best Comedy, "Clocking Off" Best Drama
2004 The final episode of "Frasier" on NBC is watched by 33 million people
2005 The Andijan Massacre occurs in Uzbekistan.
2006 English FA Cup Final, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (71,140): Liverpool beats West Ham United, 3-1 on penalties after 3–3 (a.e.t.); Reds 7th title
2007 Construction of the Calafat-Vidin Bridge between Romania and Bulgaria begins.
2007 5th Republic protest in support of state secularism held in İzmir, Turkey
2007 At 16 years, 65 days Matthew Briggs debuts for Fulham in a 3-1 defeat at Middlesbrough; youngest player to appear in an English Premier League match
2007 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: American Phil Mickelson wins by 2 strokes ahead of runner-up Sergio García of Spain; event played in May for the first time
2011 Portugal slips into double-dip recession after the economy contracts by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2011, with a 0.6% contraction in the last quarter of 2010, it is reported today
2011 Romania officially leaves the recession after 2 years following economic growth of an annualised 1.6% in the first quarter
2012 49 dismembered bodies are found on a Mexican highway as part of the Mexican drug war
2012 Torrential rain in Hunan Province, China, destroys a bridge, 3,500 homes and displaces 28,000 people
2012 Manchester City beats QPR 3-2 at City of Manchester Stadium to win English Premier League title on goal difference from Manchester United; Citizens recover from 2–1 down with 2 stoppage-time goals; first EPL title decided on goal difference
2012 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: Matt Kuchar wins by 2 strokes ahead of Ricky Fowler, Zach Johnson, Martin Laird and Ben Curtis
2013 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield departs the International Space Station to return to Earth
2014 Unidentified shipwreck is discovered off the northern coast of Haiti by marine archaeologist Barry Clifford
2014 301 miners are killed by an underground explosion and mine fire in Soma Mine, Manisa, Turkey
2017 62nd Eurovision Song Contest: Portugal's Salvador Sobral wins singing "Amar Pelos Dois"
2017 Bus plunges off cliff near Marmaris, Turkey, killing at least 23, injuring 11
2017 22 year old UK blogger halts spread of global ransomware cyber-attack by accidentally identifying "kill switch"
2018 Family of six carry out 3 church bombings in Surabaya, Indonesia, killing at least 13. Islamic State claims responsibility.
2018 China's first domestically built aircraft carrier begins sea trials in Dalian, China
2018 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: American Webb Simpson wins by 4 strokes from Xander Schauffele, Charl Schwartzel and Jimmy Walker
2018 Arsène Wenger guides Arsenal to a 1-0 win at Huddersfield in his final game as Gunners manager after 22 years in charge
2018 Manchester City ends the EPL season with a 1-0 win at Southampton having smashed 11 Premier League records including biggest title winning margin (19 points) and most points (100)
2018 Liverpool's Egyptian soccer forward Mohamed Salah scores in a 4-0 win against Brighton to set the EPL goal scoring record (32) for a 38-game season
2019 Sri Lanka imposes a nationwide curfew from 9pm to 4am to curb violence against Muslims after the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks
2019 New study on the moon shows it is still shrinking with recent moonquakes as it cools, published in journal "Nature Geoscience"
2019 Former President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir is charged in connection with the deaths of protesters the previous month
2019 China retaliates against the US as their trade war escalates, raising tariffs on $60 billion worth of goods affecting over 4,000 items
2019 Diary of Dutch statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt's last days rediscovered and displayed for the 400th anniversary of his execution
2019 The Tradition Senior Men's Golf, Greystone G &CC: Steve Stricker wins his first career major title by 6 strokes ahead of Billy Andrade, Paul Goydos & David Toms
2020 Every African country now has cases of COVID-19 as Lesotho becomes the last county on the continent to record a case

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On this day

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14th May 2021

1796 English country doctor Edward Jenner administers the first inoculation against smallpox, using cowpox pus, in Gloucestershire

A Selection of Birthdays

1707 Antonio Teixeira, Portuguese composer, born in Lisbon, Portugal (d. after 1769)
1725 Ludovico Manin, Venetian politician, last Doge of Venice (1789-97), born in Venice, Republic of Venice (d. 1802)
1727 Thomas Gainsborough, English painter (Blue Boy), baptized
1841 Sir Squire Bancroft [Butterfield], British actor and manager known for creating 'drawing-room comedy' (Haymarket), born in Rotherhithe, London (d. 1926)
1868 Magnus Hirschfeld, German physician and gay rights advocate, born in Kolberg, Prussia (d. 1935)
1888 Miles Mander, British actor (Tower of London, Wuthering Heights, Murder!), born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England (d. 1946)
1904 Hans Albert Einstein, American professor (d. 1973)
1922 Richard Deacon, American actor (Dick Van Dyke Show), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1984)
1923 Diane Arbus [Nemerov], American photographer (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar), born in NYC, New York (d. 1971)
1924 Sonia d’Artois, British Canadian WWII resistance agent, born in Eastchurch, Kent (d. 2014)
1926 Eric Morecambe [John Bartholomew], British comedian (Morecambe & Wise, Picadilly Palace), born in Morecambe, Lancashire (d. 1984)
1929 Henry McGee, British actor and comedian (No, That's Me Over Here!, The Benny Hill Show), born in South Kensington, London (d. 2006)
1940 Chay Blyth, English sailor (Alone in Order to the World)
1948 Bob Woolmer, English cricket all-rounder, coach (19 Tests, coach Pakistan, South Africa), born in Kanpur, India (d. 2007)
1952 David Byrne, Dumbarton Scotland, rock guitarist/singer (Talking Heads-Burning Down the House)
1961 Tim Roth, actor (Reservoir Dogs, Vincent & Theo), born in London, England
1962 Ian Astbury, Merseyside, rock vocalist (Cult-Fire Woman)
1969 Cate Blanchett, Australian actress (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Lord of the Rings), born in Melbourne, Victoria
1976 Martine Kimberley Sherrie McCutcheon (born Martine Kimberley Sherrie Ponting,) is an English singer, television personality and actress. She appeared in television commercials at an early age & made her television debut in the children's television drama Bluebirds 1989. In the early 1990s, she had minor success as one third of the pop group Milan, but it was her role as Tiffany Mitchell in the BBC's soap opera EastEnders & her role in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually that brought her stardom.
1984 Mark Zuckerberg, American internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Facebook, born in White Plains, New York

On this day in History

649 Theodore I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1027 Robert II of France names his son Henry I as junior King of the Franks
1264 Battle of Lewes, 2nd Barons' War: Simon de Montfort the younger, Earl of Leicester, defeats English
1483 Coronation of Charles VIII of France ("Charles the Affable")
1509 Battle of Agnadello, French forces under Louis XII defeat the Venetians in Northern Italy
1576 Dutch Council of State replaced by Council of Beroerten
1607 English colonists establish the 1st permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown. Unknown to them they have landed amidst the worst drought in 800 years.
1608 The Protestant Union is founded in Auhausen.
1610 Henry IV of France is assassinated by fanatical Catholic François Ravaillac who stabs him to death in the streets of Paris
1638 Admiral Adam Westerwolt conquers Batticaloa, Ceylon
1643 Louis XIV becomes King of France aged 4 (The Sun King)
1664 Turkish Grand Vizier Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed attacks 120,000 Donau soldiers
1702 England & Netherlands declare war on France & Spain
1702 Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Warsaw
1747 A British fleet under Admiral George Anson defeats the French at first battle of Cape Finisterre.
1767 British government disbands Americans import duty on tea
1787 Delegates gather in Philadelphia to draw up US constitution
1796 English country doctor Edward Jenner administers the first inoculation against smallpox, using cowpox pus, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire
1800 Friedrich von Schiller's "Macbeth" premieres in Weimar
1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's expedition commissioned by Thomas Jefferson sets out from St Louis for Pacific Coast
1811 Paraguay gains independence from Spain (National Day)
1832 Felix Mendelssohn's concert overture "Hebrides" premieres in London
1842 Illustrated London News; the world's first illustrated weekly newspaper, begins publication
1845 Utrecht-Arnhem Railway opens
1853 Gail Borden, land surveyor, newspaper publisher and inventor, patents his process for condensed milk
1861 The Canellas meteorite, an 859-gram chondrite-type meteorite, strikes the earth near Barcelona, Spain
1862 Adolphe Nicole of Switzerland patents chronograph
1863 American Civil War: The Battle of Jackson, Mississippi takes place
1868 Japanese Boshin War: end of the Battle of Utsunomiya Castle, former Shogunate forces withdraw northward to Aizu by way of Nikkō
1878 Vaseline is granted a patent (U.S. Patent 127,568)
1879 The first group of 463 Indian indentured labourers arrive in Fiji aboard the Leonidas
1884 Anti-Monopoly party forms in US
1889 The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is launched in London
1896 Lowest US temperature in May recorded (-10°F /-23°C at Climax, Colorado)
1897 Great Britain signs treaty with Emperor Menelik II of Abyssinia
1903 President Theodore Roosevelt visits San Francisco
1907 Sweden adopts universal suffrage for elections to its lower house and proportional representation for both houses
1908 1st passenger flight in an airplane
1910 Canada authorizes issuing of silver dollar coins
1913 Frans Hals museum opens in Haarlem, Netherlands
1919 Pope Benedictus XV publishes encyclical In hac tanta
1921 Florence Allen is 1st woman judge to sentence a man to death in Ohio
1921 Mussolini's fascists obtain 29 parliamentary seats in Italian elections
1925 Virginia Woolf's novel "Mrs Dalloway" is published by The Hogarth Press
1927 "Ain't She Sweet?" hits #1 on the singles chart by Ben Bernie
1927 Cap Arcona is launched at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg
1931 Ådalen shootings: five people are killed in Ådalen, Sweden, as soldiers open fire on an unarmed trade union demonstration
1935 Plebiscite in the Philippines ratifies independence agreement
1935 Northamptonshire County Cricket Club gains (over Somerset at Taunton by 48 runs) what proved to be their last victory for 99 matches, a record in the County Championship. Their next Championship win was not until May 29, 1939.
1938 England soccer team beats Nazi-Germany, 6-3
1938 "The Adventures of Robin Hood", directed by Michael Curtiz, William Keighley and starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland is released
1939 Lina Medina of Peru becomes the world's youngest confirmed mother in medical history at the age of five
1940 British Local Defence Volunteers forms, an armed citizen militia designed to support the British Army during the Second World War. It is later renamed the Home Guard.
1940 Admiral Johannes Furstner, Royal Dutch Navy, departs to England
1940 German breakthrough at Sedan
1940 Lord Beaverbrook appointed British minister of aircraft production
1940 Nazis bomb Rotterdam (600-900 dead), Netherlands surrenders to Germany
1941 3,600 Parisian Jews arrested
1942 US Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) forms
1943 Sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur off the coast of Queensland, by a Japanese submarine
1944 91 German bombers harass Bristol
1944 British troops occupy Kohima
1944 General Rommel, Speidel & von Stulpnagel attempt to assassinate Hitler
1945 Kamikaze Zero strikes US aircraft carrier Enterprise
1945 US offensive on Okinawa, Sugar Loaf conquered
1945 Physician Joseph G. Hamilton injects misdiagnosed cancer patient Albert Stevens (CAL-1) with 131 kBq (3.55 µCi) of plutonium without his knowledge. Stevens lives another 20 years, surviving the highest known accumulated radiation dose in any human
1946 Paul Hindemith's "For Those We Love" premieres
1948 Israel declares independence from British administration
1948 Jordan's Arab League captures Atarot, north of Jerusalem
1948 US grants Israel de facto recognition
1948 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1948 Golda Meir (Meyerson) is one of the signatories of Israel’s independence declaration
1949 "Love Life" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 252 performances
1949 US President Harry Truman signs bill establishing a rocket test range at Cape Canaveral
1951 Sammy Fain and Yip Harburg's musical "Flahooley" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 40 performances
1954 Belgium shortens military conscription from 20 to 18 months
1955 US performs nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
1955 Warsaw Pact is signed by the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland & Romania
1957 "New Girl in Town" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 432 performances
1960 "At the Drop of a Hat" closes at John Golden NYC after 216 performances
1960 USSR launch 1st (unmanned) space capsule
1960 Virgil Thomson's "Missa Pro Defunctis" premieres in Potsdam, NY
1961 Bus with 1st group of Freedom Riders bombed & burned in Alabama
1961 Stirling Moss wins the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix
1962 Ex-president of Yugoslavia Milovan Djilas sentenced to 5 years in jail
1962 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1962 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan elected second President of India
1963 Kuwait is 111th member of the United Nations
1964 17th Cannes Film Festival: "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" directed by Jacques Demy wins the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1965 2nd Chinese atom bomb explodes
1965 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966 A Lover's Concerto by Mrs Miller hits #95
1968 Beatles announce formation of Apple Corp
1968 Czech government announces liberalizing reforms under Alexander Dubček
1968 Red Army Faction leader Andreas Baader sentenced to 3 years in West Berlin
1969 Abortion & contraception legalized in Canada
1969 Last Chevrolet Corvair built
1970 Cops kill 2 students in racial disturbance (Jackson State U, Miss)
1970 Red Army Faction leader Andreas Baader freed after serving 2 years in West Berlin
1970 The Red Army Faction is established in Germany.
1972 24th Emmy Awards: "in the Family", Carrol O'Conner & Jean Stapleton win
1972 14th Grammy Awards: It's Too Late, Carly Simon wins
1972 A 13 year old Catholic girl is shot dead by Loyalist paramilitaries in Ballymurphy, Belfast
1973 Gold hits record $102.50 an ounce in London
1973 Skylab launched, 1st Space Station
1973 US Supreme court approves equal rights to females in military
1973 French film "Day for Night" written and directed by François Truffaut, starring Jacqueline Bisset and Jean-Pierre Léaud premieres at Cannes (Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film)
1974 Underground America Day is 1st observed to honor the 6,000 Americans that make their homes in the Earth
1975 Dynamo Kyiv of the Soviet Union win 15th European Cup Winner's Cup over Ferencvár osi TC of Hungary 3-0
1975 French press reports massive deportation from Cambodia
1975 US forces raid Cambodian island of Koh Tang to free Mayaguez ship
1975 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1975 Cult feminist film "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" written and directed by Chantal Ackerman and starring Delphine Seyrig premieres at Cannes
1976 Oil tanker Urqui Ola explodes off Spanish coast
1977 English football international Bobby Moore retires
1977 Netherlands State Delta Kappa Gamma Society forms
1978 "Working" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 25 performances
1978 First round of the presidential elections in Upper Volta
1979 "Kids Are All Right" rockumentary film featuring The Who premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
1979 "Stalker", Russian film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, starring Alexander Kaidanovsky and Anatoli Solonitsyn, is released
1980 "Musical Chairs" opens at Rialto Theater NYC for 15 performances
1980 Valencia of Spain wins 20th European Cup Winner's Cup against Arsenal of England 5-4 on penalties in Brussels
1981 NASA launches space vehicle S-192
1982 Guinea adopts constitution
1983 "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby hits #5
1983 Rosa Mota runs female world record 20k (1:06:55.5)
1984 19th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alabama, Lee Greenwood, and Janie Fricke win
1986 Netherlands Institute for War Documentation publishes Anne Frank's complete diary
1986 Pride of Baltimore lost at sea.
1987 "Little Shop of Horrors" is released in Germany
1987 Colt revolver (Peacemaker) of 1873 sells for $242,000
1988 "Mail" closes at Music Box Theater NYC after 36 performances
1988 Carrollton bus collision: a drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 71 near Carrollton, Kentucky, United States hits a converted school bus carrying a church youth group. The crash and ensuing fire kill 27.
1989 1st Tour de Trump bicycle race run (Atlanta)
1989 Demonstration for democratic reforms in Beijing's Tiananmen square
1990 Dow Jones average hits a record 2,821.53
1991 42 die in a train collision in Japan
1991 World's Largest Burrito created at 1,126 lbs
1991 Winnie Mandela sentenced to 6 years for complicity in kidnapping & beating of four youths, one of whom died, She is freed pending appeal
1994 FA Cup Final: Manchester United defeat Chelsea 4-0 at Wembley Stadium, London
1995 "My Thing of Love" closes at Beck Theater NYC after 16 performances
1995 LPGA Championship Women's Golf, DuPont CC: Kelly Robbins wins her only major title by 1 stroke from defending champion Laura Davies of England
1995 Dalai Lama proclaims 6-year-old Gedhun Choekyi Nyima 11th reincarnation of Panchen Lama, Tibet's 2nd most senior spiritual leader
1995 At 43 years, 162 days Manchester City goalkeeper John Burridge becomes the oldest player to appear in an EPL match, a 3-2 home defeat to Queens Park Rangers
1997 FC Barcelona of Spain win 37th European Cup Winner's Cup against Paris Saint-Germain of France 1-0 in Rotterdam
2000 46th British Academy Television Awards: "The League of Gentlemen" Best Comedy, "The Cops" Best Drama
2000 "Yi Yi" Taiwanese film by Edward Yang debuts at Cannes
2002 Ten members of the Darwin-based Network Against Prohibition invade the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory of Australia.
2002 Laureus World Sports Awards, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco: Sportsman: Michael Schumacher; Sportswoman: Jennifer Capriati; Team: Australian Men's National Cricket team
2004 The Constitutional Court of South Korea overturns the impeachment of President Roh Moo-hyun
2005 Pope Benedict XVI observes his first beatification, elevating Blessed Marianne of Molokai on the road to canonization into sainthood
2005 Former USS America (CV-66), a decommissioned supercarrier of the US Navy, deliberately sunk in the Atlantic Ocean after four weeks of live-fire exercises. Largest ship ever to be disposed of as a target in a military exercise.
2006 René Préval sworn in as President of Haiti for the second time
2010 The 51,700 seat Aviva Stadium is officially opened on the site of the famous old Lansdowne Road Stadium in Dublin by Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowan
2011 56th Eurovision Song Contest: Ell & Nikki for Azerbaijan wins singing "Running Scared" in Dusseldorf
2011 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (88,643): Manchester City beats Stoke City, 1-0; Yaya Touré scores 74' winner; Citizens' 5th title
2012 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons agree to end mass hunger strike
2012 Stanford University scientists develop prototype bionic eye
2013 Brazil becomes the 15th country to legalize same-sex marriage
2013 Dan Brown's fourth novel starring Robert Langdon (The Da Vinci Code), titled "Inferno", is released and instantly becomes a bestseller
2013 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel "Americanah" is published
2016 61st Eurovision Song Contest: Ukraine's Jamala wins singing "1944"
2016 Gabriel Medina becomes the first surfer ever to land the move "Backflip" in competition
2018 Successful memory transfer in snails achieved by scientists from University of California published in journal "eNeuro"
2018 Melania Trump, wife of US President Donald Trump, is treated in hospital for a benign kidney condition
2018 Indian politician Shashi Tharoor is charged by police with driving his wife to commit suicide
2018 Chinese mountain climber and double amputee Xia Boyu reaches the summit of Mt Everest
2018 Arsenal finish EPL season in 6th place on 63 points; fail to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for the first time since 1997
2019 Wikipedia confirms China has banned all versions of its site
2019 San Francisco is the first city to vote to ban use of facial recognition
2019 Steve Bullock, US Governor of Montana announces his run for Presidential office
2019 Huge protests closes schools in Kashmir after the rape of a three-year-old girl
2020 Former pandemic agency head Rick Bright testifies to a US House Committee "without better planning, 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history"
2020 Global death toll from COVID-19 passes 300,000 with 4.4 million confirmed infections

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On this day

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15th May 2021

International Day of Living Together in Peace
The UN General-Assembly, in its resolution 72/130, declared 16 May the International Day of Living Together in Peace, as a means of regularly mobilizing the efforts of the international community to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity.

A Selection of Birthdays

1565 Henrick de Keyser, architect/master builder of Amsterdam
1567 Claudio Monteverdi, Italian composer and pioneer in development of opera (L'Orfeo, espro della Beata Vergine), baptised in Cremona, Italy (d. 1643)
1845 Ilya Mechnikov, Russian zoologist and bacteriologist known as the "father of natural immunity" (Nobel 1908), born in Ivanovka, Kharkov Governorate, Russian Empire
1857 Williamina Fleming, Scottish-born astronomer (d. 1911)
1859 Pierre Curie, French physicist (Nobel 1903) & husband of Marie Curie, born Paris, (d. 1906)
1895 Charles Lamont, director (Abbott & Costello Go to Mars), born in San Francisco, California
1905 Joseph Cotten, American actor (Citizen Kane, The Third Man, Airport 77, Hearse), born in Petersburg, Virginia (d. 1994)
1909 James Mason, British actor (Lolita, North by Northwest, Bloodline, Boys From Brazil), born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire (d. 1984)
1910 Constance Cummings, American-British Tony Award winning stage (Wings; Long Day's Journey Into Night), and screen (Blithe Spirit; Glamour) actress, born in Seattle, Washington (d. 2005)
1926 Peter Shaffer, English playwright(Equus, Amadeus),twin brother to Anthony,born Liverpool (d. 2016)
1929 David Healy, American actor (Supergirl, Doomsday Gun, Patton), born in NYC, New York (d. 1995)
1929 Frank Evans Heart, American computer engineer (worked on first routing computer for ARPANET, the Internet's predecessor), born in the Bronx, New York (d. 2018)
1935 Gordon Mills, British songwriter (Tom Jones - "It's Not Unusual"), born in Madras, India (d. 1986)
1944 Ian "Tich" Amey, British rock musician (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich), born in Salisbury.
1950 Nicholas Hammond, American actor (The Amazing Spider-Man), born in Washington, D.C.
1952 David Brandon, American businessman (Toys "R" Us, Domino's Pizza), born in Dearborn, Michigan
1953 Mike Oldfield, British musician and composer (Tubular Bells), born in Reading, Berkshire
1970 Nicola Walker, English actress (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Last Tango in Halifax), born in London
1974 Ahmet Rodan Zappa, son of Frank/rocker (Z, 2 Hip 4 TV)
1981 Zara Phillips, English daughter of Princess Anne, born in London
1987 Andy Murray, British tennis player (Olympic gold 2012, 16; Wimbledon 2013, 16), born in Glasgow, Scotland

On this day in History

756 Abd-al-Rahman I becomes emir of Cordova, Spain
884 Marinus I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1004 Henry II the Saint crowned King of Italy
1213 King John of England names Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury
1252 Pope Innocent IV issues the papal bull ad exstirpanda, which authorizes, but also limits, the torture of heretics in the Medieval Inquisition
1492 Cheese & Bread rebellion: German mercenaries kill 232 residents of Alkmaar, Netherlands
1514 Jodocus Badius Ascensius publishes Christiern Pedersen's Latin version of Saxo's Gesta Danorum, the oldest known version
1525 The battle of Frankenhausen: German peasant army surrounded, 5,000 slaughtered ; ends the peasants' uprising
1536 Anne Boleyn and her brother George, Lord Rochford, accused of adultery and incest (She is beheaded after a four day show trial)
1572 Louis van Nassau & huguenots occupy Valenciennes
1602 Cape Cod discovered by English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold
1610 Parliament of Paris appoints Louis XIII (8) as French King
1618 German astronomer Johannes Kepler discovers the third of his three planetary laws his "harmonics law"
1625 16 rebellious farmers hanged in Vocklamarkt, Upper-Austria
1648 Treaty of Munster ratified by Spain & Netherlands
1665 Pope Alexander VII appoints committee to investigate Jansenism (a Christian movement of the 17th and 18th centuries, based on Jansen's writings and characterized by moral rigour and asceticism.)
1672 1st copyright law enacted by Massachusetts
1701 The War of the Spanish Succession begins
1711 Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Criticism" is published anonymously
1718 James Puckle, a London lawyer, patents world's 1st machine gun
1791 Maximilien Robespierre proposes the self-denying ordinance, making it so that no deputy who sat in the Constituent Assembly could sit in the succeeding Assembly
1793 Diego Marín Aguilera flies a glider for "about 360 metres", at a height of 5-6 metres, one of the first attempted flights
1796 France & Sardinia sign Peace treaty of Paris
1796 First Coalition: Napoleon enters Milan in triumph with French troops
1800 King George III survives a second assassination attempt
1800 Pope Pius VII calls on French bishops to return to Gospel principles
1817 Ambonese uprising against Dutch authority (modern Indonesia), under Thomas Matulesia (aka Kapitan Pattimura)
1817 First private mental health hospital opens in the US, Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason (now Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1829 Joseph Smith (Religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement) ordained by John the Baptist according to Joseph Smith
1836 Francis Baily observes "Baily's Beads" during annular solar eclipse
1851 King Mongkut [Rama IV or Phra Chomklao Chaoyuhua] crowned in Siam (Thailand)
1858 Royal Italian Opera opens in Covent Garden, London
1862 -May 17] Battle of Princeton West Virginia
1862 Battle of Drewry's Bluff (Fort Darling), Virginia
1862 Confederate ship Alabama launched as the Enrica at Birkenhead, England, where she had been built in secret
1862 Major Gen Benjamin F Butler issues order (New Orleans) that confederate women abusing union soldiers be treated as whores
1863 Salon des Refusés opens in Paris, exhibition of works rejected by official Salon, features Paul Cézanne, Camille Pissarro, Henri Fantin-Latour, James Whistler, and Édouard Manet
1864 Battle of New Market, Virginia
1864 Skirmish at Marksville (Avoyelles) (Red River Campaign)
1868 Dutch government of Zuylen van Nijevelt falls
1869 National Woman Suffrage Association forms in New York, founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
1882 May Laws-Tsar Alexander III bans Jews from living in rural Romania
1883 Italy signs military treaty with Austria-Hungary & Germany
1885 Canadian Métis insurgent Louis Reil captured in the aftermath of the Battle of Batoche in Saskatchewan
1891 British Central African Protectorate (now Malawi) forms
1891 Jules Massenet's opera "Grisélidis" premieres in Paris
1891 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Rerum novarum
1896 Tornado kills 78 in Texas
1897 The Greek army retreats with heavy losses in the Greco-Turkish War.
1897 The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee is founded in Berlin by Magnus Hirschfeld, the first-ever LGBT rights organization
1902 Lyman Gilmore is 1st person to fly a powered craft
1902 "Bailundo Revolt" begins after Ovimbundu kingdom & allies revolt against Portuguese Empire in Benguela Highlands, central Portuguese Angola
1905 Las Vegas founded in Nevada
1908 Reich Association Law comes into force
1910 The last time a major earthquake happened on the Elsinore Fault Zone
1911 British House of Commons accept Parliament Bill
1911 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Indiana University, incorporates
1911 Supreme Court dissolves Standard Oil (Sherman Antitrust Act)
1911 The Georgios Averof cruiser is bought by Greece
1914 Henri Rabaud's opera "Marouf, savetier de Caire" premieres in Paris
1914 Bolivia becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
1914 US Colonel Edward House sails for Europe to persuade major powers to reduce armies & navies; from Germany,House reports:'Everybody's nerves are tense;only needs a spark to set the whole thing off'
1916 Asiago, Italy, falls when Austrian troops attack the Italian front
1916 Claiming that the USA must act to quell dangerous disorder, the government orders US Marines to land in Santo Domingo; the American occupation will continue until 1924
1917 The first officer's training camp is opened in the US, as the country prepares for war
1918 1st regular US airmail postal service between NY, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C.
1918 Greeks troops land at Smyrna
1918 The Finnish Civil War ends
1921 British Legion formed to care for ex-servicemen
1922 Germany turns over the Upper Silesia region to Poland under Allied pressure and despite a plebiscite in favor of merging with Germany
1923 Cooperation of Dutch Molen forms
1928 Mickey Mouse makes his 1st ever appearance in silent film "Plane Crazy"
1929 Fire in X-ray film stock kills 125 at Crile Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio)
1930 Ellen Church becomes 1st female airline stewardess aboard a United flight from San Francisco to Cheyenne
1931 Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Quadragesimo anno
1932 The 15th May Incident: in an attempted coup d'état, the Prime Minister of Japan Inukai Tsuyoshi is killed
1934 US Department of Justice offers $25,000 reward for Dillinger, dead or alive
1934 Karlis Ulmanis names himself fascist dictator of Latvia
1935 The Moscow Metro is opened to public
1936 Amy Johnson arrives in Croydon, England having flown from South Africa in a record 4 days and 16 hours
1938 Paul-Henri Spak forms red coalition of Belgium
1940 German armoured division moves into Northern France
1940 German troops occupy Amsterdam, General Winkelman surrenders
1940 Nazis capture General Dutch Persbureau (ANP)
1940 USS Sailfish (SS-192) recommissioned, originally the Squalus
1940 Richard and Maurice McDonald open the 1st McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino, California
1941 1st British turbojet flies
1941 British attack Halfaya-pass & Fort Capuzzo in Egypt and Libya
1941 Nazi occupiers in Netherlands forbid Jewish music
1942 Gasoline 1st rationed in US (17 Eastern States)
1942 Nazi occupiers in Netherlands arrest 2,000 Dutch officers
1943 Halifax bombers sinks U-463
1943 Joseph Stalin dissolves the Comintern (or Third International) to avoid upsetting his Western allies with claims he was trying to foment revolution globally
1944 14,000 Jews of Munkacs, Hungary, deported to Auschwitz
1944 Eisenhower, Montgomery, Churchill and King George VI discuss the plan for D-Day
1944 Sergei Aleksi becomes guardian of Patriarch Throne
1945 World War II: The final skirmish in Europe is fought near Prevalje, Slovenia
1948 28 year old British Mandate over Palestine ends
1948 Australia scores 721 runs in one day v Essex, world record
1948 Troops from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attack Israel
1951 AT&T becomes the 1st US corporation to have a million stockholders after young car salesman Brady Denton purchases 7 shares worth $1,078
1951 Polish cultural attache in Paris, Czesław Miłosz, asks the French government for political asylum
1952 Johnny Longden becomes 2nd jockey to ride 4,000 winners
1953 In his first world heavyweight title defence, Rocky Marciano KOs former champion Jersey Joe Walcott in the 1st round at Chicago Stadium
1953 Osip Zadkine's monument to "The destroyed city" unveiled in Rotterdam
1955 Building of space travel center at Baikonur Kazakhstan begins
1955 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1955 Vienna Treaty: Britain, France, US & USSR restore Austria's independence
1955 The first ascent of Makalu, the world's fifth highest mountain
1957 Evangelist Billy Graham launches his "crusade" in front of 18,000 people at Madison Square Garden in NYC
1957 Operation Grapple: Britain tests its first hydrogen bomb near Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean
1958 "Gigi" based on the story by Colette, directed by Vincent Minnelli and starring Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier premieres in New York (Best Picture 1959)
1959 12th Cannes Film Festival: "Black Orpheus" directed by Marcel Camus wins the Palme d'Or
1960 Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th String quartet premieres in Leningrad
1960 Sputnik 4 launched into Earth orbit; later recovery failed
1960 "L'Avventura", Italian film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, starring Gabriele Ferzetti, Monica Vitti. premieres at Cannes
1961 "Bonanza" by Al Caiola Orchestra hits #19
1961 36 Unification church couples wed in Korea
1961 Pope John XXIII publishes encyclical Mater et Magistra
1962 US marines arrive in Laos
1963 Last Project Mercury flight, L Gordon Cooper in Faith 7, launched
1963 Peter, Paul & Mary win their 1st Grammy (If I Had a Hammer)
1963 Tottenham Hotspur win 3rd European Cup winner's Cup against Atlético Madrid of Spain 5-1
1963 5th Grammy Awards: I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Robert Goulet wins
1964 Sporting Portugal win 4th European Cup Winner's Cup against MTK Budapest of Hungry 1-0 at Antwerp (replay)
1964 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966 1st day of Sunday play in County Cricket, Essex v Somerset
1966 South Vietnamese army battle Buddhists, about 80 die
1967 Paul McCartney meets his future wife Linda Eastman
1968 "Wonderwall" with George Harrison premieres at Cannes Film Festival
1968 A tornado strikes Jonesboro Arkansas at 10 PM, killing 36
1968 Paul McCartney & John Lennon appear on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson", to promote Apple Records, Joe Garagiola is substitute host
1970 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
1970 Mississippi Highway Patrol kills 2 at Jackson State College
1970 International Olympic Committee votes to expel South Africa
1971 "70, Girls, 70" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 35 performances
1971 Radio Nordsee International's ship bombed
1971 Irish Republican Army member William 'Billy' Reid is shot dead by British soldiers in Belfast
1972 Assassination attempt on US Governor George Wallace of Alabama by Arthur Bremer in Laurel, Maryland
1972 "Hard Job Being God" opens at Edison Theater NYC for 6 performances
1972 Bus plunges into Nile River killing 50 pilgrims in Minia, Egypt
1972 Ryukyu Is & Daito Is returned to Japan after 27 yrs of US control
1972 The island of Okinawa, under U.S. military governance since its conquest in 1945, reverts to Japanese control.
1974 Walter Scheel succeeds Gustav Heinemann as West German President
1974 Ma'alot massacre: Palestinian terrorist take school hostage, 25 mostly children killed and 68 injured
1974 Beginning of the Ulster Workers' Council strike called by Ulster loyalists and unionists who were against the Sunningdale Agreement, which proposed the sharing of political power with Irish nationalists
1976 Fonz Song by Heyettes hits #91
1976 Kentucky Moonrunner by Cledus Maggard hits #85
1976 The Ulster Volunteer Force launch gun and bomb attacks on 2 pubs in County Armagh, killing 4 Catholic civilians and wounding many more; a British Army soldier is later convicted for taking part in the attacks
1976 The Provisional Irish Republican Army kill 3 Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) officers in County Fermanagh and 1 in County Down
1981 George Harrison releases "All Those Years Ago" in UK
1981 Soyuz 40 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Romanian) to Salyut 6
1983 Madison Hotel (Boston) destroyed by implosion
1985 Everton win 25th European Cup Winner's Cup against Rapid Wien of Austria 3-1 in Rotterdam
1986 Argentine ex-president Galtieri sentenced to 12 years
1987 1st Energiya Launch (USSR)
1987 Record archery score for a pair over 24 hrs, is set
1988 "Carrie" closes at Virginia Theater NYC after 5 performances
1988 "Gospel at Colonus" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC after 61 performances
1988 2nd American Comedy Award: Robin Williams & Tracey Ullman
1988 USSR begins withdrawing its 115,000 troops from Afghanistan
1989 "Chu Chem" closes at Ritz Theater NYC after 44 performances
1989 Blue Jays fire manager Jimy Williams & replace him with Cito Gaston
1989 Soviet President Gorbachev in Beijing for 1st Sino-Soviet summit in 30 yrs
1989 Maxwell House coffee runs ads during "Roe vs Wade" movie despite boycott threat by right-to-lifers
1990 "Cemetery Club" opens at Brooks Atkinson Theater NYC for 56 performances
1990 "Portrait of Doctor Gachet" by Vincent van Gogh sells for $82.5 million
1990 Dow Jones avg hits a record 2,822.45
1991 Defense releases docs claiming Noriega is "CIA's man in Panama"
1991 Edith Cresson becomes France's 1st female premier
1991 Manchester United win 31st European Cup Winner's Cup against FC Barcelona 2-1 in Rotterdam
1991 Nepal premier Bhattarai resigns
1991 US President George H. W. Bush takes Queen Elizabeth to Oakland A's-Baltimore Oriole game
1993 38th Eurovision Song Contest: Niamh Kavanagh for Ireland wins singing "In Your Eyes" in Millstreet
1994 LPGA Championship Women's Golf, DuPont CC: Laura Davies of England wins her second major title, 3 strokes ahead of runner-up Alice Ritzman
1995 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
1997 STS 84 (Atlantis 19), launches, 6th Shuttle-Mir Mission
2001 "Fiesta"single released by R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z and Boo & Gotti (Billboard Song of the Year 2001)
2002 "Bowling for Columbine", a documentary directed by Michael Moore has its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival
2002 10th UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid beats Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 at Glasgow
2004 "Shrek 2" directed Andrew Adamson and Kelly Asbury, with voices by Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
2004 49th Eurovision Song Contest: Ruslana for Ukraine wins singing "Wild Dances" in Istanbul
2005 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith directed by George Lucas, starring Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
2005 Laureus World Sports Awards, Casino Estoril, Portugal: Sportsman: Roger Federer; Sportswoman: Kelly Holmes; Team: Greece Men's National Football team
2007 42nd Academy of Country Music Awards: Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley win
2008 California becomes the second U.S. state after Massachusetts in 2004 to legalize same-sex marriage after the state's own Supreme Court rules a previous ban unconstitutional.
2009 French Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies announce French narrowly avoided recession in 2008,gross domestic product shrank 1.2%in 1st quarter 2009 after falling by 1.5%in final quarter of 2008
2009 Eurostat report that Austria,Belgium&Romania have all entered recession in the first quarter 2009
2009 "Farrah's Story" documentary following Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer airs on NBC in the US
2010 Jessica Watson at16 becomes youngest person to sail solo, non-stop & unassisted around the world
2010 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (88,335): Chelsea beats Portsmouth,1-0; Didier Drogba scores 59' winner; Blues' 6th title
2011 "The Artist" directed by Michel Hazanavicius and starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo premieres at the Cannes Film festival (Best Picture 2012)
2011 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: K. J. Choi of South Korea defeats David Toms on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff to win $1.71 million winner's cheque
2012 Eurozone economy narrowly avoids recession
2012 Greece's fifth attempt to a form a coalition government fails and new June elections are scheduled
2013 The Eurozone records a recession for the sixth straight quarter
2015 Carl Icahn invests $100 million in Lyft, a ride-sharing service
2016 PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: World #1 and reigning PGA Champion Jason Day of Australia leads wire-to-wire to win by 4 strokes ahead of Kevin Chappell
2017 UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile test
2017 1st US prosecution under federal Hate Crimes Act of violence against transgender person, murder of Mercedes Williamson
2017 State of Emergency declared in Sanaa, Yemen after outbreak of cholera kills 115
2018 Malay politician Anwar Ibrahim is released from prison after being pardoned by King Muhammad V
2018 58 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and 1700 hospitalized on the Gaza border protesting opening of US embassy in Jerusalem and 70 year founding of Israel
2018 Controversial Kerch bridge linking Russia and annexed Crimea opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin. At 19km the longest bridge in Europe.
2018 Taliban forces attack and claim to have seized control of the western city of Farah, Afghanistan
2018 Flyover collapses in Varanasi, India, killing at least 18
2018 North Korea threatens to pull out of summit with US and South Korea saying it can "not hide our feeling of repugnance" towards US security advisor John Bolton
2019 Alabama passes law banning abortion in almost all cases including rape or incest
2019 Five of world's biggest tech companies pledge to tackle extremist material at "The Christchurch Call" initiative in Paris hosted by Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron
2019 Mexico City declares an environmental emergency after air pollution reaches dangerous levels
2019 Jeff Koons "Rabbit" sculpture sells for 91.1 million, setting a new record for a work by a living artist at auction
2019 US birthrate in 2018 the lowest for 32 years (total fertility rate 1,728 births per 1,000 women), with record lows for teen births
2019 Findings from China's Chang'e-4 rover to the Moon suggests huge asteroid created the giant crater on Moon's far side with impact so great it cracked its crust and reached the mantle below published in "Nature"
2020 Germany, Europe's largest economy, officially in recession due to COVID-19, as figures show economy shrank 2.2% 1st 3 months of 2020

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On this day

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17 May 2021

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, has been celebrated all around the world every year on the 17th of May, since 1969, it marks the founding of ITU and the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention in 1865. This year its focus is on “Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times".

A Selection of Birthdays

1761 John Opie, English painter, born in Trevellas, Cornwall (d. 1807)
1763 Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin, chemist (discovered chromium, beryllium)
1782 John Sell Cotman, English water color artist, born in Norwich, England (d. 1842)
1831 David Edward Hughes, British-American inventor (microphone, teleprinter), born in either London, England or Corwen, Wales (d. 1900)
1905 Henry Fonda, American stage and screen actor (Mr. Roberts; 12 Angry Men; On Golden Pond), born in Grand Island, Nebraska (d. 1982)
1917 Geraint Jones, Welsh conductor and organist, born in Porth, Wales (d. 1998)
1919 Liberace [Wladziu Valentino], American pianist (Liberace Show, Evil Chandell-Batman), born in West Allis, Wisconsin (d. 1987)
1936 Roy Hudd, British comedian (Blood Beast Terror, Vampire Beast Craves Blood), born in Croydon, Surrey, England (d. 2020)
1937 Yvonne Craig, actress (Batgirl-Batman, Kissin Cousin), born in Taylorville, Illinois (d. 2015)
1946 Robert Fripp, British progressive rock guitarist (King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man"; Fripp & Eno; Bowie - "Heroes"), and Mr. Toyah Wilcox, born in Wimborne Minster, Dorset
1947 Bill Smitrovich, actor (Crime Story, Miami Vice)
1953 Pierce Brosnan, Irish actor (Remington Steele, Golden Eye), born in Drogheda, Ireland
1955 Debra Winger, American actress (Terms of Endearment, Officer & Gentleman), born in Columbus, Ohio
1959 Mare Winningham, actress (St Elmo's Fire, Turner & Hooch), born in Phoenix, Arizona
1966 Janet Jackson, American singer (Control), sister of Michael, born in Gary, Indiana
1990 Thomas Sangster, British actor (Love Actually - "Sam"; Nanny McPhee; The Queen's Gambit), born in Southwark, London, England

On this day in History

955 Octavian, son of Duke Alberic II of Spoleto, elected Pope John XII
1165 Ramjbam & his family reach Acre Palestine
1204 Baldwin IX, Count of Flanders, is crowned as the first Emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople
1220 English King Henry II lays a foundation stone for a new Westminster Abbey building in London
1527 Florence becomes a republic
1532 Sir Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor of England
1547 Protestant German monarch surrenders to Karel in Wittenberg
1568 Mary Queen of Scots flees to England
1571 German astronomer Johannes Kepler, by his own calculations, is conceived at 4:37 AM
1584 7 Westfriese towns divide monasteries of Egmond, Blokker and St Pietersdal
1605 Camillo Borghese elected to succeed Pope Leo XI, becomes Paul V
1606 2,000 foreigners murdered in Russia
1648 Battle of Zhovti Vody: Bohdan Chmielricki's cosacks defeat Polish King John Casimir after 18 days of battle
1747 Prince Willem V sworn in as admiral-general of Netherlands
1763 Samuel Johnson 1st meets his future biographer James Boswell in London
1771 The Battle of Alamance, a pre-American Revolutionary War battle between local militia and a group of rebels called "The Regulators", occurs in present-day Alamance County, North Carolina.
1792 Denmark abolishes slave trade
1795 Hedges Treaty: Bataafse Republic becomes French vassal state
1796 Lombardian Republic forms
1803 Peace of Amiens between French Republic and Great Britain ends
1811 Peninsular War: Allies defeat French at Albuera
1815 The Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie, officially names the town of Blackheath in the upper Blue Mountains
1817 Mississippi River steamboat service begins
1822 Greek War of Independence: Turks capture the Greek town of Souli
1860 -18] Chicago: Republican convention selects Abraham Lincoln as candidate
1861 Major General Twiggs surrenders to Confederate Army in San Antonio, Texas (US Civil War)
1861 Confederate government offers war volunteers $10 premium
1861 Kentucky proclaims its neutrality
1862 Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir builds 1st automobile
1863 Battle of Champion's Hill, Mississippi - bloodiest action of Vicksburg Campaign
1864 Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca, ends (since May 13)
1864 Battle of Bermuda Hundred, Virginia
1864 Last battles at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia (6,666 casualties)
1866 Charles E. Hires invents "Hires Root Beer"
1868 Bedřich Smetana's opera "Dalibor" premieres at the New Town Theatre in Prague
1868 US Senate fails to impeach President Andrew Johnson by one vote
1872 Metropolitan Gas Company lamps lit for 1st time
1874 1st recorded dam disaster in US (Williamsburg, Massachusetts)
1875 Earthquake in Venezuela & Colombia kills 16,000
1877 May 16, 1877 political crisis in France.
1879 Antonín Dvořák's "Slavonic Dances" premieres
1879 Treaty of Gandamak to set up Afghan state between Russia & English
1881 World's 1st electric tram enters service in Lichterfelder (near Berlin)
1894 Fire in Boston destroys the South End Grounds baseball stadium and 200 other buildings
1903 1st transcontinental motorcycle trip began in San Francisco by George A. Wyman (arrives in New York July 6)
1907 In the Pact of Cartagena, Great Britain, France, and Spain agree to maintain the status quo in the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa
1911 Remains of a neanderthal man found on Jersey, Channel Islands
1911 Zeppelin "Deutscheland" wrecked at Dusseldorf
1918 The Sedition Act of 1918 is passed by the U.S. Congress, making criticism of the government an imprisonable offense.
1920 Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'arc) canonized a saint
1920 Spanish bullfighter Joselito is fatally gored fighting his last bull
1922 White Star Liner Majestic completes 5½ day maiden voyage
1927 US Supreme Court ruled bootleggers must pay income tax
1929 1st Academy Awards: "Wings", Emil Jannings and Janet Gaynor win
1936 1st British air hostess Daphne Kearley flies to France
1938 38 die in Terminal Hotel fire (Atlanta Ga)
1938 In cricket Bradman scores 278 Aust v MCC, 349 mins, 35 fours 1 six
1939 US food stamps are 1st issued in Rochester, New York
1940 Nazis forbid non-professional auto workers
1940 British Premier Winston Churchill returns to London from Paris
1941 Italian army under Aosta surrenders to Britain at Amba Alagi, Ethiopia
1941 Last great German air attack on Great Britain (Birmingham)
1941 Nazis forbid Dutch Organization of Actors (NOT)
1942 1st transport of British and Dutch prisoners to South Burma
1943 Operation Chastise: No. 617 Squadron RAF begins the famous Dambusters Raid, bombing the Möhne and Eder dams in the Ruhr valley with bouncing bombs
1943 SS General Jürgen Stroop orders the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto, ending a month of Jewish resistance. 13,000 Jews have died, about half burnt alive or suffocated, German casualties less than 300
1944 1st of 180,000+ Hungarian Jews reach Auschwitz
1945 Violent battles around Sugar Loaf and Half Moon, Okinawa
1946 Irving Berlin, Dorothy and Herbert Fields' musical "Annie Get Your Gun" starring Ethel Merman and featuring "There's No Business Like Show Business" opens at Imperial Theater, NYC
1948 First chess world championship since WWII; Russian player Mikhail Botvinnik wins a 5-player tournament to begin 20-year Russian domination
1948 Chaim Weizmann elected 1st President of Israel
1948 Egyptians enter Gaza
1948 Israel issues its 1st postage stamps
1951 The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flights begin between Idlewild Airport (New York International Airport) and Heathrow Airport (London), operated by El Al Israel Airlines
1952 "New Faces (of 1952)" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 365 performances
1955 King Baudouin of Belgium visits Congo
1955 Ray Lindwall scores his 2nd Test Cricket century 118 at Bridgetown
1955 Rocky Marciano beats Don Cockell by TKO in the 9th round at Kezar Stadium, San Francisco to retain his world heavyweight boxing title
1956 Egypt recognizes People's Republic of China
1956 Great Britain performs nuclear Test at Monte Bello Is Australia
1956 England cricket spin bowler Jim Laker takes 10-88 for Surrey v Australia in tour match at The Oval.
1957 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Invicti Athletae
1957 US launches its 3rd atomic submarine, USS Skate, at Groton, Connecticut
1958 Major Irwin, USAF, flies a Lockheed Starfight F-104 A to a record 1,404.18 MPH
1958 Eli Beeding experiences 83 g deceleration on a rocket sled, New Mexico
1960 Big 4 summit in Paris collapses as USSR levels spy charges against US
1960 Theodore Maiman operates the first optical laser, at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu,
1961 13th Emmy Awards: Jack Benny Show, Raymond Burr & Barbara Stanwyck win
1963 "Beast in Me" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 4 performances
1963 Gordon Cooper completes 22 orbits in Faith 7, ends US Proj Mercury
1964 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1965 "Roar of the Greasepaint" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 232 performances
1965 Bomb destroys USAF base Bien Hoa, South Vietnam
1965 The Campbell Soup Company introduces SpaghettiOs under its Franco-American brand
1965 18th Cannes Film Festival: "The Knack...and How to Get It" directed by Richard Lester wins the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1966 The Beach Boys release their groundbreaking album "Pet Sounds", containing hit singles "Sloop John B" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
1966 "May 16 Notification" released, Mao's official justification for the Cultural Revolution
1968 Earthquake kills 47 in Japan
1968 In the Stormont (Northern Ireland Parliament) by-election in the city of Londonderry (Derry) the Ulster Unionists retain the seat
1969 Barbra Streisand appears at a Friars Club Tribute
1969 Students occupies Magden House Amsterdam
1969 US nuclear sub Guitarro sinks off San Francisco
1969 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh, Semipalitinsk USSR
1969 Venera 5 lands on Venus, returns data on atmosphere
1969 The Who's Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey charged with assault
1970 Grover Henson Feels Forgotten by Bill Cosby hits #70
1970 23rd Cannes Film Festival: "M*A*S*H" directed by Robert Altman wins the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1971 Benjamin Britten's opera "Owen Wingrave" premieres in Aldwych, London
1971 Bulgaria adopts its constitution
1972 "Don't Play Us Cheap" opens at Barrymore Theater NYC for 164 performances
1973 ABC Masters Bowling Tournament won by Dave Soutar
1973 AC Milan of Italy win 13th European Cup Winner's Cup against Leeds of England 1-0 in Saloniki
1974 Helmut Schmidt becomes West German Chancellor
1974 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1975 India annexes Principality of Sikkim
1975 Junko Tabei from Japan becomes 1st woman to reach summit of Mt Everest
1975 Muhammad Ali TKOs Ron Lyle in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
1975 Wings release "Listen to What the Man Said" in UK
1977 5 die as NY Airway helicopter topples on Pan Am building in NYC
1977 Muhammad Ali beats Alfredo Evangelist in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1977 TV drama “Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn”, starring Leigh McCloskey, follow up to "Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway" premieres on US network NBC, focusing on what happened to him after Dawn left L.A. to return to her hometown
1979 FC Barcelona of Spain wins 19th European Cup Winner's Cup against Fortuna Düsseldorf of West Germany 4-3 in Basel
1980 Brian May of rock group Queen collapses on stage with hepatitis
1980 Paul McCartney releases "McCartney II" album
1980 Former Buggles members Geoff Downes & Trevor Horn replace Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman in Yes
Music release
1981 "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes hits #1 for next 9 weeks
1982 "Barnum" closes at St James Theater NYC after 854 performances
1982 "Is There Life After High School?" closes at Barrymore after 12 performances
1982 Columbia moves to Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Florida) for mating in preparation for STS-4
1982 Salvador Jorge Blanco wins presidential election in Dominican Rep
1983 Lebanese parliament accepts peace accord with Israel
1983 Sudan People's Liberation Army and Movement rebels against the Sudanese government
1983 Chinese American architect I. M. Pei is awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in New York
1984 Guinea-Bissau adopts constitution
1984 Juventus of Italy win 24th European Cup Winner's Cup against Porto of Portugal 2-1 in Basel
1984 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1984 "When Doves Cry" single released by Prince (Billboard Song of the Year, 1984)
1985 Pope John Paul II arrives in Belgium
1986 "Top Gun", directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise premieres
1986 Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) comes back from the dead on TV show "Dallas"
1986 Joaquín Balaguers PRSC wins Dominican Rep parliamentary election
1986 South African President P. W. Botha sends Coetsee to visit Mandela
1986 The Seville Statement on Violence is adopted by an international meeting of scientists, convened by the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO, in Seville, Spain.
1987 "Mystery of Edwin Drood" closes at Imperial NYC after 608 performances
1987 Weird Al Yankovic performs live at 72nd National Orange Show
1987 "Bobro 400", a barge carrying 3,200 tons of garbage sets sail from NYC, beginning an unsuccessful 8 week search for a dumping site
1988 US Surgeon General C Everett Koop reports nicotine as addictive as heroin
1989 Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping meet in Beijing and formally end a 30-year rift
1990 Eugene Stoner and Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creators of the M16 rifle and the AK-47 rifle respectively, meet in Washington, D.C.
1990 Dominican Republic President Joaquín Ricardo Balaguer re-elected
1991 Daily Planet fires cub reporter Jimmy Olson (fictional Superman character)
1991 Queen Elizabeth II becomes 1st British monarch to address US congress
1992 "Smells Like Nirvana" by Weird Al Yankovic hits #35
1992 Polls show Perot, Bush & Clinton could be in a deadlock
1992 US space shuttle STS-49 lands (maiden voyage of Endeavour)
1992 America's Cup: America Team USA defeats Il Moro di Venezia 4-1 to win in San Diego
1993 "3 Men on a Horse" closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 40 performances
1993 "Wilder, Wilder, Wilder" closes at Circle in Square, NYC after 30 performances
1993 Farmer Sugeng finds 1.2 million year old Pithecanthropus IX skull
1993 Judd Nelson pleads no contest to kicking Kim Evans in the head
1993 Suleyman Demirel elected President of Turkey
1994 Jacqueline Onassis admitted to hospital for cancer treatment
1994 Joaquín Balaguer (86) elected President of Dominican Republic
1994 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati arrested on possession of marijuana
1995 Japanese police arrest cult leader Shoko Asahara & charged him with Nerve-gas attack on Tokyo's subways two months earlier
1997 A final agreement creating the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is signed by project participants, inc. Russia, Kazakhstan, Chevron Corp and others
2001 "Mulholland Drive", directed by David Lynch, starring Justin Theroux and Naomi Watts, premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
2002 "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" directed by George Lucas, starring Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman opens in cinemas
2003 In Casablanca, Morocco, 33 civilians are killed and more than 100 people are injured in terrorist attacks
2003 Calcutta high court rules Calcutta does not have a birthday and that British East India employee Job Charnock is not the city's founder as previously claimed
2004 Day of Mourning at Bykivnia forest, just outside of Kiev, Ukraine where during 1930s and early 1940s communist bolsheviks executed over 100,000 Ukrainian civilians
2005 Kuwait permits women's suffrage in a 35-23 National Assembly vote
2006 A large earthquake (7.4 on the Richter scale) occurs near New Zealand
2007 Alex Salmond is elected First Minister of Scotland. He is first Scottish National Party leader to be elected First Minister after winning a historic victory at the Scottish general election on the 3rd May.
2007 Nicolas Sarkozy becomes the 23rd President of France
2009 India's General Election results announced: the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) under Manmohan Singh returned with an increased mandate
2009 54th Eurovision Song Contest: Alexander Rybak for Norway wins singing "Fairytale" in Moscow
2010 ICC Women's Cricket T20 World Cup, Bridgetown, Barbados: Elise Perry with 3 for 18 off 4 overs leads Australia (106/8) to 3 run victory over New Zealand 103/6
2011 Space shuttle Endeavour launches on its final commission in space
2013 Bill Gates regains his position as the world's richest man with $72.7 billion after losing the position in 2008
2013 Pope Francis calls for ethical financial reform to fight speculation
2013 Human stem cells are successfully cloned
2014 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. & Manchester City F.C. are each fined €60 million for breaching Fair Play Regulations
2017 10-year-old girl granted special 20 week abortion request in Rohtak, India in land-mark case
2018 Painting "Past Times" by Kerry James Marshall is bought by Sean Combs for $21.1 million, most paid for a living African American atist
2019 UK talk show "The Jeremy Kyle Show" axed by ITV after a guest die
2019 British people get drunk more than any other nation, 51 times year according to the Global Drug survey, with English-speaking countries drinking the most
2019 South African Saray Khumalo is the first black African woman to climb Mt Evervest
2019 New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announces he is running for president, the 24th Democrat to run
2019 New DNA research showing bedbugs are older than humans - 115 million years old and outlived dinosaurs, published in "Current Biology"
2019 US President Donald Trump declares a national emergency over IT threats, banning US companies from using foreign technology without a license
2019 "Rocketman" film based on life of singer Elton John starring Taron Egerton premieres at the Cannes Film Festival

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On this day

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17th May 2021

17-May-73 In the US Senate, the Watergate Committee begins its hearings. Fifteen months later President Richard Nixon would resign to avoid being impeached for his role in the scandal.

World Baking day
World Baking Day was created by the folks over at worldbakingday.com, who decided it was high time to spread the joy of baking all around the world, especially to those who perhaps don’t bake too often and are not particularly experienced at it. This day is meant to show people just how much fun it can be to make a cake or some cookies, and baking can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention how much fun it is to eat what you’ve made once it’s done!

Work From Home Day
Not to be confused with ‘remote work’ where an employee is working from home all the time, nor ‘Freelancing’ where the individual is an independent contractor running their own business from home.

Work From Home Day celebrates those days where office workers get the opportunity to avoid the commute and work from home for a day.

The idea of the day is also to demonstrate that giving people the freedom to work from home from time-to-time can benefit both employer and employee. In short it is saving office costs, helps ease transport congestion and encourages people to manage their workloads more effectively.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
While there has been a growing movement among the LGBTQ+ community to be heard, to be legitimized, and to be accepted as the diverse and wonderful human beings they are, there is nothing new about their struggle.

Across cultures and generations, these orientations have existed, and the fear and lack of understanding of their community have made it difficult to live proud and as an equal part of the world.

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia exists to raise awareness of the realities of the LGBTQ+ communities lives and to help erase these phobias through understanding.

Pinot Grigio Day
If you’re a wine aficionado, you know that there’s nothing quite like the fresh taste of a great vintage of wine to go with an incredible meal. There are so many vintages to choose from it can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect pairing. Thankfully there’s Pinot Grigio, an incredible wine that’s been known for hundreds of years in the world’s most respected wine regions. Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio Day celebrates this astonishing wine and its ability to be paired with just about anything, or just enjoyed on its own.

Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day
Neurofibromatosis is a hereditary condition which can appear at any point in a sufferer’s life, providing they have the ‘misprint’ in their chromosomes which causes it.

Because it is genetic, there is not much which can be done to prevent it from appearing in those affected.

A generic mutation, neurofibromatosis can manifest itself in lots of bumps and tumors across the body. The tumors are usually non-cancerous, but they can appear in huge amounts and in some cases are quite disfiguring.

This day is about raising awareness about the condition, helping those who have it to better understand it and to help remove the stigma that some have suffered due to its disfiguring aspects.

Seven weeks after Pesach, Shavuot celebrates the revelation of the Torah on Mount Sinai and the early harvest season in Israel. Summer flowers and dairy foods abound.

A selection of Birthdays

1443 Edmund, Earl of Rutland, brother of Kings Edward IV of England and Richard III of England, born in Rouen, Normandy (d. 1460)
1682 Bartholomew Roberts, Welsh pirate (raided ships off the Americas and West Africa between 1719-1722), born in Puncheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales (d. 1722)
1741 John Penn, American attorney (signed US Declaration of Independence), born in Port Royal, Caroline County, Virginia (d. 1788)
1749 Edward Jenner, English physician, father of (western) immunology, pioneered smallpox vaccinations, born in Berkeley (d. 1823)
1836 Sir Norman Lockyer, English physicist, co-founder of helium gas, founder and editor of "Nature" magazine, born in Rugby, Warwickshire (d. 1920)
1891 Princess Alexandra, 2nd Duchess of Fife, granddaughter of King Edward VII and great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, born in East Sheen Lodge, Richmond, England (d. 1959)
1906 Eric Mensforth, British pioneer in the development of the helicopter in Britain, born in Stretford, Manchester (d. 2000)
1911 Maureen O'Sullivan, Irish actress (Tarzan, Pride & Prejudice, Hannah and Her Sisters), born in Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland (d. 1998)
1929 George Weinberg, American psychotherapist (coined "homophobia"), born in Manhattan, (d. 2017)
1936 Dennis Hopper, American actor (True Grit, Blue Velvet, Easy Rider), born in Dodge City, Kansas (d. 2010)
1949 Bill Bruford, PhD, British rock and drummer (Yes; King Crimson; Genesis (touring only); Earthworks), born in Sevenoaks, Kent, England
1956 Sugar Ray Leonard, American boxer (Olympic gold 1976), born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
1961 Enya [Eithne Ní Bhraonáin], Irish singer and songwriter ("Orinoco Flow"; "Carribbean Blue"; "Only Time"), born in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland
1965 Jeremy Vine, British radio and TV presenter (Eggheads), born in Epsom, England

On this Day in History

218 7th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
352 Liberius begins his reign as Catholic Pope replacing Julius I
884 St Adrian III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1521 Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, is executed for treason
1525 Battle at Zabern: duke of Lutherans beats rebels
1527 Pánfilo de Narváez departs Spain to explore Florida with 600 men - by 1536 only 4 survive
1536 Anne Boleyn's 4 "lovers" executed shortly before her own beheading
1544 Scot Earl Matthew Lennox signs secret treaty with Henry VIII
1579 Artois, Henegouwen and French-Flanders sign Treaty, the Peace of Parma recognizing Spanish Duke van Parma as land guardian
1590 Anne of Denmark is crowned Queen of Scotland.
1620 1st merry-go-round seen at a fair in Philippapolis, Turkey
1630 Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi, 1st to see 2 belts on Jupiter surface
1631 Earl Johann Tilly attacks Maagdenburg
1648 Emperor Ferdinand III defeats Maximilian I of Bavaria
1672 Frontenac becomes Governor of New France (Canada)
1673 Louis Jolliet & Jacques Marquette begin exploring Mississippi
1712 Maximilian Emanuel of Bavaria honored as "sovereign of Netherlands"
1733 Great Britain passes Molasses Act, putting high tariffs on rum and molasses imported to the colonies from a country other than British possessions
1742 Battle of Chotusitz: Prussia led by Frederick the Great defeats Austria
1744 French army takes Austrian Netherlands
1750 -18] Tax revolt in Gorinchem
1756 Britain declares war on France (7 Years' or French & Indian War)
1775 American Revolutionary War: the Continental Congress bans trade with Canada
1787 English slave ship Sisters, en route from Africa to Cuba, capsizes killing hundreds
1792 24 merchants form New York Stock Exchange at 70 Wall Street
1803 John Hawkins & Richard French patent the Reaping Machine
1809 Papal States annexed by France
1814 Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden (National Day)
1814 Norwegian constitution passed by constituent assembly at Eidsvoll
1814 Occupation of Monaco changes from French to Austrian
1824 The diaries of Lord Byron are burnt by six of the poet's friends at the office of John Murray in London, sometimes described as “the greatest crime in literary history”
1848 Gerrit, Count Schimmelpenninck resigns as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Netherlands
1849 Fire destroy Centrum in St Louis, Missouri
1853 Thorbeckes liberals win 2nd-Parliamentary election
1859 Australian Rules Football first 'laws of the game' published
1860 German football club TSV 1860 München is founded
1861 First color photograph of a tartan ribbon shown by Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell to the Royal Institution in London
1862 Battle of Princeton West Virginia, ends with about 128 causalities
1863 Battle of Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
1863 Rosalía de Castro publishes Cantares Gallegos, her first book in the Galician language
1864 Battle of Adairsville Georgia, Union forces Confederates to retreat
1871 Native American fighter General William T. Sherman escapes from the Comanches in an ambulance
1876 7th US Cavalry under General George Armstrong Custer leaves Fort Lincoln
1877 Edwin T Holmes installs 1st telephone switchboard burglar alarm
1881 Revised version of New Testament
1883 Buffalo Bill's 1st Wild West show opens in Omaha, Nebraska.
1884 Alaska becomes a US territory
1890 Clyde Fitch's "Beau Brummel" premieres in NYC
1890 Comic Cuts, 1st weekly comic paper, published in London
1890 Pietro Mascagni's opera "Rustic Chivalry" premieres in Rome at the Teatro Costanzi
1895 W. G. Grace completes his 100th 100 v Somerset at Bristol
1897 The first successful submarine that can run submerged for any considerable distance and combines electric and gasoline engines is launched in the USA by its designer John Philip Holland
1899 Victoria & Albert Museum foundation laid, London, England
1900 British troops relieve Mafeking (Cape Colony)
1900 In China, three villages within 100 miles of Peking are burned by Boxers and 60 Chinese Christians killed
1900 "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" is first published by L. Frank Baum with illustrations by William Wallace Denslow in Chicago
1902 Greek archaeologist Valerios Stais discovers the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient mechanical analog computer
1904 Maurice Ravel's song cycle "Shéhérazade" premieres with Jeanne Hatto as soprano, at the Salle Nouveau Théâtre, Paris, France
1906 Switzerland's Simplon Tunnel open to rail traffic
1909 White firemen on Georgia lroad strike to protest against hiring blacks
1915 Last liberal British government of H. H. Asquith falls
1916 British Summer Time (Daylight Savings) introduced
1920 1st De Havilland double-decker flight (London) lands in Schiphol
1920 1st flight by Dutch airlines KLM (Koninklijke-Luchtvaart-Maatschappij)
1921 Belgian and Luxembourg sign customs union
1926 Chiang Kai-shek is made supreme warlord in Canton
1926 Wilhelm Marx succeeds Hans Luther as Chancellor of Germany
1927 U.S. Army aviation pioneer Major Harold Geiger dies in the crash of his Airco DH.4 de Havilland plane at Olmstead Field, Pennsylvania
1932 US Congress changes name "Porto Rico" to "Puerto Rico"
1933 Vidkun Quisling and Johan Bernhard Hjort form Nasjonal Samling, the national-socialist party of Norway
1937 Juan Negrin succeeds Largo Caballero as Spain's premier
1940 Germany occupies Brussels, Belgium and begins invasion of France
1940 Nazis bombs Middelburg/B IJzerdrat begins illegal defiance
1942 Dutch SS vows loyalty to Hitler
1943 The United States Army contracts with the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School to develop the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer).
1943 World War II: the Dambuster Raids by No. 617 Squadron RAF on German dams
1943 Millionaire Howard Hughes crashes into Lake Mead, while test flying his Sikorsky S-43, killing CAA inspector Ceco Cline and Richard Felt
1944 -18] Allied air raid on Surabaja, Java
1944 Chinese and US armed forces take Myitkyina Airport, Burma
1944 General Eisenhower sets D-Day for June 5th
1944 Operation Straightline: Allies land in Dutch New Guinea
1945 2 US P-47 Thunderbolts bomb Kiushu
1946 KVP Labor/Communists win 1st post-WW2 Dutch parliamentary elections
1946 US President Harry Truman seizes control of nation's railroads to delay a strike
1947 "Street Scene" closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 148 performances
1948 Israel liberates Acre, Nebi Yusha & Telel-Kadi
1948 Soviet Union recognizes Israel
1949 British government recognises Republic of Ireland (previously Irish Free State)
1955 Dutch government of Drees resigns
1957 Prayer Pilgrimage, biggest civil rights demonstration to date (DC)
1957 10th Cannes Film Festival: "Friendly Persuasion" directed by William Wyler wins the Palme d'Or
1958 Emergency crisis proclaimed in Algeria
1959 Sam Snead sets PGA record for 36 holes at 122
1959 Sanctuary of Christ the King inaugurated, a 28 meter (92 ft) high monument and shrine overlooking Lisbon, Portugal by sculptor Francisco Franco de Sousa
1960 1st atomic reactor system patented by J W Flora of Canoga Park, California
1961 Fidel Castro offers to exchange Bay of Pigs prisoners for 500 bulldozers
1963 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1967 Dylan's 1965 UK Tour is released as film "Don't Look Back"
1968 European Space Research Org launches 1st satellite
1968 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1969 "My Wife, My Dog, My Cat" by Maskman & The Agents hits #92
1969 Russian probe Venera 6 landed on Venus
1971 Stephen Schwartz' musical "Godspell" premieres off-Broadway
1971 Washington State bans sex discrimination
1972 Netherlands & People's Republic of China exchange ambassadors
1972 The Irish Republican Army (IRA) fires on workers leaving the Mackies engineering works in west Belfast (Although the factory was sited in a Catholic area it had an almost entirely Protestant workforce)
1973 "Nash at Nine" opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 21 performances
1973 Senate Watergate Committee begins its hearings
1973 Stevie Wonder releases the music single "You are the Sunshine of my Life", goes to #1 and wins him a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
1973 US performs 3 nuclear tests at Rifle Colorado
1973 Five British Army soldiers are killed by a Provisional Irish Republican Army booby-trap bomb in Omagh, County Tyrone
1974 Symbionese Liberation Army shoot-out with Los Angeles police kills six SLA members in the gunfire and resulting fire. One of the largest police shootouts in US history, with more than 9,000 rounds fired.
1974 Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 15th String quartet
1974 Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) explode four bombs in Republic of Ireland, killing 33 civilians, wounding 300 (highest number of casualties in a single incident during "The Troubles")
1974 18th European Cup: Bayern Munich beats Atletico Madrid 4-0 at Brussels
1975 "Funky Gibbon" by The Goodies hits #79
1975 10CC releases "I'm Not in Love"
1975 Mick Jagger punches a restaurant window, gets 20 stitches
1976 28th Emmy Awards: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Jack Albertson & M Learned win
1976 Earthquake in Uzbekistan: thousands killed
1977 Menachem Begin's Likoed party wins election in Israel
1979 Coldest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii - 12°F (-11°C), on top of Mauna Kea
1979 Emmy 6th Daytime Award presentation, "Ryan's Hope" wins Outstanding Daytime Drama Series
1980 V. S. Kumar Anandan from Sri Lanka balances on one foot for 33 hours (Guinness World Record)
1980 Major race riot in Miami Florida - 16 killed, 300 injured
1981 "Inacent Black" closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 14 performances
1983 Israel & Lebanon sign a peace treaty
1984 Prince Charles calls proposed addition to the National Gallery, London, a "monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend," sparking controversy on the role of the Royal Family and course of modern architecture.
1984 Marvin Creamer becomes 1st known person to sail around the world without navigational instruments, arriving back in Cape May, New Jersey, after 513 days
1985 Les Anderson, catches record 97 lb 4 oz Chinook Salmon, off Alaska
1986 "Chicken Song" by Spitting Image hits #1 on the UK pop chart
1987 "Stardust" closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 102 performances
1987 USS Stark hit by Iraqi missiles, 37 sailors die
1989 Longest Cab Ride Ever: 14,000 miles costs $16,000!
1989 Nelson Mandela receives a BA from University of South Africa
1990 Dow Jones avg hits a record 2,831.71
1990 European court rules on pension rights for men & women
1990 World Health Organization takes homosexuality out of its list of mental illnesses
1990 The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong designed by I. M. Pei opens as the first supertall skyscraper outside the US
1992 LPGA Championship Women's Golf, Bethesda CC: Betsy King wins her 5th major title, 11 strokes ahead of runners-up JoAnne Carner, Liselotte Neumann and Karen Noble
1993 Intel's new Pentium processor is unveiled
1993 "Chattahoochee" single released by Alan Jackson (CMA Award Single of the Year, Billboard Song of the Year 1993)
1994 Bakili Muluzi's UDF wins Malawi presidents/parliamentary election
1996 Venezuelan Alicia Machado, aged 18, crowned 45th Miss Universe
1996 Habib & Whitaker make 320 for 5th Cricket wkt, Leics v Worcs
1997 Troops loyal to Laurent Kabila march into Kinshasa.
1998 LPGA Championship Women's Golf, DuPont CC: 20-year-old rookie Se Ri Pak leads wire-to-wire to win the first of her 5 majors, 3 strokes ahead of runners-up Donna Andrews and Lisa Hackney
1998 New York Yankees pitcher David Wells tosses a perfect game in a 4-0 win against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium, NY
2000 In the Philippines an explosion rocks Glorietta 2 injuring 13 persons, mostly teenagers. According to local authorities, the homemade bomb was placed in front of a toilet beside a video arcade.
2001 US President George W. Bush calls for reduced regulations to encourage more oil, gas, and nuclear production
2003 English FA Cup Final, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (73,726): Arsenal beats Southampton, 1-0; Robert Pires scores 38' winner for Gunners' 9th title
2004 Massachusetts becomes the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage
2005 40th Academy of Country Music Awards: Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson & Keith Urban win
2005 Singer Kylie Minogue is diagnosed with breast cancer at 36
2006 The aircraft carrier USS Oriskany is sunk in the Gulf of Mexico to be an artificial reef
2006 14th UEFA Champions League Final: Barcelona beats Arsenal 2-1 at Saint-Denis
2007 Trains from North and South Korea cross the 38th Parallel in a test-run agreed by both governments. This is the first time that trains have crossed the Demilitarized Zone since 1953.
2007 Demolition work begins at Dublin's famous Lansdowne Road Stadium to be replaced by the new Aviva Stadium, opened in 2010
2008 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (82,752): Portsmouth beats Cardiff City, 1-0; Nwankwo Kanu scores 37' winner
2009 Video game Minecraft is first released to the public while in development
2013 90 people are killed and 200 are injured after a series of bombings across Iraq
2014 Atlético Madrid win the 2013–14 La Liga
2014 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (89,345): Arsenal beats Hull City, 3–2 (a.e.t.); Aaron Ramsey scores 109' winner
2014 Bayern Munich defeats Borussia Dortmund to win the 2013–14 DFB-Pokal
2014 The center-right Hindu Nationalist Party, the BJP, wins landslide election victory in India
2014 St Johnstone FC win the Scottish Cup for 1st time in 130 years, defeating Dundee United 2-0
2015 "Blurryface," 4th studio album by Twenty One Pilots is released (1st album ever to have every track gold-certified)
2015 A mudslide hits the alpine town of Salgar in Western Colombia killing over 50 people
2015 Gun fight between rival biker gangs and police in Waco, Texas leaves 9 dead and 18 injured. 170 later arrested for organised crime.
2015 24th Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift wins top artist & 7 other awards
2015 Canada defeats Russia to win gold at the 2015 IIHF World Championship
2015 Melbourne Victory FC defeats Sydney FC to win the Australian A-League
2015 The Tradition Senior Men's Golf, Shoal Creek G&CC: Jeff Maggert wins first of 2 consecutive Champions Tour majors with par on 1st playoff hole against Kevin Sutherland
2018 Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo spreads to the city of Mbandaka
2018 Michigan State University will pay $500 million in claims to 300 survivors of sexual abuse involving Larry Nassar. Largest sexual abuse case in sports history.
2019 Brooks Koepka fires a 65 (-5) to set new record for lowest 36-hole score in a golf major at the PGA Championship at Bethpage State Park; 7 stroke lead is a 36-hole tournament record
2019 Taiwan's parliament votes to legalize same-sex marriage, the first Asian country
2019 Tyler, the Creator releases his fifth studio album "Igor" which becomes his first number-one album in the United States
2020 Israel swears in a new government led by both Benny Gantz, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 510 days
2020 Michael Jordan's autographed Air Nike 1s trainers from 1985 sell for a record $560,000 in an online auction
2020 Barack Obama criticizes the US government's handling of the pandemic during an online address to graduates, saying officials "aren't even pretending to be in charge"

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On this day

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18th May 2021

Museum Day
Few places in our world are more educational than museums. After all, where else could we hope to see so many pieces of actual history that tell so many stories about our ancestors? From prehistoric spears to Egyptian mummies, from ancient Greek sculptures to medieval armor, and from the first radio to the first planes used in war during WWI, museums have it all. Unfortunately, there are millions of people with direct access to museums that have never even visited one.

There are many possible reasons for this–perhaps they think just looking at old things would be boring, or perhaps they are unaware just how different the world was in the past and see no reason to take an interest. Whatever the reason for not taking advantage of the incredible amount of tangible knowledge museums offer, and regardless of age, Museum Day is the time to invest in education in its most fascinating form.

No Dirty Dishes Day
If there’s anything that ruins a delicious and enjoyable meal it’s having to do dishes afterward. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a day that you didn’t have to do any dishes? Thankfully that’s the purpose of No Dirty Dishes Day!

You can head out to eat at a local restaurant rather than cooking at home or just decide to use disposable dishes and silverware. Either way, the goal is to not do any dishes on No Dirty Dishes Day!

Visit Your Relatives Day
Visit Your Relatives Day is a great chance for you to share your life with those who helped raise you, and to ensure that they’re getting the support they need.

Heritage Breeds Week
Throughout history – ever since the domestication of the first animals – humanity has bred varieties of livestock and poultry. We love the animals that past generations handed down to us, but now there’s a risk that many of them could go extinct.

Heritage Breeds Week is a grassroots attempt to push back against this loss and preserve more of our most cherished critters for posterity. Future generations will celebrate the fact that people acted to safeguard rare breeds like the Iron Age pig, Shetland Duck, and Northern Dairy Shorthorn cattle. But there’s no time to waste. Every year, the world loses many rare breeds to extinction.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is held annually and is a global campaign that focuses attention on bladder cancer.

Around five percent of all cancer cases are bladder cancer. Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is about letting people know about this lesser-known form of cancer as well as raising money to support those that have bladder cancer.

A Selection of Birthdays

1742 Lionel Lukin, British life boat pioneer, born in Great Dunmow, Essex (d. 1834)
1863 William Heinemann, English publisher (Heinnemann), born in Surbiton, England (d. 1920)
1868 Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia (1894-1917), born in Saint Petersburg, Russia (d. 1918)
1872 Bertrand Russell, English mathematician and philosopher (Nobel 1950), born in Trellech, England (d. 1970)
1896 Walter Fitzgerald, English actor, born in Devonport, England (d. 1976)
1897 Frank Capra, Italian-American film director (Its a Wonderful Life, It Happened One Night), born in Bisacquino, Italy (d. 1991)
1909 Fred Perry, English tennis player and broadcaster (8-time Grand Slam singles winner), born in Stockport, England (d. 1995)
1917 James Donald, Scottish actor (Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings, In Which We Serve, Way Ahead), born in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (d. 1993)
lish ballerina considered the 1st lady of British Ballet (Giselle), born in Reigate, England (d. 1991)
1920 Pope Saint John Paul II [Karol Wojtyla], 264th Roman Catholic Pope (1978-2005), born in Wadowice, Poland (d. 2005)
1921 Anthony Epstein, English pathologist and virologist (Epstein–Barr virus)
1923 Liam Sullivan, American singer and actor (Star Trek, The Magic Sword, Monroes), born in Jacksonville, Illinois (d. 1998)
1941 Miriam Margolyes, English actress (Babe, Romeo and Juliet), born in Oxford, England
1942 Nobby Stiles MBE, English soccer midfielder (28 caps; World Cup 1966; Manchester United 311 games) and manager (Preston NE, WBA), born in Manchester, England (d. 2020)
1949 Rick Wakeman, British session (Cat Stevens; David Bowie) and progressive rock keyboardist (Yes), born in London
1952 Jeana Yeager, American aviator (1st non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world), born in Fort Worth, Texas
1954 Wreckless Eric [Eric Goulden], English rocker (Waxworks, Be Stiff), born in Newhaven, England
1958 Toyah Wilcox, English singer ("I Want to Be Free"), actress, and Mrs. Robert Fripp, born in Birmingham, England
1967 Heinz-Harald Frentzen, German F1 driver (Williams), born in Mönchengladbach, Germany
1977 Lee Hendrie, English footballer, born in Solihull, England
1977 Danny Mills, English footballer (Leeds United), born in Norwich, England
1982 Jason Brown, English-born footballer, born in London, England
1983 Gary O'Neil, English footballer (Portsmouth), born in Beckenham, England

On this day in History

1096 Crusaders massacre Jews of Worms
1268 The Principality of Antioch, a crusader state, falls to the Mamluk Sultan Baibars in Battle of Antioch
1291 After 100 years of Crusader control, Acre is the last Crusader stronghold reconquered and destroyed by the Mamluks under Sultan al-Ashraf Khalil
1302 Bruges Matins; the nocturnal massacre of the French garrison in Bruges by local Flemish militia
1593 Playwright Thomas Kyd's accusations of heresy lead to an arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe
1596 Willem Barents leaves Amsterdam for Novaya Zemlya
1619 Dutch jurist and scholar Hugo Grotius sentenced to life in prison in Loevestein Castle in the Netherlands (later escapes in a book chest)
1631 English colony Massachusetts Bay grants puritarian voting right
1631 John Winthrop is elected 1st Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
1642 Ville-Marie (later Montreal), Canada, founded by the Société Notre-Dame de Montréal
1652 Rhode Island enacts 1st law declaring slavery illegal
1703 Dutch & English troops occupy Cologne
1756 Great Britain declares war on France at the start of the Seven Years' War
1765 Fire destroys a large part of Montreal, Quebec
1783 First United Empire Loyalists reach Parrtown, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada after leaving the United States
1794 Battle of Tourcoing; French Republican army defeats a Habsburg coalition bear Lille, France, during War of the First Coalition
1803 "Peace of Amiens" between French Republic and Great Britain ends as Britain declares war on France, due to France's imperialist policies in the West Indies, Italy, and Switzerland
1804 Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France by the French Senate
1811 Battle of Las Piedras: The first great military triumph of the revolution of the Río de la Plata in Uruguay lead by Jose Artigas
1812 John Bellingham, a Liverpool merchant who assassinated British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval on May 11, is hung for the crime at the Old Bailey in London
1830 Edwin Budding of England signs an agreement for the manufacture of his invention, lawn mower.
1843 United Free Church of Scotland forms
1846 US troops attack Rio Grande occupying Matamoros
1848 Opening of the first German National Assembly (Nationalversammlung) in Frankfurt, Germany
1851 Amsterdam-Nieuwediep telegraph connection linked
1852 Massachusetts rules all school-age children must attend school
1860 US Republican Party nominates Abraham Lincoln for president
1861 Battle of Sewall's Point Virginia - 1st Federal offense against the South
1861 Friedrich Hebbel's "Kriemhildes Rache" premieres in Weimar
1863 Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi begins
1864 Battle of Yellow Bayou, Louisiana (Bayou de Glaize, Old Oaks)
1866 Netherlands government of Isaäc Dignus Fransen De Putte resigns
1869 Robert Tanner Freeman is 1st African American to graduate from Harvard Dental School
1869 Surrender and dissolution of the Ezo Republic to Japan
1887 Emmanuel Chabrier's opera "Le roi malgré lui" (King, in spite of himself) premieres at the Opéra-Comique in Paris; after 3 performances the theatre burns down
1889 Jules Massenet's opera "Esclarmonde" premieres in Paris
1896 US Supreme court affirms legitimacy of racial separation (Plessy v Ferguson)
1896 Khodynka Tragedy: A mass panic on Khodynka Field, Moscow, during the festivities of the coronation of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, results in the deaths of 1,389 people
1897 Irish Music Festival 1st held in Dublin
1897 Paul Dukas' symphonic scherzo "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" (used in Disney's Fantasia film) premieres, based on poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
1897 "Dracula" by Irish author Bram Stoker is published by Archibald Constable and Company in London
1899 World Goodwill Day-26 nations meet in 1st Hague Peace Conference
1900 Britain proclaims protectorate over Kingdom of Tonga
1904 In Morocco, a brigand, Raizuli, kidnaps Ion H. Perdicaris, an American citizen
1911 President Jose Porfirio Diaz of Mexico's term ends
1912 Maurits Binger establishes 2 Dutch movie companies
1916 US pilot Kiffin Rockwell shoots down German aircraft
1916 A British Royal Inquiry into the Easter Rising in Dublin is set up in London
1917 Erik Satie, Leonide Massine and Pablo Picasso's ballet "Parade" premieres in Paris
1917 US Congress passes Selective Service Act, authorizing the federal government to raise a national army for the American entry into World War I through compulsory enlistment
1917 First units of the American Expeditionary Force, commanded by General John J. Pershing, is ordered to France
1918 Dutch Indian Volksraad installed in Batavia
1918 TNT explosion in chemical factory in Oakdale, Pennsylvania, kills 200
1922 Dutch 2nd Chamber agrees to 48 hour work week (was 45 hrs)
1926 Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanishes in Venice, California She shows up a month later saying she's been kidnapped
1927 Bath School Disaster, Bath MI. Andrew Kehoe blows up Bath Consolidated School killing 38 children, 2 teachers.
1933 Around 5,000 forced deportees in the Soviet Union arrive on Nazino Island; within thirteen weeks most of them will be dead due to disease, cannibalism and violence
1934 TWA begins commercial service
1935 Harold Gimblett scores 123 in 80 mins on cricket debut for Somerset
1940 German troops conquer Brussels
1941 Italian army in Ethiopia under general Aosta surrenders to Britain
1943 Allied bombers attack Pantelleria, an Italian island 100 km southwest of Sicily
1944 Polish 2nd Army corps captures convent of Monte Cassino, Italy
1944 Expulsion of more than 200,000 Tartars from Crimea by Soviet Union begins, they are accused of collaborating with the Germans
1948 "Ballet Ballads" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 62 performances
1948 Arab Legion captures fort on Mt Scopus during Arab-Israeli war
1948 Saudi Arabia joins invasion of Israel
1948 The First Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China officially convenes in Nanking
1950 "Liar" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 12 performances
1951 US General Collins predicts use of atom bomb in Korea
1952 Professor WF Libby says Stonehenge dates back to 1848 BC
1953 American Jacqueline Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier
1955 Atkinson & Depeiaza take West Indies from 6-187 to 6-494 in day v Australia
1955 Queen Juliana opens E55 fair in Amsterdam, Netherlands
1956 Hungarian party leader Matyas Rákosi enforces his own policy
1956 Queen Juliana opens Rembrandt fairs in Amsterdam, Netherlands
1958 11th Cannes Film Festival: "The Cranes Are Flying" directed by Mikhail Kalatozov wins the Palme d'Or
1959 "Castin' My Spell" by Johnny Otis Show hits #52
1959 "Judy" by David Seville hits #86
1959 "Russian Band Stand" by Spencer & Spencer hits #91
1960 Eillen Fulton begins playing Lisa on As the World Turns (for almost 30 yrs)
1960 Jean Genet's play "Le Balcon" (The Balcony) premieres in Paris
1960 European Cup Final, Glasgow: Ferenc Puskás scores 4, Alfredo Di Stéfano 3 as Real Madrid routs Eintracht Frankfurt, 7-3; 5th consecutive title for Los Blancos
1961 "Donnybrook!" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 68 performances
1961 14th Cannes Film Festival: "The Long Absence" directed by Henri Colpi and "Viridiana" directed by Luis Bunuel jointly awarded the Palme d'Or
1963 "Beast in Me" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 4 performances
1963 "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Soul hits #1
1964 David Frost interviews Paul McCartney on BBC
1965 Gene Roddenberry suggests 16 names for Star Trek Captain; they include Kirk
1965 Ray Dolby founds Dolby Laboratories in London, England
1967 Silver hits record $1.60 an ounce in London
1967 The Butler Act, a Tennessee statue prohibiting the teaching of evolution, is repealed after 42 years
1969 Apollo 10 launches from Kennedy Space Center and later transmits the 1st color pictures of Earth from space
1969 "Canterbury Tales" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 122 performances
1970 Beatles' last released LP, "Let It Be", released in US
1971 Bulgarian constitution goes into effect
1971 US President Richard Nixon rejects 60 demands of Congressional Black Caucus
1971 Vampire rapist Wayne Boden's last victim found in Calgary, Alberta
1972 American pop rock band Looking Glass release their single "Brandy"
1973 Soviet party leader Leonid Brezhnev visits West Germany
1974 Novelty song "The Streak" by Ray Stevens hits #1
1974 India becomes the sixth nation to explode an atomic bomb
1974 Nigeria announces 55 percent government participation in all oil concessions
1977 Menachem Begin becomes Prime Minister of Israel
1977 US, USSR and other nations sign the Environmental Modification Convention which prohibits weather warfare having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects
1978 Italy legalizes abortion
1978 Russian dissident Yuri Orlov exiled to compulsory work
1980 Belgium 3rd government of Martens forms
1980 People's Republic of China launches 1st intercontinental rocket
1980 Fernando Belaunde Terry elected president of Peru
1980 Mount St Helens erupts in Washington state, causing the largest landslide in history, killing 57 people and costing $1 billion in damage
1980 Gwangju Massacre: Students in Gwangju, South Korea begin demonstrations, calling for democratic reforms
1982 Unification Church founder Rev Sun Myung Moon convicted of tax evasion
1983 Senate revises immigration laws, gives millions of illegal aliens legal status under an amnesty program
1985 "One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head hits #3
1986 "Singin' in the Rain" closes at Gershwin Theater NYC after 367 performances
1986 David Goch finishes swimming 55,682 miles in a 25-yd pool
1986 South African army occupies Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia
1986 Chung Kwung Ying does 2,750 "atomic" hand-stand push-ups
1990 East and West Germany sign a monetary union treaty
1990 English Actress, Judy Carne arrested at JFK airport on an 11 year old drug warrant
1991 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
1991 USSR launches 2 cosmonauts to MIR space station
1992 US Supreme Court rules states could not force mentally unstable criminal defendants to take anti-psychotic drugs
1992 45th Cannes Film Festival: "Den goda viljan" directed by Bille August wins the Palme d'Or
1993 Danish people vote in favor of ratifying the Maastricht Treaty
1993 Italian police arrest Mafia boss Benedetto "Nitto" Santapaola
1994 Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip
1995 "Braveheart" directed by Mel Gibson and starring Mel Gibson and Sophie Marceau premieres at the Seattle Film Festival (Best Picture 1996)
1996 41st Eurovision Song Contest: Eimear Quinn for Ireland wins singing "The Voice" in Oslo
1997 "King David" opens at New Amsterdam Theater NYC
1997 50th Cannes Film Festival: "Taste of Cherry" directed by Abbas Kiarostami and "Unagi" directed by Shohei Imamura jointly awarded the Palme d'Or
1998 United States v. Microsoft: The United States Department of Justice and 20 U.S. states file an antitrust case against Microsoft.
1998 44th British Academy Television Awards: "I'm Alan Partridge" Best Comedy, "Jonathan Creek" Best Drama
1999 "Millennium" 3rd studio album by the Backstreet Boys is released - one of the best-selling albums of all time, over 30 million copies sold
2001 101-year-old Harold Stilson becomes oldest golfer to record a hole-in-one when he aces the 108-yard, par-3, 16th hole at Deerfield CC, FL
2001 DreamWorks Pictures "Shrek", starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz in voice-over roles, debuts
2001 Saudi Arabia selects the eight foreign companies to take part in its "Gas Initiative," three core venture gas projects that have an anticipated worth of $25 billion
2002 Micky Ward beats Arturo Gatti by majority decision in a junior welterweight boxing bout in Uncasville, Connecticut; 'The Ring' Fight of the Year; first fight in their legendary trilogy
2006 The post Loktantra Andolan government passes a landmark bill curtailing the power of the monarchy and making Nepal a secular country
2008 43rd Academy of Country Music Awards: Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood win
2009 Sri Lankan Civil War: The LTTE are defeated by the Sri Lankan government, ending almost 26 years of fighting between the two sides.
2013 RC Toulonnais defeat ASM Clermont Auvergne to win the rugby Heineken Cup final
2013 58th Eurovision Song Contest: Emmelie de Forest for Denmark wins singing "Only Teardrops" in Malmo
2014 Swiss voters reject a $25 per hour minimum wage
2014 60th British Academy Television Awards: "A League of Their Own" Best Comedy, "Broadchurch" Best Drama
2014 The Tradition Senior Men's Golf, Shoal Creek G&CC: Kenny Perry wins his third of 4 Champions Tour majors by 1 stroke from Mark Calcavecchia
2018 Santa Fe High School shooting; 17 year-old shooter kills 10 and injures 10 in Santa Fe, Texas
2018 Mexican Damojh airlines flight crashes near Havana airport, Cuba, killing 110 with just 3 survivors
2018 All of Chile's 34 Roman Catholic bishops offer their resignation to Pope Francis in wake of child sex scandal
2018 K-pop boy band BTS release their album "Love Yourself: Tear", sells 135,000 first week
2019 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (85,854): Gabriel Jesus & Raheem Sterling each score twice as Manchester City thrash Watford, 6-0, completing an unprecedented domestic treble
2019 Australian federal elections won by Scott Morrison's coalition government in a surprise result
2020 US President Donald Trump confirms he is taking controversial drug hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19

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On this day

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9 May 1649
The Rump Parliament declares England a Commonwealth. The country remains a republic for the next 11 years.
19th May 2021

Numeracy Day
Many of us may think that we are not number’s people. But whether we like it or not, numbers play a big part in all our lives. Numeracy Day is about recognizing the importance of numbers and numeracy and encouraging people to sharpen their skills and build their confidence with numbers. Being smarter with numbers isn’t a special talent, it’s something we can all learn!

May Ray Day
There’s a saying that goes “April Showers bring May Flowers” that talks about the natural turning of the seasons and how the wonderful spring rains. Each year this turning of the page comes about bringing the awakening rains of early spring, and then the comfortably warmth and rich smells of May bursting into flowers. May Ray Day celebrates this turning of the seasons, and encourages you to get out and enjoy it!

Better Speech and Hearing Month
Around five percent of the world’s population experience hearing loss. While five percent of the population is also thought to experience problems with speech.

With communication being so important to our lives, Better Speech and Hearing Month sets out to raise awareness of issues surrounding communication problems such as an inability to hear properly or to speak effectively.

History of Better Speech and Hearing Month
The Better Speech and Hearing Month was founded in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The aim of Better Speech and Hearing Month is to raise awareness around both speech and hearing problems while encouraging people to take a look at their own speech and hearing and to make a change in there is a problem.

For over nine decades, this month has been held, making people think about their hearing and speech.

A Selection of Birthdays

1795 Johns Hopkins, philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University
1858 Roland Napoléon Bonaparte, French prince and president of the Société de Géographie, born in Paris, France (d. 1924)
1861 Dame Nellie Melba [Helen Mitchell], Australian operatic soprano, and face of the Australian 100 dollar note, born in Richmond, Victoria, Australia (d. 1931)
1869 Henry Horatio Dixon, Irish Biologist who originated the cohesion-tension theory of water and mineral movement in plants, born in Dublin, Ireland
1870 Albert Fish, American serial killer (d. 1936)
1874 Gilbert Jessop, English cricket batsman (18 Tests; Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1898), born in Cheltenham, England (d. 1955)
1879 Nancy Astor, American born British politician, 1st female MP in UK House of Commons, born in Danville, Virginia (d. 1964)
1880 Allard R Hulshoff, architect of Amsterdam (1924)
1890 Ho Chi Minh [Nguyễn Sinh Cung], Vetnamese communist revolutionary and President of North Vietnam (1946-69), born in Nghệ An Province, French Indochina (d. 1969)
1909 Nicholas Winton, English Humanitarian ('British Schindler' - saved 600 children from Nazis), born in London (d. 2015)
1918 Florence Chadwick, swimmer (1st to swim English Channel both ways), born in San Diego, California (d. 1995)
1924 (Alexander) "Sandy" Wilson, British theatrical composer and lyricist (The Boy Friend; Divorce Me, Darling!), born in Sale, Cheshire, England (d. 2014)
1925 Malcolm X [Little], African American human rights activist and Muslim minister, born in Omaha, Nebraska (d. 1965)
1925 Pol Pot, Cambodian dictator (1976-79) and revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge (1963-97), born in Prek Sbauv, Kampong Thom, Cambodia (d. 1998)
1926 David Jacobs, British broadcaster (Juke Box Jury), born in London (d. 2013)
1931 Bob Anderson, British racing driver (d. 1967)
1938 [Brian Keith] Herbie Flowers, English bassist and session musician (Lou Reed, Harry Nilsson, T-Rex), born in Isleworth, England
1942 Gary Kildall, American computer scientist and entrepreneur who created the CP/M operating system, born in Seattle, Washington (d. 1994)
1942 Robert Kilroy-Silk, British politician and television presenter
1944 Peter Mayhew, British-American actor (Chewbacca in Star Wars), born in London, England (d. 2019)
1945 Peter Townshend, English rock guitarist, vocalist and composer (The Who-Tommy), born in London
1947 Steve Currie, British rock bassist (T. Rex; Marc Bolan), born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, (d. 1981)
1948 Tom Scott, American saxophonist and composer (L.A. Express, The Blues Brothers), born in Los Angeles, California
1951 Joey Ramone [Jeffrey Hyman], lead singer of the punk rock band The Ramones (Baby I Love You)
1953 Victoria Wood, British comedian and actress (Dinner Ladies), born in Bury, Lancashire (d. 2016)
1954 Phil Rudd, Australian rock drummer (AC/DC-Rock 'n Roll Damnation), born in Melbourne, Victoria
1959 Nicole Brown Simpson, German-American ex-wife of O.J. Simpson who was later murdered, born in Frankfurt, Germany (d. 1994)
1961 Ronan Hardiman, Irish composer (Michael Flatley soundtracks), born in Dublin, Ireland
1966 Sophia Crawford, English actress and martial artist (Power Rangers), born in London, England
1992 Sam Smith, English singer-songwriter (Stay with Me), born in London, England

On this Day in History

715 St Gregory II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1182 The high altar of Paris cathedral Notre Dame is consecrated by Cardinal Henri de Château-Marçay and Maurice de Sully
1506 Christopher Columbus selects his son Diego Columbus as sole heir
1515 George van Saksen-Meissen sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles
1517 Philip van Bourgondie installed as bishop of Utrecht
1518 Public unveiling of Titian's masterpiece "Assumption of the Virgin" a painted altarpiece in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice
1536 Anne Boleyn, second wife of English King Henry VIII, is beheaded at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest and treason
1547 Monarch Johan Frederik surrenders to Karel
1568 English Queen Elizabeth I arrests Mary, Queen of Scots
1571 Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi founds Manilla in the Philippines
1585 Spain confiscates English ships
1608 Matthias von Habsburgs army reaches Lieben, at Prague
1635 France's First Minister, Cardinal Richelieu declares war on Spain (Franco-Spanish War 1635–59)
1643 Battle at Rocroi/Allersheim: French army destroys Spanish army
1643 Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut and New Harbor form the United Colonies of New England
1649 England is declared a Commonwealth by an act of the Rump Parliament making England a republic for the next 11 years
1652 Spanish troops occupy Grevelingen
1662 Uniformity Act of England goes into effect
1749 George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley
1780 About midday, near-total darkness descends on New England, now known to be caused by forest fires in Canada
1792 Russian army enters Poland
1793 Netherlands captures French island of St Maarten (held until 1795)
1802 French Order of Legion d'Honneur forms
1857 Americans William Francis Channing and Moses G Farmer patent the electric fire alarm
1863 Siege of Vicksburg, investment of city complete
1864 Battle of Port Walthall Junction, Virginia (Bermuda Hundred)
1864 Last engagement in series of battles known as Spotsylvania
1864 Skirmish at Cassville, Georgia
1883 William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody opened Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in Omaha, Nebraska
1885 1st mass production of shoes (Jan Matzeliger in Lynn, Massachusetts)
1885 German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck takes possession of Cameroon and Togoland
1886 Camille Saint-Saëns' 3rd Symphony in C premieres at St. James Hall, London, with the composer conducting
1892 Charles Brady King invents pneumatic hammer
1893 Heavy rain washes "quick clay" into a deep valley killing 111 in Norway
1896 1st auto (Karl Benz) arrives in Netherlands
1897 Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol
1900 World's longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) linking Italy and Switzerland opens
1902 Great Britain and Boers resume peace talks in Pretoria
1905 Tom Jenkins beats Frank Gotcha for heavyweight wrestling champ
1906 Portugal's King Carlos I names Joao Franco premier
1909 In his first title defence Jack Johnson fights "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien to a no decision in 6 rounds in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to retain his world heavyweight crown
1910 Passage of Earth through tail of Halley's Comet causes near-panic
1911 Maurice Ravel's opera "L'Heure Espagnole" premieres at the Opéra-Comique, Paris, France
1919 Kelud volcano on Java, erupts killing 5,160
1919 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lands at Samsun on the Black Sea coast, beginning the Turkish War of Independence
1923 KPD (communist revolts) in German Ruhr cities occupied by Allies
1926 French air force bombs Damascus Syria
1928 "Firedamp" explodes in Mather coal mine, Pennsylvania, killing 195 of 273 miners
1928 51 frogs enter 1st annual "Frog Jumping Jubilee" (Angel's Camp, California)
1929 Cloudburst causes stampede in Yankee Stadium, crushes 2 people to death
1929 Chinese warlord Feng Yuxiang declares war on Chiang Kai-shek's nationalist government
1930 White women win voting rights in South Africa
1931 Cruiser Deutschland launched in Kiel
1934 Military coup by Colonel Damian Veltsjev in Bulgaria
1934 Sherlock Holmes crossword puzzle in "Sat Review of Lit" Males who solved puzzle became members of Baker Street Irregulars
1935 English Cardinal John Fisher and statesman Thomas More, executed by Henry VIII, canonized as saints by Pope Pius XI
1937 John Murray and Allen Boretz's "Room Service" premieres in NYC
1940 Amsterdam time becomes MET (Middle European Time)
1940 French counter attack at Pronne under Gen De Gaulle
1941 Germany occupiers in Holland forbid bicycle taxis
1941 New Nazi battleship Bismarck leaves Gdynia, Poland
1943 Berlin is declared "Judenrien" (free of Jews)
1943 Churchill pledges Britain's full support to US against Japan
1944 240 gypsies transported to Auschwitz from Westerbork, Netherlands
1944 German defense line in Italy collapses
1945 Start of the 1st Victory Test Cricket between England & Aust Services
1946 Dutch Cooperation for Sexual Reform (NVSH) forms in Amsterdam
1950 NY Times reports of worlds smallest & dumbest mechanical brain
1953 Nuclear explosion in Nevada (fall-out in St George, Utah)
1957 Adone Zoli forms Italian government
1958 Premiere of Harold Pinter's play "Birthday Party" in London
1958 "South Pacific" soundtrack album goes #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks
1959 Jan de Quay becomes premier of Netherlands
1959 The USS Triton, the first submarine with two nuclear reactors, is completed
1960 Belgian parliament requires rest day for self employed
1961 New pier opens in Scheveningen, the Netherlands
1962 "Bravo, Giovanni" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 76 performances
1962 "John Birch Society" by Chad Mitchell Trio hits #99
1962 Indonesian paratroopers land in New Guinea
1962 US performs nuclear test at Christmas Island (atmospheric)
1964 US diplomats find at least 40 secret microphones in Moscow embassy
1965 Patricia R. Harris named 1st US black female ambassador (Luxembourg)
1965 West Ham United win 5th European Cup Winner's Cup against 1860 München of West Germany 2-0
1967 USSR ratifies treaty with Britain & US banning nuclear weapons in space
1968 20th Emmy Awards: "Get Smart", "Mission Impossible" & Barbara Bain win
1968 Pirate Radio Brumble of Northern England 1st heard
1971 USSR launches Mars 2, 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars
1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1972 25th Cannes Film Festival: "The Working Class Goes to Heaven" directed by Elio Petri and "The Mattei Affair" directed by Francesco Rosi jointly awarded the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1973 "Daisy A Day" by Jud Strunk hits #14
1973 "Smith" opens at Eden Theater NYC for 17 performances
1974 Valeri Giscard d'Estaing wins French presidential election
1975 27th Emmy Awards: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", Robert Blake & Jean Marsh win
1975 Farm truck packed with wedding party struck by a train, killing 66 in truck, 40 miles south of Poona, India
1976 Gold ownership legalized in Australia
1976 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1977 Film "Smokey & the Bandit" starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason premieres in NYC
1979 "In The Navy" by Village People hits #3
1980 "Blackstone" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 104 performances
1981 5 British Army soldiers are killed when their armoured vehicle is ripped apart by a Provisional Irish Republican Army roadside bomb near Bessbrook, County Armagh
1982 Sophia Loren jailed in Naples, Italy for tax evasion
1983 NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 506
1983 Parody Singer and Comedian, Weird Al Yankovic gives live performance at Wax Museum in Washington, D.C.
1983 36th Cannes Film Festival: "Narayama Bushiko" directed by Shohei Imamura wins the Palme d'Or
1984 "King Of Suede" by Weird Al Yankovic hits #62
1984 STS 41-D vehicle moves to launch pad
1986 Anti-apartheid activist Hélène Pastoors sentenced to 10 yrs in South Africa
1986 39th Cannes Film Festival: "The Mission" directed by Roland Joffe wins the Palme d'Or
1987 1st American Comedy Award: Johnny Carson & Betty White
1987 40th Cannes Film Festival: "Sous le soleil de Satan" directed by Maurice Pialat wins the Palme d'Or
1988 Carlos Lehder Rivas, of Colombia's Medellin drug cartel, is convicted in Florida for smuggling more than 3 tons of cocaine into US
1989 Dow Jones Avg passes 2,500 mark for 1st time, closes at 2,501.1
1989 Sue Ellen's (Linda Gray) last appearance on TV show "Dallas"
1989 "Do the Right Thing", directed by Spike Lee, starring Danny Aiello and Ossie Davis premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
1990 "Elvis" TV Drama about early life of Elvis Presley last airs on ABC
1991 "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" closes at Shubert NYC after 225 performances
1992 Amy Fisher shoots Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face in an altercation over an affair with her husband, in Massapequa, New York
1992 Englishman Dave Gauder, 224 lbs, pulls 196 ton jumbo jet, 3 inches
1992 "Some Gave All" debut album by Billy Ray Cyrus is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1993)
1993 Boeing 727 crashes into mountain at Medellin Colombia, kills 132
1993 Dow Jones closes above 3,500 for 1st time (3,500.03)
1994 Final Episode of TV drama "LA Law" after 8 year run
1994 Egyptian actor Omar Sharif suffers a mild heart attack
1994 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati (18), checks into a drug rehab center
1995 Emmy 22nd Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 15th time
1995 World's youngest doctor, Balamurali Ambati, 17, graduates Mount Sinai
1996 STS 77 (Endeavour 11), launches into orbit
1997 "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore, premieres in the US
1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, directed by George Lucas, starring Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson is released in cinemas
1999 Lazio of Italy win 39th European Cup Winner's Cup against Mallorca of Spain 2-1 in Birmingham
1999 Andrew Motion is appointed British Poet Laureate for 10 years, the first to request a definite term
2001 Manchester United lose 3-1 to Tottenham at White Hart Lane but win English Premier League title for the 3rd consecutive season
2005 TV political comedy "The Thick of It" created by Armando Iannucci, starring Peter Capaldi and Chris Langham premieres on BBC 4
2007 "Sicko" a documentary on the US health care system, directed by Michael Moore has its premiere at the Cannes Film festival.
2007 "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End", directed by Gore Verbinksi, starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom premieres in Anaheim - most expensive film($300 million)made at the time
2007 Coen brothers film "No Country for Old Men", based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin premieres at the Cannes Film Festival (Best Picture 2008)
2007 In an all South African final the Bulls (Pretoria) edge the home team Sharks, 20-19 in Durban for their first Super 14 Rugby title; Bulls flyhalf Derick Hougaard boots 2 penalties & 2 conversions
2007 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (89,826): Chelsea beats Manchester United, 1 – 0 (a.e.t.); Didier Drogba scores 116' winner for Blues' 4th title
2009 Sri Lanka announces victory in its 25-year war against the terrorist organisation, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
2011 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, project to search for dark matter, led by Samuel C. C. Ting, installed on the International Space Station
2012 UEFA Champions League Final, Munich: Chelsea beats Bayern Munich, 4-3 on penalties after a 1–1 draw at the end of extra time; Blues' first title
2013 Sweden defeats Switzerland to win the 2013 World Ice Hockey Championship
2013 21st Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift, Red win
2014 Decorated Dutch coach Louis van Gaal confirmed as manager of Manchester United; Ryan Giggs named assistant, confirms retirement as a player at age 40 after 963 games and English record 22 major trophies
2015 Historic first handshake between Prince Charles and Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams at the National University of Ireland in Galway
2015 UK inflation is recorded as a negative for the first time since 1960
2016 EgyptAir flight MS804 goes missing over the Mediterranean on route Paris to Cairo
2018 American actress Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry at a ceremony in Windsor Castle, making her a member of the British royal family
2018 Queen Elizabeth II grants the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle upon their marriage
2018 71st Cannes Film Festival: Japanese film "Shoplifters" by Hirokazu Kore-eda wins the Palme d'Or
2018 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London: Chelsea beats Manchester United, 1-0; Belgian international Eden Hazard scores 22' penalty
2019 PGA Championship Men's Golf, Bethpage State Park: Defending champion Brooks Koepka leads wire-to-wire; wins despite 5 bogeys on last 8 holes by 2 strokes from world #1 Dustin Johnson
2019 Sprinter Dutee Chand comes out as India's first openly gay professional athlete
2019 US billionaire Robert F. Smith announces he will pay off college loans of nearly 400 students of the graduating class of Morehouse College, Atlanta
2019 64th Eurovision Song Contest won by Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands
2020 Greenhouse gas emissions dropped 17% worldwide in April 2020 when world was in lockdown, in study published in "Nature Climate Change"
2020 Two dams on Tittabawassee River in central Michigan breached by floodwaters, forcing evacuation of thousands of residents

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On this day

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20th March 2021

World Bee Day
World Bee Day takes place on 20 May each year, and its aim is to spread awareness of the significance of bees. Bee campaigners also ask people everywhere to do more to help and protect the special insects.

Pick Strawberries Day
Pick Strawberries Day falls on May 20. Strawberries are a summer fruit that are loved and cherished by many for the nostalgia of sunny days it brings.

Notebook Day
Grab yourself a notebook and bust it open, start writing down all the thoughts and worries of your day and see them put into a form that makes them manageable. Got an idea forming? Jot it in the corners or write it out in complete detail so that you never miss a beat. You might find it develops into a regular or even semi-regular diary, a new story, or simply helps you move past a difficult or even dull day.

Clinical Trials Day
Highlighting the very first clinical trial in 1747 done by James Lind, Clinical Trials Day is celebrated every year on May 20.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day
Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an awareness day focusing on digital access and inclusion for the more than one billion people with disabilities and impairments. It is marked annually on the third Thursday of May

Weights & Measures Day

When you start thinking about how to weigh something, how do you know how to measure it? Do you use the same measurement to measure water? What if you’re measuring flour? Does a pound weigh the same in Germany as it does in Austria?

If you’ve ever wondered about things like this and how it all came to be, you’ll be interested to know about Weights and Measures Day. It celebrates the day that the world agreed on the use of weights and measures using an International Treaty.

20th May 1875 was one of the most important days in history as relates to international trade and the exchanging of ideas across the globe. On this day the world came together and signed an International Treaty that meant that all the 59 states that signed agreed to use a standard system of weights and measures.

In the same moment, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures was established to help organize future standardizations of the measurements that the world would use.

This was necessary since throughout human history different areas used an extensive variety of measuring systems and standards. This made trade and communication on subjects of trade difficult, and there had to be methods put in place to translate between these different systems.

As industrialization was taking place, especially with the introduction of replaceable parts, standards of measurement were necessary to bring the world together.

Some examples of old measurements involved the original foot, which was said to equal the length of a King’s foot. There were also acres, which was the amount of land a peasant could plough in a day.

Chains were used to measure distance as well; with a chain being both an actual chain, and a length of measure. With all these confusing measurements something had to be done. Weights and Measures Day celebrates the day that something finally was.

A Selection of Birthdays

1818 William George Fargo, founder (Wells Fargo)
1841 Sara Louisa Oberholtz, social reformer, anti-smoking advocate
1856 Henri E Cross [Delacroix], French painter
1869 Joshua Pim, Irish tennis player (Wimbledon 1893-94), born in Bray, Wicklow (d. 1942)
1905 Harry Campion, statistician/founder (British Central Statistical Office)
1908 Jimmy Stewart, American actor (Mr Smith Goes to Washington, It's a Wonderful Life), born in Indiana, Pennsylvania (d. 1997)
1913 William Hewlett, American engineer and businessman (co-founder Hewlett-Packard), born in Ann Arbor, Michigan (d. 2001)
1915 Peter Copley, British actor (Victim, Kingdom of Heaven, King & Country), born in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England (d. 2008)
1920 Elizabeth "Betty" Driver, British singer and actress (Coronation Street, Pardon the Expression), born in Leicester, England (d. 2011)
1930 James McEachin, American actor and author (Perry Mason, Harry-Tenafly), born in Rennert, North Carolina
1938 Astrid Kirchherr, German photographer, helped establish The Beatles image, born in Hamburg, Germany (d. 2020)
1943 Martin Honeysett, British cartoonist (Punch, Private Eye), born in Hereford (d. 2015)
1943 Justin Cartwright, British novelist (In Every Face I Meet), born in Cape Town, South Africa (d. 2018)
1944 Joe Cocker, English rock vocalist ("With a Little Help From My Friends"; "You Are So Beautiful"), born in Sheffield England, (d. 2014)
1944 Dietrich Mateschitz, Austrian businessman and co-creator of Red Bull energy drink, born in Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Styria, Austria
1946 Cher [Cherilyn Sarkisian], American singer ("I Got You Babe"; "If I Could Turn Back Time"), and actress (Maks; Moonstruck), born in El Centro, California
1952 Warren Cann, Canadian rock drummer (Ultravox), born in Victoria, British Columbia
1958 Ronald Prescot Reagan Jr, LA, TV host (Ron Reagon Show) and son of Ronald and Nancy Reagon
1961 Kit Clarke, Scottish rocker (Danny Wilson - "Mary's Prayer"), born in Dundee, Scotland
1961 Nick Heyward, British rock guitarist and vocalist (Haircut 100 - "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)"), born in Beckenham, Kent, England
1964 Earl Charles Spencer, English peer, brother of Princess Diana, born in London, England
1970 Louis Theroux, English television broadcaster (Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, When Louis Met....), born in Singapore
1990 Josh O'Connor, English actor (The Crown), born in Southampton, England
1992 Jack Gleeson, Irish actor (Game of Thrones), born in Cork
2010 Lady Cosima Windsor, daughter of Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster

On this Day in History

325 First Council of Nicaea - 1st ecumenical council of Christian bishops at Nicaea, Asia Minor
685 Battle of Nechtansmere/Dun Nechtain: Picts led by Brude MacBeli beat Northumbrians led by their King Ecgfrith in Scotland
1217 Second Battle of Lincoln fought near Lincoln, resulting in the defeat of Prince Louis of France by William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke
1293 Earthquake strikes Kamakura Japan, 30,000 killed
1293 King Sancho IV of Castile creates the Study of General Schools of Alcalá
1303 Treaty of Paris restores Gascony to the English and arranges marriage of English Prince Edward to French Princess Isabella
1310 Shoes were made for both right & left feet
1347 Rienzo calls Rome for people's tribunal
1495 French King Charles VIII leaves Naples
1498 Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrives at Calicut, India becoming the first European to reach India by sea
1501 Portuguese explorer João da Nova Castell discovers the Ascension Islands
1521 Ignatius Loyola seriously wounded by a cannonball
1524 Duke of Albany leaves Scotland
1571 Venice, Spain & Pope Pius form anti-Turkish Saint League
1609 Shakespeare's Sonnets are first published in London, perhaps illicitly, by publisher Thomas Thorpe
1631 Magdeburg in Germany seized by forces of the Holy Roman Empire under earl Johann Tilly, most inhabitants massacred, one of the bloodiest incidents of the Thirty Years' War
1690 England passes Act of Grace, forgiving followers of James II
1704 Elias Neau forms school for slaves in NY
1774 The British pass the second of the Intolerable Acts: the Massachusetts Government Act, giving British-appointed governor wide-ranging powers
1775 Citizens of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina declare independence from Great Britain
1784 Britain & Netherlands sign peace treaty (Peace of Paris)
1825 Charles X becomes King of France
1830 1st railroad timetable published in newspaper (Baltimore American)
1830 D Hyde patents fountain pen
1835 Otto is named the first modern king of Greece
1840 York Minster badly damaged by fire
1845 1st legislative assembly convenes in Hawaii
1845 HMS Erebus and HMS Terror with 134 men under John Franklin sail from the River Thames, beginning a disastrous expedition to find the Northwest Passage. All hands are lost.
1861 Kentucky proclaims its neutrality in Civil War
1861 North Carolina becomes 11th and last state to secede from the Union
1861 US Marshals, in search of secessionist evidence, seize the previous year's telegraph dispatches
1862 US President Abraham Lincoln signs into law the Homestead Act to provide cheap land for the settlement of the American West (80 million acres by 1900)
1864 Battle at Ware Bottom Church, Virginia, 1,400 killed or injured
1864 Spotsylvania campaign in US Civil War ends after 10,920 killed or injured
1867 British parliament rejects John Stuart Mills' proposals on women's suffrage
1867 Royal Albert Hall of Arts & Sciences foundation laid by Queen Victoria in London
1868 Republican National Convention, meets in Chicago, nominates Grant
1870 Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament abolishes capital punishment in The Netherlands
1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent the first blue jeans with copper rivets
1875 International Bureau of Weights & Measures forms by treaty
1882 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy sign the Triple Alliance
1882 Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts" (Gengangere) premieres in Chicago
1882 Gotthard rail tunnel between Switzerland & Italy opens
1891 History of cinema: The first public display of Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope to members of the National Federation of Women's Club
1892 George Sampson patents clothes dryer
1895 1st commercial movie performance (153 Broadway, NYC)
1896 The six ton chandelier of the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris falls on the crowd resulting in the death of one and the injury of many others
1897 British Open Men's Golf, Royal Liverpool GC: English amateur Harold Hilton wins 2nd Open title by 1 stroke from Scot James Braid
1899 First speeding infraction by a New York cabbie driving an electric car - 12mph down Lexington Street
1900 II Summer (Modern) Olympic Games open in Paris (last 5 months)
1902 United States withdraws its troops from Cuba as the first Cuban president, Tomas Estrada Palma takes power
1903 Britain's House of Commons begins a debate on the charges of poor administration and ill treatment of natives in Belgium's colony in the Congo Free State
1910 Funeral for Britain's King Edward VII held in Westminster Abbey, has one of the largest assemblages of European royalty. Nine Kings in One Room
1911 Edwin Boaler Alletson hits 189 in 90 mins Notts v Sussex
1915 Bataafsche Petroleum Me begins oil extraction of Maracaibo
1916 Codell, Kansas hit by tornado (also on same date in 1917 & 1918)
1916 Saturday Evening Post cover features Norman Rockwell painting
1917 Turkish government authorizes Jews to return to Tel Aviv & Jaffa
1918 1st electrically propelled warship (New Mexico)
1920 Mexican President Venustiano Carranza, under attack by American petroleum companies, faces an armed rebellion by right-wing Sonoro triumvirate after nationalizing subsoil rights
1922 "Egypt" sinks off Ushant after colliding with "Seine" killing 90
1926 Belgian government of Jaspar takes power
1926 Congress passes Air Commerce Act, licensing of pilots & planes
1926 Thomas Edison says Americans prefer silent movies over talkies
1927 At 7:40 AM, Charles Lindbergh takes off from New York to cross the Atlantic for Paris, aboard Spirit of St Louis (1st non-stop flight)
1927 Saudi Arabia becomes independent of Great Britain in the Treaty of Jeddah
1930 1st airplane catapulted from a dirigible, Charles Nicholson, pilot
1930 University of California dedicates $1,500 to research on prevention & cure of athlete's foot
1932 Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland on her journey to become the 1st woman to fly solo and nonstop across the Atlantic
1932 Engelbert Dollfuss becomes chancellor of Austria
1939 "3 Little Fishies" by Kay Kyser swam to #1
1939 1st regular transatlantic airmail (Pan Am: NY to Marsseille France)
1940 German General Guderian's tanks reach the English Channel (British expeditionary army)
1940 Soccer team HZVV forms in Hoogeveen
1941 Archer's "Christian Calendar & Gregorian Reform" published
1941 Former Dutch PM Colijn says Neth Indies not ready for independence
1941 Germany begins airborne invasion of Crete
1942 US Navy 1st permitted black recruits to serve
1943 French, British and US victory parade in Tunis, Tunisia
1945 Keith Miller scores 105 in the 1st Victory Test Cricket at Lord's
1954 Chiang Kai-shek becomes president of Nationalist China
1955 Argentine parliament accepts separation of church and state
1956 Atomic fusion (thermonuclear) bomb dropped from plane at Bikini Atoll
1956 Jordan government of Samir resigns
1958 US performs nuclear test at Enwetak (atmospheric tests)
1959 Ford wins battle with Chrysler to call its new car "Falcon"
1959 Japanese-Americans regain their citizenship
1959 Shah of Persia Mohammad Reza Pahlavi visits Netherlands
1960 13th Cannes Film Festival: "The Sweet Life" directed by Federico Fellini wins the Palme d'Or
1961 Henzes opera "Elegy for Young Lovers," premieres in Schwetzingen
1961 Mauritania adopts constitution
1963 Sukarno appointed president of Indonesia
1964 Buster Mathis beats future world heavyweight champion Joe Frazer on points at trials in Flushing, NY to qualify for US Olympic boxing team; Mathis injures thumb, replaced by Frazier who wins gold.
1965 Pakistani Boeing 720-B crashes at Cairo Egypt, killing 121
1965 Yorkshire all out for 23 v Hampshire at Middlesbrough
1966 19th Cannes Film Festival: "A Man & a Woman" directed by Claude Lelouch & "The Birds, the Bees & the Italians" directed by Pietro Germi jointly awarded the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
1967 10,000 demonstrate against war in Vietnam
1967 BBC bans the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" because of drug references
1968 Terence O'Neill, then Northern Ireland Prime Minister, is showered with eggs, flour and stones after a meeting of the Woodvale Unionist Association, a loyalist vigilante group
1969 US troop capture Hill 937/Hamburger Hill in Vietnam
1970 100,000 march in NY supporting US policies in Vietnam
1970 2 die and 70 injured when 2 NYC subway trains crash in Queens
1970 Beatles' "Let it Be" movie premieres in UK
1971 Pentagon reports blacks constitute 11% of US soldiers in SE Asia
1972 "Different Times" closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 24 performances
1972 "Hard Job Being God" closes at Edison Theater NYC after 6 performances
1972 Republic of Cameroon declared as its constitution is ratified
1973 "2 Gentlemen of Verona" closes at St James Theater NYC after 613 performances
1973 25th Emmy Awards: Waltons, All in the Family & Mary Tyler Moore win
1974 Soyuz 14 returns to Earth
1976 USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
1978 3 PFLP members kill a police officer near El Al airlines in Orly Airport, Paris
1978 US launches Pioneer Venus 1; produces 1st global radar map of Venus
1979 "I Love My Wife" closes at Barrymore Theater NYC after 864 performances
1979 Elton John is the 1st western pop star to tour USSR
1980 710 families in Love Canal area (Niagara Falls NY) are evacuated
1980 Drummer Peter Criss quits rock band Kiss
1980 Fire in nursing home in Kingston Jamaica, kills 157
1980 In a referendum, 59.5% of Quebec voters reject separatism
1983 American heavyweight boxer Larry Holmes beats countryman Tim Witherspoon by split decision to retain his WBC title at the Dunes Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
1983 Michael Dokes & Mike Weaver fight to a draw in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1983 "Every Breath You Take" single released by The Police (Billboard Song of the Year, 1983)
1984 "On Your Toes" closes at Virginia Theater NYC after 505 performances
1985 Dow Jones industrial avg closes above 1,300 for 1st time
1985 Larry Holmes beats Carl Williams in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1985 US began broadcasts to Cuba on Radio Marti
1985 38th Cannes Film Festival: "When Father Was Away on Business" directed by Emir Kusturica wins the Palme d'Or
1986 Christy Fichtner, 23, (Texas), crowned 35th Miss USA
1986 Flintstones 25th Anniversary Celebration airs on CBS-tv
1987 Wrestler Jerry Lawler sues WWF & Harley Race for trademark name "king"
1989 China declares martial law in Beijing
1989 Toonces The Cat takes the wheel on "Saturday Night Live"
1989 Walter McConnel, 57, is oldest to reach 27,000' Mt Everest top
1990 "Truly Blessed" closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 33 performances
1990 Hubble Space Telescope sends its 1st photographs from space
1991 Soviet parliament approves law allowing citizens to travel abroad
1991 44th Cannes Film Festival: "Barton Fink" directed by Ethan and Joel Coen wins the Palme d'Or
1992 India launches its 1st satellite independently
1992 American rapper Tung Twista raps 597 syllables in under 60 seconds
1992 At height of "Black May' political crisis in Thailand TV interview broadcast of King Bhumibol Adulyadej demanding Generals Suchinda and Chamlong work together
1992 36th European Cup: Barcelona beats Sampdoria 1-0 at London
1993 10m meteor comes within 150,000 km of Earth (1993KA)
1993 274th & final "Cheers" episode on NBC
1994 Sushmita Sen from India is crowned the 43rd Miss Universe at 18 years old
1996 UN and Iraq agree to Resolution 986, which provides Iraq with the opportunity to sell $1 billion of oil for 90 days for a 180-day trial period; proceeds from the sale would be used for humanitarian purposes
1996 49th Cannes Film Festival: "Secrets & Lies" directed by Mike Leigh wins the Palme d'Or
1997 Cosmos Zenit-2 Launch (Russia), Failed
1997 Thor-2A Delta 2 Launch (Norway/USA), Successful
1997 US President Clinton signs an executive order barring new US investment in Burma (also known as Myanmar), effective May 21 and renewable annually
1998 6th UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid beats Juventus 1-0 at Amsterdam
2000 English FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London (78,217): Chelsea beats Aston Villa, 1-0; Roberto Di Matteo scores 73' winner
2002 The independence of East Timor is recognized by Portugal, formally ending 23 years of Indonesian rule and 3 years of provisional UN administration (Portugal itself was the former colonizer of East Timor until 1976)
2003 Laureus World Sports Awards, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco: Sportsman: Lance Armstrong (rescinded); Sportswoman: Serena Williams; Team: Brazil Men's National Football team
2006 51st Eurovision Song Contest: Lordi for Finland wins singing "Hard Rock Hallelujah" in Athens
2007 53rd British Academy Television Awards: "That Mitchell and Webb Look" Best Comedy, "The Street" Best Drama
2009 Mexico is the first Latin American country to officially enter recession
2012 6.0 magnitude earthquake kills 6 and injures dozens in northern Italy
2012 Tomislav Nikolić elected president of Serbia
2012 20th Billboard Music Awards: Adele, 21 win
2013 133 people are killed and 283 are injured in a continued wave of insurgency in Iraq
2013 2 people are killed and 20 are injured after a hot air balloon crashes in Cappadocia, Turkey
2013 The Church of Scotland votes to allow openly gay men and women to be ministers
2013 Yahoo purchases Tumbler for $1.1 Billion
2015 Journal Nature publishes findings of the oldest human-made tools from Kenya’s Turkana basin - 3.3 million years, 1st found to pre-date the Homo genus
2015 5 major world banks (JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS and UBS) fined US$5.7bn for manipulating currency markets - some of the largest ever fines
2017 US President Donald Trump begins his 1st foreign trip arriving in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2018 Two cyclists attacked by a cougar, 1 dies, in North Bend, Washington State
2018 President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela wins a second term in an election marked by boycotts and accusations of vote rigging
2018 K-pop boy band BTS are the first Koreans to perform at the Billboard Music Awards
2018 The Tradition Senior Men's Golf, Greystone G &CC: Spaniard Miguel Ángel Jiménez wins by 3 from American trio Joe Durant, Steve Stricker & Gene Sauers
2019 Google stops support for Huawei's Android system escalating the tech war between US & China
2019 Bangladesh imposes a 65-day ban on coastal fishing to conserve fish stocks
2020 WHO reports most new cases of Covid-19 in a single day - 106,000 worldwide COVID-19 cases
2020 Cyclone Amphan comes ashore in West Bengal, East India and Bangladesh, with winds of 185 km per hour (115 mph) killing at least 84 people

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