Smart Meters

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Re: Smart Meters

Post by macliam » Thu May 27 2021 3:50pm

"Valencia region" - Isn't that the infamous "We want to widen the road so we're taking your garden without compensation" area? Given the meagre government controls over utilities in the Iberian peninsula, I'd not believe that much of what happens can be imposed in the UK.

The benefit to the utility companies is that they don't have to physically read your meter.... and whilst they may wish to impose variable costs, they couldn't do it without the customer's agreement. Not having a smart meter will ultimately not be a choice - much like you can't send your meter readings by pigeon....
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Re: Smart Meters

Post by blythburgh » Sat May 29 2021 9:36am

We will not be considering a smart meter until we get more plugs fitted.
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Re: Smart Meters

Post by planteria » Sun May 30 2021 9:40am

kevinchess1 wrote:
Thu May 27 2021 1:13pm
Having an SM will not make your bills any cheaper but people tend to look at them and run around switching stuff off to save money. You can do that with/out a SM..
you're right, of course, but people being able to see individual appliances consuming cash focuses their attention to switch them off if not in use.
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