Juicy June QOTM 21

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Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by kevinchess1 » Wed Jun 02 2021 11:08am

Hello and welcome to the Monthly quiz. Sorry it's late :oops: All ready had blythburgh's lawyer on the blower demanding COMPensation, Had a (Dirty) BH w/end break, with IDSIS in Whales. Brought her some Ann Summers Lingerie. a couple of sizes too small :-D (12) All silk and satin in a beautiful box. Should be easy to return unopened :(
Last time I was in Cardiff was for a 'Fact Finding' mission for Rpoints with Luke, back in the 90's. He insisted on treating me to an evening at the Leisure centre. Turn out to be a flock of sheep tied to a fence :shock: I turn and walk out immediately after 8 hours

All answers should be found on Imutual during The 3 last months


£8 Amazon evoucher or paypal if you get the Bb.

11, 22, 33, 44, 55 are harder
if you get them right AND the number is drawn
You win £4

£2 each for those who claim for MB

You have to claim your prize

Maximum of £8 per person and/or 2 prizes

Prizes will be paid by the end of the month

One correct answer per person per day

1 April POTM winner?
2 Pieman comp winner?
3 CIC Gold Mine price?
4 Male bee fate?
5 I BLAME Brexit date?
6 Fisherman salvation?
7 Cutting rewards?
8 Gold price?
9 Whats a white wash?
10 Paypal offer?
11 Why the pope?
12 Interesting question?
13 IN Guiness?
14 Any SHotto winner?
15 Grabbed by the organ?
16 PPP winner?
17 NI age?
18 Topcat bonus?
19 Micheal age?
20 Who Pulled out the rug?
21 Whose nickers?
22 Two overweight popes?
23 Star wars day?
24 What rests?
25 Viktor job?
26 Not in the library?
27 Has sprouts?
28 Has Pringles?
29 Marleys age?
30 Bitcoin pizza date?
31 Who's taking a peek?
32 Forgot milk?
33 Novice has a big dump?
34 MB birthday?
35 Like a walnut?
36 In the Guinnesss?
37 Deadpool's cousions?
38 Lost his watch?
39 What the defence did?
40 Runs a museum?
41 Where are the cattle?
42 The Flash sale?
43 Whats happening at Heacham
44 Short bear. no tea, didn't lose?
45 Lost an election?
46 Has pringles
48 Not giving up drinking?
49 Wants some Rose?
50 Morrison weekly prize?
51 Free bar?
52 Who wins?
53 Mods sweeped?
54 A wonderful thing?
55 Army officer has eaten lost Alan?
56 What yesterday was?
57 Win £50 here?
58 DUP leader?
59 Has Amazon codes?

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by Sarah » Wed Jun 02 2021 11:51am

kevinchess1 wrote:
Wed Jun 02 2021 11:08am
50 Morrison weekly prize?
Swipe to win £50

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by expressman33 » Wed Jun 02 2021 12:00pm

33 Novice has a big dump?

Thanked by: kevinchess1

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by macliam » Wed Jun 02 2021 12:12pm

31 Who's taking a peek?

That'll be you, kev....
kevinchess1 wrote:
Sun May 09 2021 12:38am
Is it a FLASH sale?
I might take a peek.
I probably wait until they come down.
Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get me

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by blythburgh » Wed Jun 02 2021 12:38pm

8 Gold price?

With a month to go, the price quoted on gold.co.uk today is around GBP1280.
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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by tom15 » Wed Jun 02 2021 4:17pm

14 Any SHotto winner?


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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by adamred6 » Wed Jun 02 2021 5:14pm

2 Pieman comp winner?

Me - Adamred6

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by dustie » Wed Jun 02 2021 5:35pm

44 Short bear. no tea, didn't lose?

Ed Wins
Thanked by: kevinchess1

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by stockportcounty » Wed Jun 02 2021 6:25pm

1 April POTM winner?

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Re: Juicy June QOTM 21

Post by jo_nee55 » Wed Jun 02 2021 6:33pm

35 Like a walnut?

mackem's liver

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