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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Sat Jun 12 2021 11:34am

12th June 2021

World Day Against Child Labour
Child labour is especially rampant in many developing countries - but even in industrialized nations many children are forced to work. According to UNICEF, children in the United States “are employed in agriculture, a high proportion of them from immigrant or ethnic-minority families.” There have also been a number of incidents of western companies exploiting child labourers in developing countries to save production costs. In 2011, there were an estimated 215 million child labourers in the world - 115 million of whom were involved in hazardous work. To combat child labour around the world the International Labour Organization (ILO) initiated the World Day Against Child Labour in 2002.

Superman Day
What’s that?! There in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the Man of Tomorrow! Superman has gone by many names over the years, but one thing has remained the same. He has always stood for what’s best about humanity, all of our potential for terrible destructive acts, but also our choice to not act on the level of destruction we could wreak. Superman was first created in 1933 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the writer and artist respectively. His first appearance was in Action Comics #1, and that was the beginning of a long and illustrious career for the Man of Steel. In his unmistakable blue suit with red cape, and the stylized red S on his chest, the figure of Superman has become one of the most recognizable in the world.

World Gin Day
Gin Day was established by England’s own connoisseur of the juniper-based drink, the Gin Monkey. Emma, the titular Gin Monkey, has been a huge fan of cocktails of all kinds and has worked throughout the Newcastle, London, and Leeds area in multiple cocktail bars. Taking this experience to the streets she created her Gin Monkey site, put together with the intent of saving intrepid bar-hoppers from finding the worst of the alcohol joints at their destination. After having had an incredibly hard time finding anything worth drinking when she first arrived in London, she decided someone had to solve this problem for other travellers, and it might as well be her. Since then she’s taken a dedicated role in providing independent and impartial views of the gin joints in her area… well, they serve more than gin, but one is allowed to have a favourite, wouldn’t you say?

Gin has had a noble history as a medicine as well, or rather, as a way to make medicine more palatable. Quinine is the distillation of the ground bark of the cinchona tree, which produced a tonic that was capable of treating malaria. Unfortunately, the quinine was incredibly bitter, and gin was used to cut it. The flavour caught on, and to this day, the tonic in the Gin and Tonic contains the slightest bit of quinine to capture the flavour of the original.

Red Rose Day
A well-known symbol of love in addition to being a beautiful and fragrant flower, it’s no wonder that Red Rose Day is such a popular occasion. Celebrating the many facets of the rose, Red Rose Day is a time for gardeners, florists, and romantics to come together and enjoy the rose in all its splendour. Red Rose Day gives fans a chance to see roses at their best, blooming in glorious abundance at the height of the season. When it comes to roses, the choices are plenty, but with all of this choice comes great responsibility. If you are thinking of treating a lady or gentleman that happens to have botanical interests, you need to be mindful of the roses you choose.

First and foremost, let us address the small elephant in the digital room. If you are from across the water, roses can also mean a small cheap box of chocolates, 20% of which nobody will ever eat, unless you are hoping for a divorce, you should probably steer well clear of these.

Of course, when it comes to shopping for actual roses, you still need to be mindful. Roses are one of the international symbols of passion and love, but there are some roses, such as the Rosa violet Carson, which is often associated with death and getting closer to heaven. Now, while you may approach the situation with the best intent, should you pass one of these beautiful rose hybrids to somebody with a little botanical knowledge, this situation is tantamount to visiting your parents with retirement home catalogues.

All joking aside, when it comes to the one flower that can place you into the embrace of another, or in some cases save you from a lengthy divorce, the rose really is that flower.

International Falafel Day
Calling all fans of falafel! Deep-fried and composed of chickpeas or fava beans, this Middle Eastern food is often found wrapped up in a pita bread, or served with salad and sauces. No matter how this dish is served, falafel is a bit crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and absolutely delicious in every way!

A favourite among meat-eaters and vegetarians alike (the latter of whom will often find it presented as an alternative to meat), falafel is one food that certainly deserves its own day of recognition. On the 12th of June each year, it is time to celebrate one of the world’s favourite chickpea treats with International Falafel Day!

Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Most people are familiar with peanut butter for its presence on sandwiches, often accompanied by jelly…or bananas (as was the favourite of Elvis Presley). But peanut butter is also an extremely useful ingredient in the kitchen, added to savoury meals or sweet desserts. Today, the featured baked good is the rich and tasty peanut butter cookie! Peanut butter cookies are yummy snacks that can be enjoyed any time, but especially on Peanut Butter Cookie Day.

A selection of Birthdays

1802 Harriet Martineau, British controversial journalist, political economist, abolitionist and life-long feminist, born in Norwich, (d. 1876)
1819 Charles Kingsley [Parson Lot], Vicar & historian (Westward Ho!), b. Holne Vicarage (d.1875)
1833 George Stevens, Jockey (record 5 Grand National wins), born Cheltenham, (d. 1871)
1835 George Atzerodt, American conspirator who failed to attempt an assassination of Vice President Andrew Johnson the night Abraham Lincoln was murdered, born Dorna, German Confederation (d.1865)
1851 Oliver Joseph Lodge, English physicist, early radio pioneer, born in Penkhull, England (d. 1940)
1861 William Attewell, Cricket bowler (England in 10 Tests 1884-1891), born Keyworth, Notts.(d.1927)
1897 Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1955-57) and Foreign Secretary, born in Rushyford, England (d. 1977)
1909 Mansel Treharne Thomas, Welsh composer, born in Tylorstown, Rhondda, (d. 1986)
1910 Bill Naughton[William John Francis Naughton]Playwright (Alfie), born Ballyhaunis, Ireland (d.1992)
1914 Peter Lancelot Williams, English dance journalist, born in Burton Joyce, Nottingham (d. 1995)
1920 Peter Jones, British actor (Chariots of Fire, From a Bird's Eye View), born in Wem, Salop.(d.2000)
1921 Christopher Derrick, British writer, born in Hungerford, Berkshire, England (d. 2007)
1924 George H. W. Bush, 41st US President (R, 1989-93) and 43rd US Vice President (R, 1981-89), born in Milton, Massachusetts
1926 Jackie Pallo, English professional wrestler, born in Islington, London, (d. 2006)
1928 Michael Wishart, British figurative painter, born in London (d. 1996)
1929 Anne Frank, Dutch Diarist and Jewish victim of the Nazi Holocaust (Diary of Anne Frank), born in Frankfurt, Germany (d. 1945)
1929 Brigid Brophy, British novelist (Hackenfeller's Ape) and campaigner, born Ealing, (d. 1995)
1930 Innes Ireland, Scottish racing driver, born in Mytholmroyd, West Riding of Yorkshire, (d. 1993)
1938 Tom Oliver, English-Australian actor (Number 96), born in Chandler's Ford, Hampshire
1941 Reg Presley [Reginald Ball],Rock vocalist & Songwriter (Troggs - "Wild Thing"; "Love Is All Around"), b. Andover, (d. 2013)
1941 Roy Harper, English musician (Folkjokeopus), born in Rusholme, Manchester
1946 Harry Glasper, English writer, born in Middlesbrough, England
1949 John Wetton, British rock vocalist and bassist (Asia, King Crimson), born in Willington (d. 2017)
1952 Oliver Knussen, British composer (Where the Wild Things Are, Chicara), born in Glasgow,(d.2018)
1952 Pete Farndon, English musician (The Pretenders), born in Hereford,(d. 1983)
1954 Neil Oatley, Engineer, design & development in Formula One teams. b. Camberwell, London
1962 Paul Clark, English musician (The Bolshoi), born in Leeds
1964 Peter Such, Cricketer (England off-spinner 1993-), born Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire,
1964 Derek Higgins, Irish racing driver, born in Dublin, Ireland
1965 Cathy Tyson, English actress (Serpant & Rainbow), born in Liverpool, England
1967 Frances O'Connor, English-Australian actress (The Importance of Being Earnest)b. Wantage Oxon.

On this day in British History

1381 Peasants' Revolt: in England, rebels arrive at Blackheath
1653 First Anglo-Dutch War:Battle of the Gabbard/Battle at North Foreland, English fleet beats Dutch
1665 New Amsterdam legally becomes an English colony & renamed New York after English Duke of York
1665 England installs a municipal government in New York City
1667 Michiel de Ruyter destroys English fleet
1673 Charles II's brother duke James of York resigns as Lord High Admiral
1683 Rye house plot against English King Charles II uncovered
1701 Act of Settlement gives English crown to Sophia, Princess of Hanover
1873 John William Strutt [Lord Raleigh] becomes President of the Royal Society (UK)
1944 British 12th airborne battalion and the 13th & 18th Hussars attack and capture Bréville
1979 Bryan Allen flew man-powered Gossamer Albatross over English Channel in a human-powered aircraft; flight took 2 hrs, 49 min
1982 Battle of Mount Longdon Falkland Islands
1988 The Republic of Ireland beats England 1-0 at Euro88 thanks to a headed goal by Ray Houghton. This is Ireland's first competitive match at a major football tournament.
1997 Shakespeare's Globe theatre opens in London, England, replica of original Globe theatre (1599-1642) with performance of Henry V, after campaign by Sam Wanamaker

Northern Ireland

1889 88 people are killed in the Armagh rail disaster, Ireland.
1990 Terence O'Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland (Ulster Unionist Party: 1963-69), dies of cancer at 75

Deaths in History

1435 John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel, English military leader (b. 1408)
1567 Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich, Lord Chancellor of England (b. 1490)
1647 Thomas Farnaby, English grammarian
1759 William Collins, English poet (Ode to Simplicity), dies at 37
1963 Andrew Browne, Irish/British admiral (Cape Matapan, WW II), dies at 80
1982 Sgt Ian McKay VC, Platoon Sergeant 4 Platoon, B Company, 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (British Army) (Falklands War) (b. 1953)
2007 Colin Fletcher, Welsh author and pioneering backpacker (Walking Through Time), dies of complications from an old head injury at 85
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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Sun Jun 13 2021 10:41am

13th June 2021

International Albinism Awareness Day
International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD) is celebrated annually on June 13 to celebrate the human rights of persons with albinism worldwide.

Around the mid-2000s, reports made public a rising number of violent attacks on and murders of persons with albinism in Tanzania. Many reports have accused perpetrators of attributing magical powers to the bodies of persons with albinism, and thus being motivated to use them for lucky charms and occult rituals. Until 2015, perpetrators killed more than 70 victims and harmed many more. In response, the Tanzania Albinism Society (TAS) and other NGOs began campaigning for the human rights of persons with albinism. TAS celebrated the first Albino Day on May 4, 2006. It became National Albino Day from 2009 onwards and was eventually called National Albinism Day.

Sewing Machine Day
Long ago, when mankind first started working with fibres to produce clothing, things were long and arduous. Fibre had to be laboriously broken down and spun into yarn and thread, and then thread woven into cloth. That cloth would then be cut and stitched together using a needle and thread, with someone laborious picking out every stitch by hand. Then something amazing happened, the Sewing Machine was invented, and with it the process of making clothing grew ever more efficient. Sewing Machine Day celebrates the invention of this amazing device.

World Softball Day
If you love a fast-paced game you can play indoors and gives you all the thrill and excitement of baseball; then it’s time to check out Softball. Softball is a much-maligned variation of baseball that has an exciting history and just as fierce a spirit of competition as the more famous baseball. If you know and love this game and its storied past, then World Softball Day is for you.

International Axe Throwing Day
On this day, you can try your hand at skilfully lobbing this tree-felling instrument in a fun, competitive, and most of all safe environment. And what’s more, at participating locations, you can do it for free!

This day was created to encourage sporty types to give a go to a historical past time, relieve stress and just have fun with friends and family. Across the world, axe throwing clubs will be opening their doors to allow anyone to try the sport free of charge. So there’s no excuse not to get out in the great outdoors and give it a go!

A selection of Birthdays

40 Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman general and Governor of Britain, conquered Wales and Northern England, born in Gallia Narbonensis (Roman province in Southern France) (d. 93)
1731 Martha Washington, 1st US First Lady (1789-97), born in Kent County, Virginia (d. 1802)
1752 Fanny Burney, English novelist (Camille, Evelina), born in King’s Lynn, d. 1840)
1773 Thomas Young, Physician & physicist (light interference), born Milverton, Somerset, (d. 1829)
1795 Thomas Arnold, Educator & historian (History of Rome), born W. Cowes, Isle of Wight,(d. 1842)
1831 James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist(electromagnetic theory/light speed) b. Edinburgh (d.1879)
1854 Charles Algernon Parsons, British inventor (steam turbine), born in London (d. 1931)
1863 Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon, English fashion designer, born in London (d. 1935)
1865 W. B. Yeats, Irish poet (Wild Swans at Coole-Nobel 1923), born in Sandymount, Ireland (d. 1939)
1876 William Sealy Gosset, Statistician (Student's t-distribution), born Canterbury, (d. 1937)
1879 George Gunn, Cricketer (elegant English batsman 1907-30), born Hucknall, Notts (d. 1958)
1884 Gerald Gardner, British occultist and Wiccan (founding the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca), born in Blundellsands, Lancs. (d. 1964)
1892 Basil Rathbone, South African born British actor (Sherlock Holmes), born in Johannesburg, South Africa (d. 1967)
1893 Dorothy L. Sayers, English novelist (The Nine Tailors), born in Oxford, England (d. 1957)
1905 K. S. Duleepsinhji, English-Indian cricketer (12 Tests for England, 995 runs), born in Nawanagar State, Kathiawar, British India (d. 1959)
1910 Mary Whitehouse, English social activist who opposed social liberalism and the mainstream British media, born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England (d. 2001)
1929 Alan Civil, Horn player (played horn solo in Beatles "For No One"), born Northants. (d. 1989)
1938 Gwynne Howell, Welsh operatic bass, born in Gorseinon, Wales
1943 Malcolm McDowell, English actor (Clockwork Orange, Caligula), born in Leeds, England
1944 Ban Ki-moon, South Korean politician and 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations (2007-16), born in Injō, Japanese Korea
1946 Paul Buckmaster, Grammy Award-winning artist/conductor 7 composer, b.London, (d. 2017)
1951 Richard Thomas, American actor (John Boy - The Waltons, Last Summer, Johnny Belinda), born in NYC, New York
1955 Alan Hansen, Scottish soccer defender (26 caps; Liverpool 434 games) and broadcaster (BBC Match of the Day), born in Sauchie, Scotland
1961 Bob Crow, English trade union leader (National Union RMT), born Epping, Essex, (d. 2014)
1962 Mark Frankel, British actor (Leon the Pig Farmer), born in Pontrhydyfen, Wales (d. 1996)
1964 Kathy Burke, Actress & playwright (Absolutely Fabulous, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), b. London
1968 [Denise] Deniece Pearson, English singer-songwriter (Five Star), born in Islington, London
1968 David Gray, British singer-songwriter, and guitarist (White Ladder), born in Sale
1975 Riccardo Scimeca, English footballer
1976 Kym Marsh, English singer, actress, & T.V. presenter
1976 [Jason Paul] J Brown, English singer and rapper (Five), born in Aldershot, England
1980 Darius Vassell, English footballer
1983 Matt Allison, British racing driver
1990 Aaron Johnson, British actor
1992 Tyler Davison, was world's smallest baby at 6 inches, 11 ounces

On this day in British History

1665 Battle of Lowestoft, English fleet beats Dutch
1721 England signs Treaty of Madrid
1753 Austria, Great Britain & Modena sign secret military treaty
1837 1st Mormon missionaries to British Isles leave Kirtland, Ohio
1932 Great Britain and France sign peace treaty
1956 The last British troops leave the Suez Canal Zone in Egypt
1957 Mayflower II from Plymouth, England, reaches Plymouth, Massachusetts
1972 The Irish Republican Army invites British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Willie Whitelaw to 'Free Derry'; Whitelaw rejects offer and reaffirms his policy to not "let part of the United Kingdom default from the rule of law"
1981 Teenager fires 6 blank rounds at Queen Elizabeth II
2019 Archaeologists announce Scottish crannogs (fortified settlements on artificial islands in lochs) far older than first thought, radiocarbon dated to 3640-3360 BC, older than Stonehenge

Northern Ireland

1971 In defiance of a government ban, members of the Orange Order march through the mainly Catholic town of Dungiven, County Londonderry, causing a riot
1972-06-13 The Irish Republican Army invites British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Willie Whitelaw to 'Free Derry'; Whitelaw rejects offer and reaffirms his policy to not "let part of the United Kingdom default from the rule of law"


0040 Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman general and Governor of Britain, conquered Wales and Northern England, born in Gallia Narbonensis (Roman province in Southern France) (d. 93)

Weddings in History

1625 Charles I marries French princess Henrietta Maria at Canterbury cathedral
1850 Poet Alfred Tennyson (40) weds Emily Sellwood (36)

Deaths in History

1636 George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly, Scottish politician (b. 1562)
1899 [Robert] Lawson Tait, Scottish-born pioneering surgeon performed first salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy, dies at 54
1958 Edwin Keppel Bennett, English writer (Built in Jerusalem’s Wall: A Book in praise of Jerusalem), dies at 70
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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Mon Jun 14 2021 10:13am

14th June 2021

World Blood Donor Day
World Blood Donor Day is an annual international event to pay tribute to all unpaid voluntary donors for their gift while raising people’s awareness on the importance of regular donations in order to secure high-quality blood and blood components for use in the healthcare system.

World Blood Donor Day was established in 2005 by the World Health Organization and is celebrated around the world on June 14, a day that marks the birth of Karl Landsteiner, the man who discovered blood types and co-discovered the Rh factor. World Blood Donor Day also provides an opportunity for citizens, governments and health authorities to become more aware about the need to strengthen the blood donation network.

Great dragon boat races take place between slim rowing boats (sometimes 100 feet long) shaped like dragons. People also go down to the rivers to picnic and celebrate on boats.

Cupcake Day
A cupcake is like a great pop song. The whole world in less than three minutes. And it’s impossible to have a bad cupcake… I’m always looking, always on the eternal search for the perfect cupcake. I take them very seriously.
Aurel Nakadate

International Bath Day
If you think of the ultimate in relaxing experiences that come pretty much free of charge, then one of the first things that come to mind is a long, hot soak in the bath. Well, if you needed a reason to draw up the most amazing and luxurious bath, then International Bath Day is quite possibly it. While it may sound like utter madness, it is, in fact, an incredibly popular day and an excuse for every man, woman, and child to enjoy the most relaxing and indulgent of soaks.

We should probably also start by saying that International Bath Day isn’t the only day of the year you should choose to have a bath, let’s face it if this were the case public transport would be way more disturbing on summer days. In fact, days like this are probably not about bathing at all; International Bath Day is a way of celebrating our humanity, it’s about recognizing who we are and how far we have truly come. While for some, a bath is just a way to clean some difficult to reach areas; for others, it’s an escape. There are people out there that work 14 hour days and just need to unwind away from the world, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who find inspiration while enjoying the quiet and occasional fizz of bubbles. In truth, days like International Bath Day are to you what you make of them; you should look to do something that makes you feel happiest to be alive, something that is just for you and nobody else.

Flag Day
It’s time to rally round… Whether it’s a huge Union Jack flapping on the porch, or just a lapel pin, find a way to mark a unique day in a unique country.

Bourbon Day
Nobody really needs a good excuse to enjoy the odd tipple, but Bourbon Day gives anyone the perfect reason to dust off a bottle of this fine whisky and have a glass or two!

Those who are less steeped in the culture of alcoholic beverages may not know the difference between bourbon and whisky, which is certainly okay! This is the perfect day to learn. Bourbon Day has been set aside as a day to learn about and appreciate this fine liquor

A Selection of Birthdays

1811 Harriet Beecher Stowe, American author (Uncle Tom's Cabin), b. Litchfield, Connecticut (d. 1896)
1903 Arthur McDonald, Royal Air Force officer and radar pioneer, born in South Africa (d. 1996)
1907 Nicolas Bentley, British writer & illustrator, b. London (d. 1978)
1919 Sam Wanamaker, American-English actor (Holocaust, Competition, Raw Deal), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 1993)
1923 Jack Hayward, British financier (Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club), born in Wolverhampton,(d. 2015)
1923 Judith Kerr, British children's writer and illustrator (The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Mog books), born in Berlin, Germany (d. 2019)
1925 David Bache, British car designer (Rover), born in Mannheim, Germany (d. 1994)
1928 Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Argentine Marxist revolutionary (Cuban Revolution), author and physician, born in Rosario, Argentina (d. 1967)
1938 Julie Felix, American-born British-based folk-rock singer-songwriter, and BBC presenter (The Frost Report; Once More With Felix), born in Santa Barbara, California (d. 2020)
1943 John Miles, British racing driver, born in London (d. 2018)
1945 Rod Argent, English rock musician (The Zombies - "She's Not There"; Argent - "Hold Your Head Up"), born in St Albans, Hertfordshire
1946 Donald Trump, 45th US President (2017-21), real estate tycoon (Trump Towers) and TV personality (The Apprentice), born in NYC, New York
1949 Alan White, English rock drummer (Yes, Ramshackled), born in Pelton, County Durham,
1949 Jim Lea, British musician (Slade), born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
1950 Jeremy Sinden, English actor (Chariots of Fire, Ascendancy, Harem), born in London (d. 1996)
1950 Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, born in Swansea, Glamorgan,
1955 Paul O'Grady, TV presenter, comedian & drag queen (Lily Savage), born in Tranmere,
1961 Boy George [O'Dowd], British singer-songwriter (Culture Club), born in Bexley, Kent,
1964 Peter Gilliver, English lexicographer, born in Middlesbrough
1969 Steffi Graf, German tennis player (Golden Slam 1988, 22 Grand Slam singles titles), born in Mannheim, Germany
1972 Shaun Keaveny, British radio DJ
1974 Phillip Rhys, British actor
1976 Alan Carr, British Stand-up comedian, Television presenter
1982 Jamie Green, British racing driver
1984 Siobhán Donaghy, British singer (ex-Sugababes)
1986 Jonathan Clare, English cricketer
2160 Montgomery Edward Scott, Fictional engineer from Star Trek, born in Aberdeen

On this day in British history

1381 Richard II meets leaders of the Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath. The Tower of London is stormed by rebels who enter without resistance.
1645 Battle of Naseby, Leicestershire: "New Model Army" under Oliver Cromwell & Thomas Fairfax beat royalists forces of King Charles I
1658 Battle of the Dunes: English and French forces defeat the Spanish near Dunkirk during Franco-Spanish War
1673 Battle at Schooneveld: Michiel de Ruyter beats French/English fleet
1789 Captain William Bligh and his loyal men cast off from HMS Bounty reach Timor, after sailing 5,800 km in a 6-metre launch
1822 Charles Babbage proposes a "difference engine" in a paper to the Royal Astronomical Society entitled "Note on the application of machinery to the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables"
1917 1st German air attack on England, 100+ killed in East London
1958 British parachutists land on Cyprus
1982 Argentina surrenders to Great Britain, ending the 74-day Falklands Islands conflict
1989 Ronald Reagan is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (honorary knighthood)
2017 Fire in Grenfell Tower block in London, England kills 79 and injures 37

Northern Ireland

1972 Members of the NI Social Democratic and Labour Party hold a meeting with representatives of the Irish Republican Army in Derry; the IRA representatives outline their conditions for talks with the British Government

Deaths in History

1662 Henry Vane the Younger, English politician and Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1613)
1883 Edward FitzGerald, English poet (b. 1809)
1927 Jerome K. Jerome, English writer (The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow), dies at 68
1928 Emmeline Pankhurst, British suffragette who formed the Women's Social & Political Union (1903), dies at 69
1936 G. K. Chesterton [Gilbert Keith], English writer/poet (Father Brown), dies at 62
1946 John Logie Baird, Scottish inventor and father of the television, dies of a stroke at 57
1991 Joy Finzi [Joyce A Black], British painter, dies at 84
1994 Denys Hay, British historian, dies at 78
1994 Simon Prior, British auto maker, dies of injuries

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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Tue Jun 15 2021 10:45am

15th June 2021

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is commemorated each year on June 15th to highlight one of the worst manifestations of ageism and inequality in our society, elder abuse.

Elder abuse is any act that causes harm to an older person and is carried out by someone they know and trust, such as a family member or friend. The abuse may be physical, social, financial, psychological, or sexual and can include mistreatment and neglect. WEAAD was officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2011, following a request by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), who first established the commemoration in June 2006.

In many parts of the world, elder abuse occurs with little recognition or response. It is a global social issue that affects the health, well-being, independence, and human rights of millions of older people worldwide and an issue that deserves the attention of all in the community.

According to WHO, prevalence rates or estimates exist only in selected developed countries – ranging from 1 to 10 percent. Although the extent of elder mistreatment is unknown, its social and moral significance is obvious.

Nature Photography Day
The natural world is full of so much gorgeous beauty and wonder, and it is important for us to embrace it as much as possible. We can experience so much breath taking scenery in nature, and it is important to make sure we make the most of this. The world of nature is one that exists alongside our own, and it is important that we love and respect it, the best way of doing this is to try to understand and admire the beauty of nature as much as possible. Many people have hobbies and interests that involve the natural world in some way.

One of the best ways of being able to admire and experience the supreme magnificence of the natural world is to capture it on film. There is a reason why people take cameras and camcorders when they go on safaris. Nature is so awe-inspiring and unique that we often only get fleeting moments that pass as quickly as they happen. And it is so important to try to capture these moments, as many of them are things we may never see or experience again. Things like The Great Migration and thunderstorms are good examples of things in nature that you need to try to capture when you get the opportunity.

Have you ever enjoyed a photo of a flower? Or a close up of a bee landing on the entrance to its hive? Have you marvelled at the grace of a gazelle leaping through the Savannah, or the lumbering majesty of a rare elephant as it feeds from the highest trees or draws water from a watering hole? If so, you know what it is to marvel at the natural world around us. Nature Photography Day celebrates those amazing souls who are able to capture nature’s beauty in the eye of a camera. Capturing these seminal moments is so important for allowing us to take in the beauty of the natural world, and preserve the amazing power of nature for years to come.

Beer Day Britain
Beer has such a rich and vibrant history, we can’t possibly do it justice in just this one article. As arguably the oldest alcoholic drink, it’s an absolute favourite not just in Britain, but worldwide.

Beer is made by brewing, a process which requires fermenting cereal and water with yeast. There are plenty of traditional methods of doing this, and ancient records suggest that humans have been brewing since around 6000BC. Beer Day Britain sees pubs and brewers across Britain taking part in beer-based festivities for the weekend, just before Father’s Day.

June 15th was chosen for Beer Day Britain because the Magna Carta was sealed on this date, way back in 1215. In it, article 35 states ‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely the London quarter’ – proof that ale was just as important back then as it is today!

Author and beer aficionado Jane Peyton started up Beer Day Britain, and thanks to her this day has the support of the biggest organizations in the beer industry of Britain. So that’s even more reason to take notice of this day!

Lobster Day
Lobsters can last an awfully long time in the wild – longer than you might think! – if they aren’t scooped up to be made into something tasty. It’s estimated that they can live up to a massive 50 years, although aging them correctly is a little tough. Of course, this is something of a moot point when it comes to eating them, as your interest is purely in the way they taste. Lobsters are a big coup for fisherman, and they have specific nets dedicated to trying to capture these creatures.

They are omnivores, which means they are quite happy to tuck into plants and other ocean-dwellers alike. They also tend to munch on their own skin after they moult – waste not, want not! The lobster is a creature revered and respected, and it seems fitting that this creepy looking critter should be celebrated for its gorgeous taste, and the role it plays in fine dining.

Today, lobster is considered a luxury food – served up in soup, rolls, or simply with lashings of warm butter. However, it wasn’t always like this; once upon a time, lobster was far from a pricey and sought-after foodstuff. It seems hard to believe it, but there was once a time when lobster was not viewed in the way it is now. In fact, quite the opposite, it was actually seen as something eaten by lower classes; let’s find out more.

Prior to the mid 19th century, lobster was usually only eaten by servants or those considered to be from within the lower echelons of society. It was even served up in prisons quite frequently – allegedly, much to the complaints of the prisoners – and in some places, it was even considered to be best used for fish bait or as fertilizer. How times have changed!

Cherry Tart Day
It is thought that the origins of Cherry Tart Day date back to the annual National Cherry Festival held in Michigan, USA. Cherries were plentiful in supply but their uses were limited. Although cherries are grown on several continents, they have a relatively short growing season.

In a cherry tart, the fruit is presented in an appealing open-faced crusty pastry shell with superior ingredients. Enjoy a scrumptious slice with custard or ice cream, as the pastry crumbles with the tangy cherry taste – rich in antioxidants and even thought to help inflammation.

A Selection of Birthdays

Edward the Black Prince
1330 Edward the Black Prince [Edward of Woodstock], English prince and knight, born in Woodstock Palace, England (d. 1376)
1843 Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer (Bewitched One), born in Bergen, Norway (d. 1907)
1886 Charles Wood, Irish composer of church music, born in Armagh, Northern Ireland (d. 1926)
1898 Thomas Henry Wait Armstrong, English organist and composer, born in Peterborough,(d. 1994)
1901 Peter Shankland, English filmmaker and historian
1907 James Robertson Justice, Actor (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Moby Dick) b.Lewisham London (d.1975)
1911 Wilbert Awdry, British Anglican cleric and children's writer (Thomas the Tank Engine), born in Ampfield, England (d. 1997)
1913 Trevor Huddleston, English pastor/chairman (Anti-Apartheid)
1915 Patrick Piggott, British pianist, composer, and musicologist (The Life & Music of John Field; The Innocent Diversion - Music in the Life and Writings of Jane Austen), born in Dover, (d. 1990)
1920 George Ernest Leslie, Scottish trade union official, born in Leith, Scotland (d. 1996)
1922 John Veale, English composer, born in Bromley, Kent (d. 2006)
1925 Richard Baker, English broadcaster (newsreader for BBC News, 1954-1982), born in Willesden,
1926 Basil Watts, English rugby league second rower (5 Tests Great Britain, 1 England; World Cup 1954; York RLFC), born in York, (d. 2019)
1933 Mark Jones, English soccer defender (Manchester United 103 games; died Munich air disaster), born in Wombwell, West Riding of Yorkshire (d. 1958)
1935 Belinda Lee, English actress (Who Done It, Runaway Bus), born in Devon, England (d. 1961)
1937 Ray Coleman, British author (biographies of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Brian Epstein, and Phil Collins), and music journalist (Melody Maker), born in Leicester, (d. 1996)
1938 Tony Oxley, British free-jazz and avant-garde drummer, born in Sheffield, England
1939 Brian Jacques, British author, born in Liverpool, England (2011)
1943 (Mervyn) "Muff" Winwood, English songwriter and bassist (Spencer Davis Group - "Gimme Some Lovin"), born in Erdington, Birmingham
1945 Nicola Pagett, British actress (Oliver's Story, Privates on Parade), born in Cairo, Egypt
1946 Roger Tolchard, cricketer (Engl keeper played Tests as a batsman 1977)
1946 (Neville) "Noddy" Holder, British rock vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist (Slade - "Cum On Feel The Noize"), born in Walsall, England
1947 Paul Patterson, British classical composer (Spiders), born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
1949 Simon Callow, English actor (Four Weddings and a Funeral), born in London,
1952 Lorna Young, Scottish promoter of Fairtrade products, born in Dumfries, Scotland (d. 1996)
1953 Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (2012-) and President of the People's Republic of China (2013-), born in Beijing
1953 Raphael Wallfisch, British concert cellist, born in London
1961 Dave McAuley, Northern Irish boxer
1964 Courteney Cox, American actress (Monica Geller on Friends), born in Birmingham, Alabama
1976 Gary Lightbody, Northern Irish musician (Snow Patrol - "Chasing Cars"), born in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
1985 Nadine Coyle, Northern Irish pop singer (Girls Aloud - "Sound of the Underground"; "The Promise"), born in Derry, Northern Ireland

On this day in British History

1215 King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor, England
1626 King Charles I disbands English parliament
1846 Oregon Treaty signed, setting US-British boundary at 49°N
1859 Pig War: Ambiguity in the Oregon Treaty leads to the "Northwestern Boundary Dispute" between U.S. and British/Canadian settlers
1869 Mike McCoole (US) defeats Tom Allen (England) in bare-knuckle bout
1954 Great Britain's 2 biggest steel factories nationalized
1982 Riots in Argentina after Falklands/Malvinas defeat
2015 800 year anniversary of "the birthplace of modern democracy", the signing of the Magna Carta by King John at Runymede, England
2017 Scotland Yard launches criminal inquiry and British Prime Minister Theresa May announces a public inquiry a day after the Grenfell Tower fire
2018 Physicist Stephen Hawking's ashes are interred in Westminster Abbey, London, between the remains of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin

Northern Ireland

1917 In order to calm troubled relations with Ireland, the British grant amnesty to the Prisoners taken during the Easter Rising of 1916
1969 The Campaign for Social Justice publish a second edition of 'Northern Ireland The Plain Truth' which set out the allegations of discrimination against Catholics by Unionists in the region
1972 The Social Democratic and Labour Party meet Secretary of State for Northern Ireland W Whitelaw, to present the IRA's conditions for a meeting


1567 Battle at Carberry, Scotland: Protestant troops beat Earl Bothwell's army
2018 Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh burns down, four years after a previous fire

Weddings in History

1953 Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke (35) weds Marilyn Torgenson in New York
1969 British-American romance novelist, Jackie Collins (31) weds 2nd husband, American theatrical producer Oscar Lerman (49), at the home of her sister Joan

Deaths in History

1381 Wat Tyler, leader of English Peasants' Revolt is beheaded in London
1381 John Cavendish, Lord Chief Justice of England
1614 Henry Howard, 1st Earl of Northampton, English politician (b. 1540)
1724 Henry Sacheverell, English churchman and politician (b. 1674)
1768 James Short, Scottish mathematician and manufacturer of telescopes, dies at 57
1844 Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet (Ye Mariners of England), dies at 66
1941 Evelyn Underhill, British Anglo-Catholic poet, dies at 65
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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Wed Jun 16 2021 11:22am

International Day of Family Remittances
The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and is observed on 16 June. The IDFR recognizes the more than 200 million migrant workers, women and men, who send money home to over 800 million family members. This day further highlights the great resilience of migrant workers in the face of economic insecurities, natural and climate related disasters and a global pandemic. The IDFR is now globally recognized and is a key initiative in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Objective 20), which urges the reduction of transfer costs and greater financial inclusion through remittances.

The fifth Guru was executed on the orders of the Moghul Emperor, Jehangir, for refusing to pay a fine arising from a charge of treason. Guru Arjan made the first compilation of the Sikh Scriptures, called the Adi Granth, and supervised the completion of what is now the Golden Temple in Amritsar. A gurpurb is held on this day, including an akhand path.

World Tapas Day
Spain is responsible for so many wonderful things, and their food and drink is among some of the best in the world. There are a lot of factors that play a role when it comes to enjoying some of the most delicious food in the world. If you are looking for the perfect taste of Spain, then tapas is going to be the choice for you. So, try to make sure you do what you can to experience the most delicious and amazing tapas as much as possible. You have a lot to consider if you want to make the most of the tapas Spain has to offer.

One of the key things you need to consider is World Tapas Day, as this is going to be the perfect occasion to celebrate all things tapas. Never tried tapas? Then you’re missing out! On World Tapas Day, we’re all about celebrating everything that makes these bite-size savoury dishes so great and tasty. Tapas is so ingrained in Spanish culture that it is going to play a massive part in your experience. There are a lot of things that you need to consider, and it is important to make sure you sample as much as you can before you get to World Tapas Day. You have so many different types of dishes to choose from, and this is the ultimate opportunity to make the most of this right now.

This mainstay of Spanish cuisine is often served up as a snack or as an appetizer before a meal, and can include lots of tasty things from olives and cheese to hams and squid.

Fresh Veggies Day
How many portions of fresh veggies does it take to keep a person healthy? Five portions a day? Seven? Ten? And what makes up a portion?

Nutritionists agree, when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, the average person simply is not getting enough in their regular diet. An increase in daily consumption of vegetables (and fruits) is the entire point of the day.

Get ready to make a healthy change on Fresh Veggies Day! This is the ideal opportunity to invite family, friends, and neighbours around for a fun and surprising feast!

Fudge Day
Fudge Day is a day to enjoy the deliciousness of this decadent sweet, that is appreciated all over the world. It cannot be denied that celebrating this delicious, tasty treat is a great way to spend just about any day, especially on Fudge Day!

Fudge is a soft, smooth confectionary that is made by mixing and then heating milk, butter and sugar. A variety of other ingredients can then be added to create assorted varieties and flavours of fudge. Some of the most popular flavours include chocolate and peanut butter, but there’s a whole world out there of fudge flavours that are waiting to be explored. Exploring new flavours of fudge and sharing them with loved ones is what Fudge Day is all about!

Arborist Appreciation Day
Arborist Appreciation Day is about taking the time to appreciate all of the important things that arborists do in their work and the sacrifices they make. It’s a dangerous job and the people who dedicate their lives to it often get overlooked because people don’t quite appreciate how risky and how vitally important the job is. There’s more to it than you might assume and Arborist Appreciation Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of these professionals.

If you don’t know already, arborists are the people who care for trees and cutting them down when they pose some sort of risk. They look after trees in forests and public parks, as well as those on private property. It’s impossible to achieve a successful approach to health and safety without their work because, in certain situations, trees can be a genuine danger.

Their work often goes unseen and underappreciated because, after all, they’re just trees, right? Well, not really. Arborists are there when there’s a heavy storm or some sort of natural disaster. Trees can be big, heavy and life-threatening. Arborists work tirelessly to make sure that these trees don’t cause anyone any unnecessary harm.

Another thing that lots of people don’t realize is that many arborists put themselves in harm’s way to keep other people safe. They are often seriously injured and in some cases killed when doing their work. It’s risky work but someone has to do it in order to keep the public safe.

Bubblegum Day
For some reason, chewing gum for me gets my brain going.
Brie Larson

A selection of Birthdays

1332 Isabella de Coucy, English princess (d. 1382)
1514 John Cheke, English classical scholar (d. 1557)
1606 Arthur Chichester, 1st Earl of Donegall, Irish soldier (d. 1675)
1613 John Cleveland, English poet (d. 1658)
1644 Henrietta Anne Stuart, Princess of Scotland, England & Ireland and Duchess of Orléans (d. 1670)
1723 Adam Smith, Scottish economist (Wealth of Nations) and moral philosopher (date of baptism), born in Kirkaldy, Fife (d. 1790)
1792 John Linnell, English artist (d. 1882)
1806 Edward Davy, English physician, chemist, and inventor (d. 1885)
1821 Old Tom Morris, Scottish golfer (British Open 1861-62, 64, 67), born St. Andrews, Fife (d. 1908)
1829 Geronimo, Apache leader and resistance fighter, born in No-doyohn Canon, Mexico (d. 1909)
1882 Mohammad Mosaddegh, Prime Minister of Iran (1951-53) who was overthrown in a coup d'état aided by the CIA and the British SIS, born in Tehran, Persia (d. 1967)
1888 Bobby Clark, vaudevillan (World's funniest circus clown)
1890 Stan Laurel [Arthur Stanley Jefferson], English comedian (Laurel & Hardy films), born in Ulverston, England (d. 1965)
1892 Lupino Lane, English actor (Love Parade), born in London (d. 1959)
1907 John Hadfield, British author & publisher, best known for 1959 comic novel Love on a Branch Line.
1912 Enoch Powell, British Conservative MP and shadow cabinet member infamous for his "Rivers of Blood" speech, born in Birmingham, (d. 1998)
1914 Stewart Cathie "Billy" Griffith, English cricketer (140 for England, 1948) and cricket administrator (MCC), born in London (d. 1993)
1927 Tom Graveney, England cricket batsman (79 Tests; top score 258; 732 first class games), born in Riding Mill, Northumberland (d. 2015)
1929 Pauline Yates, Actress (The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin), born St Helens, Merseyside (d. 2015)
1934 Eileen Atkins, actress (Equus, Devil Within Her), born in London,
1934 Bill Cobbs [Wilbert], American actor (Night at the Museum, The Color of Money), born Cleveland
1935 James Bolam, Actor (When the Boat Comes In, The Beiderbecke Trilogy), b. Sunderland
1942 John Rostill, English rocker (The Shadows), born in Birmingham (d. 1973)
1942 Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, British politician and leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP), born in Mytchett, Surrey
1951 John Salthouse, English actor (Abigail's Party), born in London
1953 Ian Mosley, Paddington, London drummer (Marillion-Clutching at Straws)
1954 Gary Roberts, rocker (Boomtown Rats)
1955 Simon Bailey, priest, 1st British priest to say he had AIDS, born in Halifax, (d. 1995)
1957 Ian Buchanan, Scotland, actor (General Hospital, Gary Shandling Show)
1969 Mark Crossley, Welsh footballer
1974 Paul Lee, British sculptural artist
1984 Steven Whittaker, Scottish Footballer

On this day in British History

1567 Mary, Queen of Scots, imprisoned in Lochleven Castle prison, Scotland
1624 Virginia becomes an English crown colony following the bankruptcy of the London Company
1745 British fleet occupies Cape Breton on St Lawrence River
1755 British capture Fort Beauséjour, expel Acadians
1779 Spain declares war on Great Britain in support of the US, starting the siege of Gibraltar
1883 The Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England kills 183 children
1915 The foundation of the British Women's Institute
1922 Irish republicans are beaten in a national election; the vote is in favor of the Treaty of London, which leaves the Irish Free State as a dominion within the British Commonwealth
1924 South Africa all out 30 v England in 48 minutes, Gilligan 6-7
1944 King George VI visits General Montgomery's HQ in Normandy
1978 Ringo Starr releases "Bad Boy" album; Wings releases "I've Had Enough"
1982 Britain requests Argentina to arrange for return of prisoners
1983 Ringo Starr releases "Old Wave" album in West Germany
2016 British MP (L) Jo Cox is shot and killed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire

Weddings in History

1855 Salvation Army founder William Booth marries Catherine Mumford
1956 British Poet and Poet Laureate Ted Hughes marries American writer and poet (The Bell Jar) Sylvia Plath at St George the Martyr Holborn, London.
1973 Talk show host Jerry Springer (29) weds Micki Velton

Deaths in History

1622 Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, Chancellor of Scotland (b. 1555)
1722 John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough, English general strategist, dies at 72
1752 Joseph Butler, English philosopher, dies at 60
1858 John Snow, English epidemiologist, 'Father of modern epidemiology' studied cholera, dies of a stroke at 45
1869 Charles Sturt, English explorer (Australia), dies at 74
1872 Norman MacLeod, Scottish clergyman (b. 1812)
1881 Sir Josiah Mason, English manufacturer (b. 1795)
1952 Andrew Lawson, Scottish-American geologist, first to map the entire San Andreas Fault (b. 1861)
1953 Margaret Bondfield, English politician and 1st British female cabinet minister (Labour), dies at 80
1971 Lord Reith, British broadcast executive (b. 1889)
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Re: On this day

Post by kevinchess1 » Wed Jun 16 2021 11:57am

Remembering Jo Cox today
I’ll say a prayer.
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Re: On this day

Post by macliam » Wed Jun 16 2021 12:16pm

I'll second that.

If her death had been a wake-up call against political extremism then it might not have been such a tragic waste. Unfortunately, it could as easily happen again tomorrow..... :thumbdown:
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Re: On this day

Post by kevinchess1 » Wed Jun 16 2021 1:20pm

Richard Frost wrote:
Fri May 21 2021 5:22pm

Of course it will happen again. Maybe not in quite the same way but that is the nature of people and life.
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On this day

Post by Richard Frost » Thu Jun 17 2021 10:45am

On this day 17th June 2021

17 June 1631
Mumtaz Mahal dies during childbirth. Her husband, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, would spend the next two decades building her tomb, the Taj Mahal.

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
Since 1994, June 17th has been the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought to draw public attention to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and it has been celebrated ever since.

Desertification is an increasing ecological problem. It occurs when previously fertile land becomes desert through deforestation, drought or improper agriculture. The Convention specifically covers the areas of the planet which are the most at risk of desertification. These areas are often home to some of the most vulnerable people and eco-systems. Each June 17th, the World Day to Combat Desertification is promoted worldwide to raise public awareness of, and support for, international efforts in combating desertification and the effects of drought.

Eat Your Vegetables Day
There are so many things to consider when it comes to improving your life and having a balanced and healthy diet. You have a lot to think about when it comes to making the most of what you put in your body, and this is something that you need to make sure you get right. One of the best things to keep in mind here is to ensure you eat your vegetables as much as you possibly can. Make the most of Eat Your Vegetables Day, and try to make sure you enjoy and indulge as much as possible.

They come in every colour of the rainbow, almost every believable shape and size, and the flavours they bring to the table are absolutely astounding. Whether you’re just talking about the staple vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions that we all get from the shop, or the diverse range of vegetables that come from around the world like Bok Choy and watercress, we’ve all been eating them our whole lives. Eat Your Vegetables Day is dedicated to getting people eating their veggies, and also in spreading awareness of their diversity and necessity in a healthy diet.

Garbage Man Day
Just imagine what the world would be like if you had to live without the services of your local, friendly garbage professional. There would be mountains of trash piled up outside every home and business. And it would stink! Fortunately, there is a group of tenacious and dedicated people out there who periodically collect and dispose of your refuse. Garbage Man Day, therefore, is a chance for everyone to stop whatever they are doing and spend a little time appreciating the hard work of these diligent souls.

Tessellation Day
Surely, there’s little more in the world more visually pleasing than tessellation – that wonderful, perfect effect when the same shapes can be repeated again and again to fit perfectly against themselves. Your standard tiled kitchen floor is a tessellation – but the patterns that can fit together get much more complicated than that! Even if you’re not a maths buff, you might be a sucker for pretty patterns – and if so, then today is for you!

Apple Strudel Day
Apple Strudel is a tasty, fruity treat that provides a base of yummy dough surrounding naturally sweet apples. It’s a delightful dish that is often eaten as a dessert but some people certainly cheat and also enjoy it as a breakfast pastry.

According to some people, every day should be ‘apfelstrudel’ day–to give it its proper Austrian name. No matter what it is called, it’s time to learn about and celebrate Apple Strudel Day!

Dump The Pump Day
Every year we get closer to depleting the petroleum available in the world today, these fossil fuels won’t last forever and demand is only continuing to increase. There are other options out there, everything from taking the public transportation to using vehicles that don’t require gasoline.

Biking is unquestionably better for you, and many forms of public transport these days use propane or even electric. Dump The Pump Day encourages you to give yourself and the world a break from the pump and start changing the world.

The purpose of Dump The Pump Day is to encourage people to use public transport instead of driving. When the economy is tight and gas prices are high, using public transport is a great alternative, providing people with an excellent way of saving money. A lot of people use local transport to make family visits, run errands, and commute to and from school and work. Doing this is not only a great way to save money on fuel, but you can also reduce wear and tear on your car as well. There are other benefits to consider too. Road congestion will be reduced if everyone tries to use public transport more often. Plus, the fewer cars on the road means less pollution too.

A selection of Birthdays

1239 Edward I, King of England (1272-1307) who subdued Wales, warred against Scotland and expelled Jews from England, born in London [or 18 June]
1742 William Hooper, American attorney and signer of U.S. Declaration of Independence, born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 1790)
1832 William Crookes, English chemist and physicist (Crookes-pipe, thallium), born in London (d. 1919)
1839 Fr. Arthur Tooth SSC,Anglican Clergyman prosecuted for ritualist activities b.Cranbrook,Kent d.1931
1861 Sidney Jones, Conductor & composer (The Geisha, A Gaiety Girl), born Islington, (d. 1946)
1867 John Robert Gregg, Irish-American inventor of a shorthand system Gregg Shorthand, born in Rockcorry, Ireland (d. 1948)
1881 Tommy Burns, Canadian boxer & World Heavyweight Champion born Hanover, Ontario (d. 1955)
1882 Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer (Le Sacre du Printemps - The Rite of Spring; The Firebird), born in Oranienbaum, Russia (d. 1971) [OS 5th June]
1882 Harold Gillies, New Zealand father of modern plastic surgery who pioneered skin graft techniques on injured soldiers in WWI, born in Dunedin, New Zealand (d. 1960) [1]
1906 Thomas Cowling, British mathematician and astronomer, born in Walthamstow, Essex (d. 1990)
1910 Diana Mitford, English biographer, famous beauty, wife of Oswald Mosley and one of the Mitford sisters, born in London (d. 2003)
1920 Beryl Reid, British actress (The Killing of Sister George, Smiley's People), born in Hereford,(d. 1996)
1930 Brian Statham, English cricket fast bowler (70 Tests, 252 wickets @ 24.84), born in Gorton, Manchester, (d. 2000)
1932 Derek Ibbotson, English 5K runner (Olympic bronze 1956), born in Huddersfield, (d. 2017)
1936 Ken Loach, British film director (The Wind That Shakes the Barley), born in Nuneaton
1938 Peter Michael, English electronic manufacturer (UEI, Paintbox)
1942 Norman Kuhlice, English rocker (Swinging Blue Jeans - "You're No Good")
1943 Christopher Brown, English composer, born Tunbridge Wells, Kent
1943 Barry Manilow [Pincus], American pop singer, and piano player ("Mandy": "Daybreak"; "I Write The Songs"; "Copacabana"), born in New York City
1944 Chris Spedding, English rocker (Sharks), born in Staveley, Derbyshire
1945 Ken Livingstone, English politician (Mayor of London 2000-08), born in London
1947 Paul Young, British rock singer and percussionist (Mike + The Mechanics - "All I Need Is A Miracle"), born in Manchester, (d. 2000)
1956 Nick Cook, English cricketer (left arm slow bowler in 15 Tests 1983-89), born in Leicester
1957 Philip Chevron, Irish musician (Pogues-Peace & Love), born in Dublin (d. 2013)
1964 Steve Rhodes, English cricketer (England wicket-keeper 1994-95), born in Bradford
1965 David Longdon, English progressive rock musician (Big Big Train), born in Nottingham
1980 Venus Williams, American Tennis Star considered one of the all-time greats of women's tennis, born in Lynwood, California
1982 Jodie Whittaker, British actress (1st female "Doctor Who"), born in Skelmanthorpe, England
1983 Connie Fisher, British actress, born in Lisburn Northern Ireland
1983 Lee Ryan, English singer (Blue), born in Chatham, Kent
1984 John Gallagher Jr., American stage actor (The West Wing, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), born in Wilmington, Delaware

On this day in British History

1535 English Catholic Cardinal John Fischer (executed by order of Henry VIII during the English Reformation)
1579 Anti-English uprising in Ireland
1579 English navigator Francis Drake lands on the coast of California at Drakes Bay, names it "New Albion"
1609 Netherlands, England and France sign 12 year Covenant
1665 Battle of Viciosa (Monte Claros): English & Portuguese army beat Spain
1855 Heavy French/British bombing of Sebastopol, Crimea: 2,000+ killed
1963 British House of Commons debates Profumo-Christine Keeler affair
1982 President Galtieri resigns after leading Argentina to defeat in the Falkland Islands

Deaths in History

1694 Philip Howard, English Roman Catholic Cardinal, dies at 64
1719 Joseph Addison, English essayist and poet (co-founder of The Spectator), dies at 47
1740 Sir William Wyndham, English politician (b. 1687)
1775 Major John Pitcairn, British marine (killed in battle) (b. 1722)
1813 Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham, English sailor and politician, dies at 86
1862 Charles Canning, English 1st viceroy of British-Indies, dies at 49
1898 Edward Burne-Jones, English Pre-Raphaelite painter and designer, dies at 64
1940 Arthur Harden, English biochemist (Nobel Prize 1929), dies at 74
1963 John Cowper Powys, British writer and critic (Wood & Stone, Wolf Solent), dies at 90
1981 Richard O'Connor, British general (b. 1889)
1993 Angus Suttie, English potter and teacher of art ceramics, dies of AIDS at 46
2014 Patsy Byrne, English actress, dies at 80
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Re: On this day

Post by macliam » Thu Jun 17 2021 3:03pm

Richard Frost wrote:
Thu Jun 17 2021 10:45am
On this day 17th June 2021
size=150]On this day in British History[/size]
1579 Anti-English uprising in Ireland
So much detail..... :mrgreen:
Oddly though, although the second Desmond rebellion started in July 1579, neither "Today in Irish History" not Wikipedia have anything happening in June :eh:
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