Checkout Smart / Shopmium deals

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Re: Checkout Smart / Shopmium deals

Post by pabenny » Fri Aug 20 2021 7:04am

Not come across that but thanks for the advice
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Re: Checkout Smart / Shopmium deals

Post by blythburgh » Fri Aug 20 2021 9:33am

pabenny wrote:
Fri Aug 13 2021 7:12am
Sarah wrote:
Thu Aug 12 2021 6:38pm
4 x Bahlsen Choco Leibniz for 49p each at Tesco/Asda; pretty good offers and a small improvement on the recent 80p each offers for Sainsbury's. Available on Checkout Smart and Quidco Clicksnap.
They're £1 each in Asda with £1 cashback. Quite difficult to locate in store, though - on an end aisle facing the back of the store rather than with the other biscuits.
The end of aisles are always worth checking. Could be a special offer or just a push by the manufacturer. It costs money to have your stuff on the end aisles
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Re: Checkout Smart / Shopmium deals

Post by Sarah » Wed Sep 08 2021 9:09am

Rockstar Energy drinks are currently FREE at the same time on both Shopmium and Checkout Smart.

There are multiple varieties. I think only the 'original' is common across both apps (certainly that's the only common one I was able to get at the local Tesco anyway); nevertheless Shopmium allows more than 1 claim if you can also find the other varieties for their app.
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