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Re: LV

Post by blythburgh » Wed Aug 18 2021 9:37am

Trustee wrote:
Tue Aug 17 2021 1:15pm
CEO. Mark Hartigan - total remuneration £1.21m
CRO. Wayne Snow - total remuneration £1.05m
Nice work if you can get it... :shifty:
I agree Trustee but the problem is the same as in football. So many firms/clubs chasing the best people push up the salary paid. And the ones above are small beer compared to same firms
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Re: LV

Post by Official_Froggitt » Tue Sep 21 2021 3:39pm

The Webinar a couple of weeks ago basically said LV needed to invest heaving in an under invested business, and the only people who would fund that would be the members, and that it would likely take 8 or 9 years to break even on that investment, by which time many (half?) the WP policies would have matured, and those members would have seen the cost of that investment but none of the benefit. Therefore it was decided to find someone to fund that investment that could take the longer view.
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Re: LV

Post by planteria » Tue Sep 21 2021 7:22pm

..and it's a shame, but it's difficult to argue with their conclusion imo.

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