First share certificates issued today!

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First share certificates issued today!

Post by richard@imutual » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:11 pm

Later today we will mark a significant milestone in these early days of imutual when we issue our members with their first share certificates!

imutual is a revolutionary new concept in online shopping; not only does it offer top cashback rates to its members simply for using imutual links to visit their favourite retailers, but members also receive shares in our company imutual PLC. 90% of the shares are allocated to members, making imutual the world's first PLC to be owned and controlled by its customers :) For more background on the imutual concept, see

About share certificates

We issue share certificates on a regular basis to reflect your current holding of awarded shares. These will not include shares for any transactions that still have a pending status. Each certificate replaces any previous ones, and in due course we aim to provide a facility for you to generate a new certificate at any time via your account at

See also:

What are the shares worth?

How do I earn cashback and shares?

Boost your shareholding

Remember you can earn easy shares just by telling your friends and colleagues about imutual. They'll hear about it from someone sooner or later so why not make sure it's you! See

If you have any questions, feel free to post them to our Questions and feedback forum, unless they are specific to your account in which case please submit a query :thumbup:
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