Earning cashback on insurance

You can earn cashback when you visit an insurer via our link and take out a new policy. BUT in order for us to be paid by the insurer you must not use links on other sites e.g. comparison sites to visit that insurer. If you use a comparison site before using our link, there is a significant risk that your cashback will either not track or will be rejected. This is because the insurer will credit the sale commission to the comparison site and not us

We strongly advise against using comparison sites if you want to earn cashback, and cannot accept any claims if you do so. But if you have already used a comparison site and now you want to earn cashback for insurance, we would advise that you take the following steps:

- Use a different browser (from the one you used to visit the comparison site) to login here and use our link e.g. if you used Internet Explorer before, use Firefox or Chrome to click on our link and complete your transaction.
- If it is not possible to use a different browser or PC, at least ensure that you delete all cookies and then start a new browser session
- When you get to the insurer site, start a new quote, DO NOT retrieve a previous quote

The above steps are only a guide and no guarantee that your cashback will be awarded. For instance, the insurer may trace your original quote to another site by using your personal details such as postal address or car registration

Note also that you must complete the transaction wholly online; if your particular circumstances prompt the website to ask you to make a telephone call to complete the transaction, it is unlikely that you will qualify for cashback.

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