What are Sharing stars and how do i get them?

We recognise the efforts of our members who share posts and deals by giving them a 'star' ranking and displaying it against their name. If a member has earned Sharing Stars, you will see them displayed to the right of any posts they have made on the forums.

All members who have shared at least one page on the imutual website will get a star ranking. A member can earn between one and five stars, and the ranking system works as follows:

How star ranks are calculated

We allocate sharing points (see explanation below) to members based on the number of times they have shared imutual pages (e.g. by email, Facebook or Twitter), and also according to how many people have clicked through their sharing links to come to the imutual website. The top-performing 20% of sharers get five stars, the next 20% get four stars etc.

For every day that you create a share link, you get 100 points. But this gets reduced by one point per day until, after 100 days, it no longer counts towards your total. e.g. if you shared a link a week ago, this will score 93 points towards your total.

Additionally, for every day unique visitor* that comes to the site via one of your shared links, you get 100 points. The 100 points gets reduced over time in the same way as described above. e.g. if you shared a link 30 days ago and five people visited via that link on the same day, you get 70 (100-30) points for sharing the link and a further 70 points for each person that visited.

Logged-in members can view the Sharing stars league table. For more assistance on sharing, see sharing posts and deals

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