How does the tracking of my cashback work?

When you use one of our links to visit a "cashback" retailer, the retailer's website stores a cookie on your PC to track your activity. When you make a transaction, the retailer knows that you were referred to their site by us. They report your transaction to us and pay us some commission; we then calculate your cashback and add the transaction to your statement.

To minimise the chances of your cashback not getting tracked correctly you should:
- Always use the link on this site to visit the retailer just before making every transaction
- Always complete the transaction online. If not (e.g. you need to phone the retailer), you won't get cashback (unless otherwise stated in our offer)
- Do not use links on other sites (e.g. Google, price comparison sites) to visit retailers. If in doubt, clear your cookies then use our link to visit the retailer to make the transaction

For further information see: How can I make sure my cashback gets tracked?

Note that you won't see any mention of cashback on the retailer's website, and you should never contact any retailers about our cashback offers. The cashback is offered by us, not the retailer; we do this by passing onto you the commission we receive from the retailer. If you ever have any queries about cashback, you should contact us directly.

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