About Us

Save Money Today

Everyone loves to save money. And in the past few years, many different websites have become successful by helping people to do just that: price comparison, cashback websites, product reviews, voucher code sites and money saving / bargain forums. Imagine if there was one site you could go to for all of these money-saving resources; a site that is genuinely independent because it is run by its members for its members and, most importantly, actually owned by its members. With no conflict of interest between what's best for you and what's best for the company's shareholders. That site has arrived and it's called imutual.


First and foremost, imutual is a cashback website. It provides links to most of the best known online retailers, and when you use these links to visit these retailers and make purchases, you can receive free cashback. That's it - just for using the links on imutual rather than going directly to the retailer website. You get the same products from the same retailers at the same great prices; it is one of those rare occasions when the word 'free' actually means 'free'! Cashback websites have been around for several years now - I founded one of the first back in 2003 and have been managing cashback sites ever since - so I bring a wealth of expertise to imutual to ensure that its cashback service delivers what it promises.


But imutual offers something more than cashback, and something truly unique. To reward loyalty, imutual also offers its members free shares in the company - imutual. You pay nothing for the shares; they are a reward for doing things that benefit the company, like clicking on its sponsored links or spreading the word about imutual. In fact, imutual members will own 90% of the shares in imutual, with staff owning the remaining 10%. With no 'outside' shareholders, we can all work together and help fellow members to save money, earn cashback and find great deals. A central feature of imutual is its discussion forum, which enables members to act as a single community; to interact, share information and co-operate.

The Vision

The long term vision for imutual extends far beyond cashback and bargain-hunting. By rewarding members with free shares, we aim to create the UK's largest "consumer co-operative"; a powerful group of (potentially) millions of shareholders who work together for imutual benefit. Just think of any online concept: social networks, auctions, payment systems, group purchasing, even dating! With sufficient members, these can all be developed through imutual and any profits benefit you - because you own the company!


Let's build a revolutionary new company together. Act now! Join imutual for free.

Richard Yendall - Founder, imutual