How do I earn cashback?

You earn cashback by using the links on imutual to visit retailers' websites and make qualifying transactions e.g. buy goods

When you do this, the retailer will pay us a commission which we pass onto you in the form of cashback. The cashback will be reported on your imutual statement and, once we have received payment from the retailer, you can get paid by us.

It's as easy as that - you don't need to do anything different from when you normally shop at these retailers, apart from taking a few seconds more to use the link on imutual to visit them before making your transaction.

For example, you may see a cashback offer on imutual saying "Earn 5% cashback at". You use the appropriate link on imutual to visit and make your purchase. Boots will report your transaction to us, we calculate your cashback and report it on your statement as "pending". Once Boots pay us for the transaction, your cashback changes to "awarded" and you can request payment.

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