How does imutual compare with other cashback sites?

The two largest UK sites are quidco and topcashback. They boast millions of members between them and are highly profitable. imutual aims to acquire 1m+ members, which would give us significant bargaining power and help us to negotiate even better deals for you. But we think there are already ten good reasons to make us your first choice cashback site....

  1. We pay 100%+ cashback at 3000+ stores, with loads of Easy cashback offers
  2. We offer the same free service to all members - i.e. no admin fees
  3. Our cashback rates beat both quidco and topcashback in over 80% of cases
  4. Unlike our competitors, we have a Cashback Guarantee
  5. We also give you shares, so you own part of the company that you're helping to build
  6. As a member-owned site, we aim to maximise your savings, not our profits
  7. We are a safe, limited company with published accounts
  8. Unlike any other cashback site, our directors personally guarantee awarded cashback
  9. We are reliable, having an excellent record in dealing with untracked cashback
  10. We provide a friendly, open forum where members can give feedback, exchange tips and put questions directly to imutual's directors

  11. And this is just the start. The more people who join and use our site, the better we'll become. Help us to create an exciting new kind of company by joining us, using us and telling the world about us!

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